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Nov 18, 2009, 01:08 PM
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Spartan UltraPAC II 512K

I recently bought a Spartan UltraPAC II 512K for my Futaba 10C. It has turned out to be a gem

If you own a Futaba computer radio and actually did read the manual, or your involvement in RC is above average, you are likely to be familiar with Futabas CamPAC. In case you're not, the CamPAC is a memory expansion unit you can plug into your TX. The only problem with the CamPAC is that its a Futaba branded product - and along comes that branded stuff pricetag.

Spartan UltraPAC II
Enter the Spartan UltraPAC II. It's in essence a 3rd party CamPAC module. Except they're not allowed to call it a CamPAC. But it works like the original. Only difference is it has more memory, more features (yes!), and a lower pricetag. Maybe UltraPAC wasn't such a bad name after all. It doesn't take a math genious to see that this is starting to look like a good deal.

More of everything
My UltraPAC II has 512K of memory, split into 8 separate 64K memory banks. On my 10C each 64K bank holds 16 model memories. Thats 128 extra model memories for about the price of a single Futaba 64K CamPAC giving 16 extra memories. The UltraPAC II has a single pushbutton behind the front cover, and a single LED, to provide the user input and feedback. If you've programmed a ESC using your TX, you get the idea on how this works. You can change memory bank on startup, you can even write protect or erase banks. And as an added bonus you can even enter the radios service menus.

Installing the UltraPAC II
Installing it is as easy as lifting the dustcap off, and carefully inserting the UltraPAC in the CamPAC slot.

Initializing the UltraPAC II
After selecting the wanted bank for the first time, the radio starts behaving as if it had a legacy CamPAC installed. It will want to prepare the memory bank for its own use the first time. This is where the 10C could use an update IMHO - its constantly beeping while doing so. For every single 4K chunk. That's 16 times per model, 16 models per bank, for 8 banks. That's a lot of beeps. You might handle the pain, but it will surely drive anyone else in your household nuts... I'd rather see it do a single beep at start, then a longer/double beep at the end of each model at most - preferably each full bank. Progress is still displayed visually so you can still get the gritty details if you want to. Not that I understand why you'd want to right now...

Using the UltraPAC II
After initializing you can start using the UltraPAC II as a normal CamPAC.
First steps for me were backing up my in-TX models to the UltraPAC. As you can see in the attached photos, the selected bank and its models are readily available in the 10C menus.

I haven't been able to give the UltraPAC II an truly extensive bench test, and it hasn't been subjected to wear and tear, or a lot of the outdoors just yet. I must admit I haven't messed around in the service menus either - if it works don't fix it...

So far the Spartan UltraPAC II 512K module has been a great product, and excellent bang for the buck.

If you are in need of a memory expansion for your Futaba TX, I suggest you head over to the Spartan website and check it out.

....and in case you are wondering, my only affiliation with Spartan is being a happy end user of one of their products.
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Oct 21, 2011, 11:49 AM
Plane crazy
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Hi Thomanie.

I installed this module on my 10chg but it only displays 15 additional models. How you access the other banks?

Thank you.
Oct 24, 2011, 09:52 AM
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Hi Vic,

Please have another look at the UltraPAC manual - especially the "Switching Banks" section.

The 256K and 512K UltraPACs contains multiple 64K banks of memory, each giving 16 model memories in a 10C, and you have to select which bank you want during TX power up.

Press the (hidden) pushbutton on the front face of the UltraPAC as you power up. The UltraPAC will check itself, then start flashing showing which bank you have selected, likely first bank and single flash. Push again for 2nd bank (2 flashes). Push again for 3rd bank (3 flashes) - and so on. Once correct bank is selected, power off briefly, and power up again without pressing the button this time. Pretty easy once you've tried it.

Note that the above applies for the 256K and 512K versions. If you got the 64K version, it only has a single bank and will only give you 16 additional models.

BTW, should you need to copy a model setup from one bank to another, you must copy from the originating bank to a free internal tx memory (non-PAC) model memory/slot, then change bank, and copy from tx memory to new bank memory slot.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Nov 30, 2014, 10:14 PM
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I recently bought the Spartan campac and discovered my usual Assan 2.4binding process of cycling the right stick doesn't put it into bind mode. By putting the original Futaba Campac back, I was able to enter the Assan binding mode.

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