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Nov 21, 2009, 08:56 AM
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Army ST Small Tug info

Hi everyone!
Can anyone tell me where I can find or give me some info about Army ST but the Revell "Lucky XI" or "Long Beach" type?
I'm tired to search the web... Can't find it... I've found a little info just like the length of 81.1 ft and beam of 24ft, is it true?
Thanks so much for the attention!
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Nov 21, 2009, 09:17 AM
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Also YTL

If I'm not mistaken the ST is basically like the Navy's YTL. Here's a great build of a YTL:
Nov 21, 2009, 11:44 AM
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Thread OP
It's more this type:

This YTL is 45'. This one I'm talking is 70' to 85' I think...
Nov 21, 2009, 02:49 PM
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ST 748. At the bottom of the page there is a copy of the original plan. It's about 87' if my math is correct.
Nov 21, 2009, 06:35 PM
Old wreck in Milwaukee
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Take a look at this list:

I looked on the NOAA Vessel Documentation website and typed in "Tipperary" and didn't get a hit for the tug. Either her registration is expired or her name was changed.
Nov 22, 2009, 07:54 AM
USA'd ex Brit
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Plenty of ST info here..

ST's are 86ft long x 23ft beam
Nov 22, 2009, 05:07 PM
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If the one you are looking for is like the Revell Long Beach and Revell Germany Lucky, it is a DPC tug. Hve not seen a plan for a large version but the IMEX tug is that version. It is on a couple of threads here. Being 85' it should have ahull siimilar to the 85' ST Angels gate modeled by Toes, but a different superstructuire. You could use the Francis Smith Plan or a smaller ST hull as a basis and do your own superstructure scaled up from the Revell kit.

Pete G.
Nov 22, 2009, 05:49 PM
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Thread OP
Hi everyone,
Thank you all for the info!
P_J_Glor, yes, itīs the same type as "Lucky XI" from IMEX and Revell's "Long Beach".
I've found in some model websites that it was 81 ft long and was built in Decatur, AL.
For example, '' says:
"The Long Beach was built in Decatur, Alabama in 1943. One of a fleet of tugs operated by Wilmington Transportation Co. She had a registered length of 81.1 feet and a beam of 24 feet."
And another website, '' :
''The "Long Beach" was built in 1943 in Decatur, Alabama. She's not your typical harbor tug with a length of 81.1' and a beam of 24'. She has a 700 horsepower Diesel and a cruising range of 3,580 miles. Her fuel bunkers hold 1800 gallons and she carries 355 gallons of oil just to lubricate her engine.''

I would like to know where they get that information...

Prins Willem, BTW, about the ''Tipperary'', I found some interesting info on this website:
She seems to be the same type or design which I'm searching for. Please take a look on the last picture. There, they say that she was 82ft.

Nov 22, 2009, 07:19 PM
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P_J_Glor's Avatar
It could still be the same hull as the 86 foot ST, as many databases list the length as "between perpendiculars." For example, the Carl Wayne database on the Tugboar Enthusiasts Society's web page lists the Forney, an Army ST similar to the Angel's Gate and the Lindbergh kit at 80.9 feet, although she is 86' overall.

Pete G.
Nov 22, 2009, 09:02 PM
USA'd ex Brit
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According to my info, the Lekko book on ST tugs, neither "Lucky XI" or "Long Beach" appear in the 'names' list..

I suspect it was a different type and not an ST (327) type tug.

Looking at the pics on Oldmodelkits, it does look similar, but the wheelhouse is higher.. note the steps to the door.

Edit.. ''Tipperary'' is not on the list either...
Last edited by toesup; Nov 22, 2009 at 09:16 PM.
Nov 22, 2009, 09:16 PM
USA'd ex Brit
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Having done further research in the 'library'..

