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May 01, 2003, 03:02 AM
John McCloskey
John McCloskey

[RCSE] Re: V-Tail differential

> Being new to V-tails , generally . When speaking of V-tail differential is
> it the up rudder vator or the down rudder vator that usually requires more
> throw ?
> And to tune diff. I know to yaw the ship to see if it pitches up or down

> But say it pitches down . do I add more up ruddervator or less down
> ruddervator ?
> Sorry for such a simplistic question . But, I'm sure the answer will save

> a lot of set up time .
> BTW, have any of you fine folks flown a MYSTIC ?? If so , any set up hints
> would be most welcomed . All the best , John

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