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May 02, 2003, 07:28 PM
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New "3D Aircraft" Discussion Group Proposal

Hello fellow E-Zoners,

I would like to propose a new forum here on E-Zone

The new forum would be for Electric 3D aircraft of all kinds located within the "Airplanes-Electric forums. A place to showcase what electric aircraft are capable of with outrageous thrust to weight ratios, and unlimited aerobatic capabilities.

As you probably have noticed, 3D has become wildly popular amongst E-flyers, primarily due to the advent of very high power to weight ratio power systems and significant battery advancements. Some of the largest threads on E-zone revolve around 3D aircraft.

3D flying is catching on like wildfire. Every field I go to people are hovering and waterfalling all over the place. Some of the planes I bring along blow the glow flyers minds. A great example is Gary Wright’s E3D. He came up with an airframe that is 3D capable on inexpensive components and created something never thought possible just a few years ago and generated a huge amount of interest in the process.

I also feel that 3D aircraft have evolved from simple “Fun-Fly” designs into their own dedicated category. Some of the biggest names in R/C are introducing 3D aircraft. Just at the U-Can-Do, Flip, Seduction, Diablotin, Funtana, etc. etc. Even GWS is planning a 3D lineup. Heck, a couple of Hacker powered Funtanas wowed the crowd at the last TOC.

The one problem I have seen here on E-zone is that these aircraft don’t always fit into one of the existing forums. Many times they would fit into several existing “categories” i.e. Park Flyers, Foamies, Indoor, and Sport Planes, and it is always a toss up as to which forum to post in.

A dedicated 3D forum would allow people to showcase the ideas, methods, power systems and aircraft that have made electric 3D possible regardless of construction methods or size. A “Park Flyer” size 3D airplane that is made of foam that is light enough to fly indoors would be one such example of not fitting into and existing category, or a 3D airplane made of balsa AND foam. Hmm, what forum to post in…

If you like the idea of having a dedicated “3D” discussion area, please post your approval/suggestions in this thread in the Site Suggestions/Complaints forum. Here is the link:


Tim H.
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May 02, 2003, 10:57 PM
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I'm closing this as I want to keep all discussion relating to this topic in Site Suggestions.