The design for the Revell "Lucky XI" / "Long Beach" is a ST type 257

Have a look at 'Tugboats of the Great Lakes' by Franz VonRiedel, plenty of pics and information on the type in there..
One is on the cover..
Nov 22, 2009, 10:51 PM
Old wreck in Milwaukee
Prins Willem's Avatar
You are going to find contradictory info on lengths. We ran into this with the GLT state class tugs. Some info is LOA, some is waterline, and some is between perpendiculars. Others who knows how they figured it.
Dec 07, 2009, 09:56 PM
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Thread OP
Thanks people, for your help.
Well, that information I told you, it's the tug's description from the original instruction sheet. I asked some sellers on ebay which were selling the old american version of Revell's ''Long Beach'' and they gently sent me a couple of pictures of the instruction sheet. In fact, it's written that it was 81.1 ft long per 24ft beam and another interesting info about its powerplant and performance.
But meanwhile, WOW , look what I found on internet:
They do not specify which length it is. LBP or LOA...
Exactly the same type as "Long Beach" and "Lucky XI" (with some upgrades, of course...)
The same length, beam, Gear HP, year. The depth is different (8 ft to 9.8 ft)...

Dec 08, 2009, 05:19 AM
Keep a Steady Strain....
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ArmyTuger - the "Long Beach" is indeed a DPC (Defense Plant Corp.) hull, having been built in 1943 at the Decatur Iron & Steel Company in Decatur, Alabama, as hull no. "DPC-68."

Dimensions are listed as 81.1’ x 24 x 9.8', but WTCo (Wilmington Transportation) used to call her an 82 footer. She originally had a 700 hp Cleveland Diesel (EMD), but was repowered by WTCo. in 1982 with a 1,200 hp EMD.

She was last owned by Greger Pacific Marine in Napa, CA as the "Clifford G," but I don't know if they still have her.

WTCo. also ran three other DPC's; the Los Angeles (DPC-72), the Seal Beach (DPC-85) and the Palos Verdes (DPC-11).

Here's a shot of the Long Beach from about 30 years ago;

Dec 08, 2009, 11:33 AM
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DPC Information

Some DPC information posted in another thread might fit here:

Name O/N exists Blt Built At Notes

DPC- 1 243951 N 1943 Neponset, Ma b: YT/YTM-471 (USN), lost 6/17/46

DPC- 2 243952 N 1943 Neponset, Ma b: Lucy Haden; c: Jimmie Cryer ('61); d: Capt. Jack ('72); ('75: "dismantled")

DPC- 3 243953 Y 1943 Neponset, Ma b: DS-43; c: Fresh Kills; d: Richard K. ('69); e: Leopard

DPC- 4 243954 Y 1943 Neponset, Ma b: DS-44; c: Spring Creek; d: Cochise ('69); e: Southern Cross ('95)

DPC- 5 243998 1943 Neponset, Ma b: Titan; c: Ke Koa; d: Taurus

DPC- 6 244031 1943 Neponset, Ma b: TD-53

DPC- 7 244032 1943 Neponset, Ma b: Ajax; c: Morania
No. 10; d: Pamela II; e: Pamela

DPC- 8 244066 N 1943 Neponset, Ma b: U. S. Goheen ('46); d: M. M. Coppedge II ('65)

DPC- 9 244067 N 1943 Neponset, Ma b: J. H. Deinlein; 11/18/73: stranded at Monhegan, Me.

DPC- 10 244091 1943 Neponset, Ma b: YT/YTM 472; (stricken from Navy list 10/14/47)(to Foreign Liquidation Commission)

DPC- 11 244144 1943 Neponset, Ma b: Saturn; c: Palos Verdes ('61); d: Zenith

DPC- 12 244219 1943 Neponset, Ma b: J. F. Heil ('46); c: Jonathan B. ('68); d: Southern Star ('74)

DPC- 13 244220 N 1943 Neponset, Ma b: WSA 20; c: Dixie; d: Samantha ('68); scrapped '79

DPC- 14 244221 1943 Neponset, Ma b: WSA 1; c: Frank W. Spencer; d: Matt Turecamo

DPC- 15 244245 1943 Neponset, Ma b: Brooklyn

DPC- 16 244246 1943 Neponset, Ma b: Gremlin ('46); c: Alice St. Phillip ('65); d: Honcho ('71)

DPC- 17 244299 N 1943 Neponset, Ma b: YTM-467 ('43); seized 1944 during enemy occupation of Gilbert/Marshall Islands

DPC- 18 244300 1943 Neponset, Ma b: YT/YTM-468 (USN)

