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Aurora 9, 9X AFHSS 2.4Ghz Module, Transceivers Receivers Telemetry FAQ Setups & Tips

Links to all FAQ, undocumented features, mixes, tips, shortcuts and more, basically anything that will help
Hitec RCD Aurora 9, Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro, Optic 6 & Optic 6 Sport, Optic 5, Prism and other AFHSS system & Telemetry users
maximise the use/programming of their radios.

Please Start A New Thread - For All Questions relating to the Aurora programming, set up. features or otherwise.
(This list is regularly updated with new information as Q&A arise worldwide.)

Hitec Aurora 9 Homepage
Hitec Aurora 9X Homepage

. Hitec Product Catalogue 2014

Hitec Product Catalogue 2013 is in two parts due to max ,pdf file sizes permitted when transferred.
. Hitec Product Catalog 2013 #1 5.44 mb - pages 1 < 27 Transmitters, Telemetry Chargers and some servos.
. Hitec Product Catalog 2013 #2 8.27 mb - pages 28< 43 Servos and accessories.
. Hitec USA Catalogue 2013
. send pm for copy of earlier catalogues.

Aurora 9 - Video Informational (more in relevant sections below)
AFHSS in operation - Hitec Spectra 2.4 GHz and Optima Transceiver (RX)- Video #1 = Normal Mode, Video #2 = Scan Mode.
AFHSS in operation - Hitec Spectra 2.4 GHz and Optima Transceiver (RX) -Video #3 (Answers queries received ex Videos 1 & 2.,
see also post #2933

Aurora 9ch - Video - 8 Video Walk through of Set Ups - Dashboard, Heli, Glider, Acro, Data Transfer A9<>A9 etc.
Aurora 9ch - Video - Basic Set Up - new 17Aug10 36mb 7min8sec.
Aurora 9ch - Video - Helicopter Set Up - Finless Bob's Review, Tips and how To - Series.
(also full of many handy pointers for Acro and other users). Bob's Video Library Index.pdf

Aurora 9X
. Hitec Aurora 9x homepage
. Aurora 9X - FAQ - Relevant A9X Questions & Answers on all forums todate.
. Aurora 9X - Manual .pdf
. Aurora 9X - Model Name/Set file Transfer <> Aurora 9
. Aurora 9X - Pictorial detailed photos of the A9X.
. Aurora 9X - Pictorial detailed photos of the Binding sequence for Maxima, Optima & SLT.
. Aurora 9X - Pictorial detailed photo sequence setup SS-Advance and small EP model.

Aurora 9 - Reviews and Accessories
Aurora 9 - Radio System Review (pdf) In Depth Review, includes programming, by Mark Danek as published
Aurora 9 - Radio System Review RC Groups - By Mike Llewellyn - with Video of Screens and Custom Folder setup
Aurora 9 - Radio System Review Fly RC Product - by Scott Stoops with Bob Aberle & Thayer Syme
Aurora 9 - Radio System Includes - Stylus, Screen cleaner, Flight Preserver, Battery Holder/Switch
for ID Setup in lieu if using an ESC/BEC
& BODA Holder - see pictures.
Aurora 9 - Neck Strap Balance "#55843 Transmitter Weight Balancer".
Provides best Neck Strap Balance position for Hitec 2.4Ghz Transmitters

Aurora 9 - Transmitter - Care of, especially in high humidity areas plus Aurora 9 Spare Gimbals and Potentiometers
Aurora 9 - Transmitter Case - Aluminium. (or use for other Hitec transmitters). #553445
Aurora 9 - Transmitter Tray & Bling 23 May 2011: latest update & .jpg Tray #58494, Red Extra Long 33mm Sticks #55864

Aurora 9 Latency
Aurora 9 - Latency a Non Issue - Understanding latency, with comparisons, speed test and videos.
Aurora 9 - Latency a Non Issue 7yr old Justin Jee - XFC 2010 RC Heli Competition Flight & comment - videos
Aurora 9 - Latency a Non Issue Joe Manor's Dynamic60 doing 333 mph! New World 60" DS Record - Video

Aurora 9 Manuals and Updated pages
Aurora 9 - 2.4GHz & 72 mHz Manual (8MB .pdf) Two page view, search not included.
(Manual written V1.03, new pages/addendum's below) (.pdf, right click & "save target as")
Aurora 9 - 2.4GHz & 72 mHz Manual (13.01MB .pdf) Single page & searchable.
(Manual written V1.03, new pages/addendum's below) (.pdf, right click & "save target as")
Aurora 9 - 2.4GHz & 72 MHz Manual - Firmware Update V1.06
- 1 new Page for Manual.- copy V107 attached
(Includes Butterfly / Crow Set Up)

Aurora 9 - 2.4GHz & 72 MHz Manual - Firmware Update V1.07
- 2 new Pages for Manual. - copy V107_2&108 attached

Aurora 9 - 2.4GHz & 72 MHz Manual - Firmware Updates V1.07(2) & V1.08
- 7 new Pages for Manual. (1.23mb .pdf, right click & "save target as") Manual V1.08(1) update
Aurora 9 - 2.4GHz & 72 MHz Manual - Index - Comprehensive addendum.
Aurora 9 - 72 MHz Spectra Pro Version - Synthesised HSD-09RQ (Freedom 9S) Manuals, Pinouts and ID Set-up Module details.

