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May 02, 2003, 11:56 PM

Tough Choices: Dandy sports or mini twin from

about to purchase...

Need some opinion, as a matter of fact I like them both but due to lack of money I have to get one of them

both are a building project so I wouldn't care on building dept.

Just wanted to know which one is a better plane in terms of durability, flight charecteristics etc...

I am really enjoying my mini speed wing and I know this one will be a winner too

but I have my eye on the dandy sports too


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May 03, 2003, 05:04 AM
Leave me alone!
Martin Hunter's Avatar
Those two planes are very very different in terms of capabilities and flying styles. The Dandy Sport is more laid back with mild aerobatic capabilities. The Mini Twin is faster (relatively) and meant more for aerobatics. It's really up to what you want to get from your next plane in terms of style.

May 03, 2003, 12:00 PM
an earth bound misfit, I
Basketcase's Avatar
As Dreamer said they are totally different planes.

Since you already have a MSW get the Dandy. The Mini Twin will just be more (and faster) of the same. The Dandy will give you a new category of plane to fly.

IMHO one of the best things about parkflying is being able to take a whole range of planes to the field. One for each type of flying that you like. The specialized planes are always better than a one plane can do it all compromise. You don't see golfers on the course with one club.

In my case, right now, that means,

Tigermoth for slowflying; low & slow and touch & go's are it's specialities. A must have plane.

Switchback for aerobatics; this plane can do things that I can't do and that don't have names. Another must have.

Mini Speed Wing for getting crazy; who cares if it crashes!

Zagi 400X for when the wind picks up

P-51, warbird for zooming around (brushless)

E Starter, sort of a beater, no worries plane.

MM Cessna 180, scale beauty. Another touch & go favorite.

And a couple more that go in and out of rotation as needed. When is usually determined by some carnage.

At least that's my story why I NEED so many planes, and I'm sticking to it!

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