DPC- 19 244301 1943 Neponset, Ma b: WSA 2; c: Clayton P. Kehoe; d: Canal Cities ('49); e: Curtis Reinauer ('72); f: K-2; g: J. J. ('94); (canaller)

DPC- 20 244302 N 1943 Neponset, Ma b: Blanche T. Rogers

DPC- 21 244303 Y 1943 Neponset, Ma b: WSA 4; c: TD 21; (still in reserve '91)

DPC- 22 244304 Y 1943 Neponset, Ma b: YT/YTM-721; c: WSA 3; d: TD 61; e: Capt. Jack ('76); f: Delta Jessica ('94); at some point, redoc. using o/n 577873

DPC- 23 244416 1943 Neponset, Ma b: YT/YTM-475; c: WSA 7; d: TD 31; e: TD 14

DPC- 24 244417 1943 Neponset, Ma b: WSA 8; c: TD 22

DPC- 25 244547 1943 Neponset, Ma b: YT/YTM-472; c: WSA 10; d: TD 62; e: Incop No. 1

DPC- 26 244668 1943 Neponset, Ma b: WSA-9; c: Falmouth; d: Claire A. Moran ('51); e: Taurus ('67)

DPC- 27 244835 1943 Neponset, Ma b: ST-782 (USA); c: Herkules (German); d: Saturn (Yugoslavian)

DPC- 28 244836 1944 Neponset, Ma b: WSA 22; c: Wotoco; d: Gay Moran; e: Julian A.; f: Intrepid

DPC- 29 244837 1944 Neponset, Ma b: ST-795 (USA); c: Miseno (Italian Navy)('48)

DPC- 30 245286 N 1944 Neponset, Ma b: Roughneck; sank 10 April '86 near Sitka, Ak.

DPC- 31 245292 1944 Neponset, Ma b: Macabi (Cuban)('47)

DPC- 32 245401 Y 1944 Neponset, Ma b: YT/YTM 607 (USN); c: WSA 25; c: Maxine McDermott; d: Captain Bud; e: Alice E.

DPC- 33 245465 N 1944 Neponset, Ma b: Sea King; c: S. H. Coppedge ('65); d: Kimberly J. Turecamo; scuttled sometime prior to '93

DPC- 34 245505 Y 1944 Neponset, Ma b: Columbia

DPC- 35 245549 Y 1944 Neponset, Ma b: Seabee; c: Progress ('53); d: Electra ('97); e: Tug Electra ('98)

DPC- 36 245638 1944 Neponset, Ma b: WSA 24; c: TD 41; d: TD 54; e: Steve C. Sparks; f: Lewis E. White; (sold Venezuelan '79)

DPC- 37 245639 1944 Neponset, Ma b: J. R. Guyton; c: Jim Bauer ('61); d: Chief Joseph

DPC- 38 245364 1944 Decatur, Al b: Zenith; c: Oscar H. Westin ('57); d: Lynn Marie ('70); e: Raven ('74)

DPC- 39 245365 1944 Decatur, Al b: Percheron; (sold Jamaican)

DPC- 40 245366 Y 1944 Decatur, Al b: YT/YTM-606 (USN); c: WSA 23; d: TD 82; e: Brian Arthur

DPC- 41 245602 1944 Decatur, Al b: TD 51 ('46)

DPC- 42 245603 N 1944 Decatur, Al b: Skipper; c: Viatic; d: Dalzellance ('57); e: Cecilia J. Brown ('67); not documented since '93

DPC- 43 244871 1944 Decatur, Al b: ST-771 (USA); c: Lucienne Samme (German); d: Stur (German); e: Altair ('68) (Yugoslavian); f: Plankton (Croat)('92)

DPC- 44 244872 1944 Decatur, Al b: ST-769 (USA); c: Laboranus (Belgian); d: Quenza (French); (later Algerian)

DPC- 45 244768 1944 Decatur, Al b: ST-775 (USA); c: Balder ('47) (Norwegian); d: Aldebaran ('68) (Yugoslavian)

DPC- 46 244782 1944 Decatur, Al b: ST-776 (USA); c: Vulcan (German); d: Vega ('68) (Yugoslavian); e: Barakuda (Croat)('92)

