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May 01, 2003, 09:05 PM
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Motor Suggestion For Bi-Plane Scratch

Will this work
Wing 30" 4.5" Chord 270 sq in
Current weight 6ozs with Mini-Max
Sturdy-Board/Meat trays
My guess when finished 11-12 ozs depending on bat used.
add berg 5, hitec 55's 2 ea. controller. ect.

Mini max motor (280 7.5x5 prop)

Also have mpjet 25/25 controller 950 kans
Lion 18650's
props 7.5x5,9x6,9x5

Anyone know what I could use from the above
to fly the plane.
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May 01, 2003, 09:10 PM
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Also would like suggestions on using some of the on hand components and add to for a good setup.

Thanks All in advance Bob
Nov 30, 2004, 12:26 AM
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Bobflyer, is there a gearbox attached to that motor, and if so, what ratio is it?

I just started building my GWS tiger moth (similar size and weight to your scratch-built one, perhaps a bit lighter), and am intending to use a 280 motor (GWS EPS 100) to get a little more power than the tiny stock IPS motor. With the GWS "2" ratio gearbox, and a GWS 8x6 prop, current draw was 2.65 A at 7.5V dc (roughly the average voltage from a 2S Lipo, which varies from about 8.4V at full charge to maybe 6 V at full discharge). This represents about a third more power than the stock IPS motor, "A" ratio gearbox, and 9x7 prop, which pulls a hair under 2 amps at 7.5 V.

I also tried a GWS HD 10x6 prop on the same motor and gearbox, and it pulled 3.35 A at 7.5 V. This is about two-thirds more power than the stock IPS setup.

It is possible to squeeze more power from the 280 for sure, but I wanted long flight times, so I didn't try to go for the most power possible from the motor.

By the way, I'm no motor guru, I'm learning as I go, but I believe these two combos should work well in a Tiger Moth of this size.

Thats a very pretty Moth you have there, by the way!

Nov 30, 2004, 06:56 AM
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The MiniMax motor is geared, forget the ratio, but it's similar to an EPS-100C-2S as I recall. The stock prop should be fine, or try an 8x6 or 9x4.7 for a little more. The 18650 LiIon cells would work with the MiniMax motor as well.
Nov 30, 2004, 10:27 AM
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Yes: As Gene mentioned above its a Mini Max Motor that I salvaged..
It geared but I do not recall the ratio...somewhere in the 2.xx:1

I have several similiar planes that I have been using the EPS-100 "c" gearbox 5:33:1 with the DCM-189 motor with a 10x4.7, 9x7 props and they perform
very good on a two cell lipoly..


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