DPC- 47 244783 Y 1943 Decatur, Al b: F. F. Clain; c: Ben F. Royal ('77); d: Susan Richards ('95); e: C-2 ('98)

DPC- 48 244838 Y 1944 Decatur, Al b: Albatross; c: Baton Rouge; d: Kevin S. Candies; e: Powhatan

DPC- 49 244909 1944 Decatur, Al b: ST-779 (USA); c: Steinbock (German); d: Argus (Yugoslavian)

DPC- 50 244910 1944 Decatur, Al b: Margaret Kehoe; c: Penn No. 5; d: Morania No. 5; e: Linda; f: Capt. J. P. ('83)

DPC- 51 244352 Y 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: WSA 6; c: Chas. E. Trout ('46); d: Naomi Marie; e: South Haven ('80); f: Becky E. ('90); g: White Lake ('98)

DPC- 52 244353 N 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: ST-758 (USA); c: Titan (Danish); d: Titan II (Norwegian); e: Herkules ('49)(Norwegian); sank 9/15/57 at Trondheim during salvage work

DPC- 53 244354 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: WSA 21; c: Salutation; d: Christina ('47); e: Tanda 10; f: Delbar

DPC- 54 244355 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: ST-759 (USA)

DPC- 55 244068 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: Grace No. 2; c: Dalzellea; d: Chrisnick; e: Thomas H. ('81)

DPC- 56 244069 Y 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: Pennsbury; c: Nanticoke ('76); d: Bay Pride ('95); e: Jordon Pointe ('97)

DPC- 57 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: ST-770 (USA)

DPC- 58 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: ST-772 (USA); c: Perseus (Greek Navy)

DPC- 59 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: ST-781 (USA); c: Sirius (German); d: Saturn ('68)(Yugoslavian)

DPC- 60 1943 Brooklyn, NY b: ST-794 (USA)

DPC- 61 244247 1943 Decatur, Al b: C. R. Haden; c: R. T. McDow; d: Elizabeth Bauer ('61)

DPC- 62 244295 N 1943 Decatur, Al b: ST-778 (USA); c: DPC-62; d: Bartow; e: Elizabeth Moran; f: Evelyn ('67); (1996 in Morris Canal in poor condition); scrapped '97?

DPC- 63 244296 1943 Decatur, Al b: Vincent C. Turecamo; c: Ponce de Leon; (sold Panamanian)

DPC- 64 244341 1943 Decatur, Al b: Orleans; c: Leo ('71)

DPC- 65 244342 1943 Decatur, Al b: TD 42; c: ASD 85 (Alabama State Docks); d: Delilah ('83)

DPC- 66 244343 N 1943 Decatur, Al b: Pauline L. Moran ('46); c: Mafro ('47)(Portuguese); reported sunk

DPC- 67 244344 Y 1943 Decatur, Al b: Cile; c: Eastern Cities; d: Dalzellage; e: Jeffrey K. McAllister ('68); f: Spartan ('70); g: Clive ('93)

DPC- 68 244345 Y 1943 Decatur, Al b: WSA 26; c: Long Beach; d: Jessie B. ('96).; e: Long Beach ('98)

DPC- 69 244346 1943 Decatur, Al b: YT/YTM-470 (USN); c: H. A. Lumb ('47)(Australian); ('79: converted to trawler)

DPC- 70 244558 1943 Decatur, Al b: YT/YTM-476 (USN); c: WSA 17; d: TD 72

DPC- 71 244509 Y 1943 Decatur, Al b: YT/YTM-722 (USN); c: WSA 18; d: TD 81; e: Seaway 10 ('93); f: Taholan (sp?)

DPC- 72 244510 Y 1943 Decatur, Al b: WSA 19; c: Los Angeles; d: Sea Shepherd ('98)

DPC- 73 244573 1943 Decatur, Al b: TD 52

DPC- 74 244574 N 1943 Decatur, Al b: ST-761 (USA); c: Ryhope (British); d: Kastor ('70)(Yugoslavian); scrapped '86

DPC- 75 244626 N 1943 Decatur, Al b: ST-773 (USA); (lost, while in tow for U.K.)

DPC- 76 244627 N 1943 Decatur, Al b: ST-774 (USA); c: Gronsund (Danish); d: Baus (Norwegian); e: Deneb ('69)(Yugoslavian); f: Rot (Croat)('92); sank 25 March '95

DPC- 77 244418 1943 New Orleans, La b: Jim Brown; c: Claud Hamill; d: Norman D.

DPC- 78 244451 N 1943 New Orleans, La b: George E. Roper; c: George Peterkin ('50); d: Mogul ('50); e: Netty ('53); f: Dalzellite ('62); g: Visitor ('66)

DPC- 79 244452 1943 New Orleans, La b: ST-762 (USA); c: Montecristo (Italian Navy)

DPC- 80 244453 1943 New Orleans, La b: ST-780 (USA); c: Bulbider ('48)(Danish); d: Stylianos (Greek)('81); e: Kappa Guard (Greek)('85)

DPC- 81 244070 N 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: R. T. McDow; c: C. R. Haden ('61); (1/69: foundered in mid-Pacific)

DPC- 82 244071 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: YT/YTM-477 (USN); c: WSA 16; d: TD 71

DPC- 83 244072 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: YT/YTM-469 (USN); (1946, to Foreign Liquidation Commission)

DPC- 84 244073 N 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: Grace No. 3; c: Dalzellatom ('56); d: Gowanus ('69)

DPC- 85 244075 N 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: Mercury; c: Seal Beach ('61); d: Joven ('81); e: Seakist; f: Stedfast; (sank in Gulf of Alaska circa '89)

DPC- 86 244276 Y 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: Lewis No. 8; c: Tipperary ('81); d: Tilly ('90)

DPC- 87 244314 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: ST-763; c: Arion ('51)(German); d: Jupiter ('68)(Yugoslavian)

DPC- 88 244315 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: WSA 5; c: Crowley Loveland; d: Scandinavia ('47); e: Terrell ('89)

DPC- 89 244614 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: WSA 11; c: TD 23; still in reserve '91

DPC- 90 244615 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: YT/YTM-474 (USA); c: WSA 12; d: TD 32; e: TD 15; f: ST-3101 (USA); g: UT-801 (USN)('81)(fireboat)[actual designation: 86UB801]

DPC- 91 244726 Y 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: YT/YTM-478 (USA); c: WSA 14; c: Gannet; d: James T. Moran ('59); e: Osceola ('65)

DPC- 92 244727 1943 Morris Heights, NY b: ST-760 (USA); (sold Polish Government)

DPC- 93 244419 1943 Buffalo, NY b: Kevin Moran ('46); c: Mutela ('47)(Portuguese)

DPC- 94 244420 1943 Buffalo, NY b: YT/YTM 478 (USN); c: WSA 15; d: TD 63

DPC- 95 244421 1943 Buffalo, NY b: ST-764 (USA); c: Grangetown (British); d; Polaris ('70)(Yugoslavian)

DPC- 96 244422 1943 Buffalo, NY b: ST-765 (USA); c: Hippone (French); (Algerian); [Lloyd's gives a different builder & hints this may have been an Army design instead]

DPC- 97 244515 1943 Buffalo, NY b: ST-766 (USA); c: Robert M. Gonzales; d: Rekin (Polish Government)

DPC- 98 244516 1943 Buffalo, NY b: Ferry Point; c: Capt. R. K.; d: Dianne M. ('89)

DPC- 99 244517 N 1943 Buffalo, NY b: ST-767 (USA); c: Cornhill ('51)(British); e: Hannah Spearling ('80); scrapped '96

DPC-100 244518 1943 Buffalo, NY ? b: ST-768 (USA); c?: ?; d: Whitburn (Brit.); '77: to F. H. Hamza & Son, Port Said, Egypt, and renamed Abou Shanab

Hope this helps in a proper name selection Pictures that is another issue - the Leopard you will find her in her former green and her current owners in Mc Allister red well not really she was sold to company on the Great Lakes.

Many of the tugs found their way to the great Lakes when single shaft tugs became underpowered of the east coast so look in books and places like Boat Nerd.


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