Aurora 9 - Additional Information
Aurora 9 - Transmitter On First - Off Last prevent failsafe and other errors.
Aurora 9 - Start up Warning Alarms Disable / Enable Alarms and Model Match FAQ.
Aurora 9 - Off/On Switch problem or Screen does not Display?
- A9 Auto Saves (flash) each session's programming & trim changes on shutdown.
Allow time to complete task before switching on again.

After Market Accessories - Ignition Systems, Leads, Modules & Switches - Cautions.
Aurora 9 - Cross Trims or Re-Assign Thr<>Elev Trims, Throttle Stick Rev, Sub Trims & Trim C & S problems.
Aurora 9 - Simulator Interface Function Set-up (includes Eclipse 7 & Pro, Optic 5 & 6 etc)
Aurora 9 - Module Pinouts and Compatibility Hitec Spectra, standard and other brand modules are not compatible. Details and pictures.
Aurora 9 - Trainer - Buddy system Master & Slave function Set-up & Data Transfer Aurora 9<>Aurora 9.
Aurora 9 - Trainer - Selective all 9Ch Pass-Through & RSSI Information On wish list. If and When implementation is confirmed will be promptly advised.
Aurora 9 - Transfer Model Memory from Eclipse 7, Optic 6, Flash 4&5 and others
Aurora 9 - Transmitter Mode & Stick Tension Change. + Stick Tip knobs & extensions.

Aurora 9 - Battery and Warning FAQ
Aurora 9 - Battery is not charged. Charge before first use so as not to damage battery. Battery is 1300 mAh_charge rate is 80 mAh
(to minimise damage if left on to long at any time) = 19-20 hours for first full charge - please read the further details.

Aurora 9 - Battery Installed ex Factory is part #54128 "TX NiMH battery (6 cell) Pack (Flat Type)
for AUR (RA9) 7.2v / 1300 MAh" (not an Eneloop 2000)..
.... Includes notes on Battery Compartment Size, Alternate Batteries and 2S Lipo Capabilities for Aurora & Optima RX.
Aurora 9 - Lipo User Adjustable Voltage sets Shut Down = TURNS TX OFF to save damage to Lipo Battery and/or TX
(Audible Battery Warning is still at 6.9V with Lipo which provides say 10-20 min before shutdown.)
Aurora 9 - Warning Alarms Battery types, Voltage Level Interpretation & Consumption.
CAUTION - Leave Auto Hibernation (was Auto Power Off prior to V1.06) as "Never" when using Lipo Battery.
During "Auto Hibernation" (as with laptops), TX Does Not Switch everything Off
and batteries will be completely drained if TX switch is not
manually moved to the off position in good time. Remove battery and store separately if TX is to be unused for a period.

Aurora 9 - RX Voltage on Screen SPC voltage has preference over BEC voltage if using tap.
Aurora 9 - 110/230 Vac charger Charge Plug & adapter sizes.
...[Red LED Does Not Change to Green simply dims out whilst charge continues same rate].
Aurora 9 - Diode in TX Charge Circuit Never Jump TX Charge Circuit Diode - Hitec FAQ.
Aurora 9 - Transmitter Voltage Display - How To Read & Interpret Remaining Battery Time (Applies also to all known other Transmitters regardless of brand)
Aurora 9 - Lipo & Field Fast Charging. includes Fast Charge Aurora, Eclipse 7 & 7 Pro, Flash 4 & 5, Laser, Optic 6, Optic 5, Lite 4, Prism 7 etc.

Aurora 9 - Tx FAQ
Aurora 9 - EPA & D/R Functions Create Dead Zone in Stick Travel
- keep either the D/R or EPA setting at 125% or less and the other at 120% or less < Corrected V1.08 - refer T.Limit below>.

Aurora 9 - EPA & T.Limit (added V1.08) - Difference & Use. Mixes can overthrow EPA% setting.
Travel Limit is a hard stop point so mixes can not overthrow % set in T.Limit and bind up a servo.

Aurora 9 - On Screen "C" <> "S" & "T.App " & Flight Conditions explained.
"C" is combined so if you want the same setting in different flight condition use it.
"S" is for single so as to make the setting unique to the condition.
"T.App" is Trim Apply - activate this if trims are to be the same in all conditions.
NB activate at start not part way/end of program or other conditions will be out of sync. - Set Up Conditions incl. Video

Aurora 9 - OST & ACC - OST = Offset Curve Feature - manual page 78. ACC = Acceleration (for asymmetrical servo speed travel - manual page 80)
Aurora 9 - Programming Problem? - Parameters must be set in correct ordere.g. V_tail, see chart.
Aurora 9 - Pulse Width Data
Aurora 9 - Resolution In depth explanation.
Aurora 9 - Screen Polarised Filter. View at angle when using Polaroid type sunglasses in bright sunlight .
Aurora 9 - Screen Protector & Intermittent Screen or Icon Problems - Remove Protector or Not & alternate replacements & DIY Fixes.
Aurora 9 - Screen Sensitivity & Recalibration - Pressure switches, not capacitive, use either Stylus provided or very tip of finger for best results.
Aurora 9 - Screen Touchlock - Included upgrade from V1.05 to V1.06
Aurora 9 - Servos. Slow (Reduce) Servo Speed (does not effect torque), Control Movement Monitor & Servo Auto Test.
Aurora 9 - Servos. Use Any Modern Servo with 1.5ms Neutral Position.
Aurora 9 - Slider DIY Centre Detente (Notch) Slider for (Aurora pre Mar10). Centre/Beep out of synch with Detent Aurora post Mar2010.
Aurora 9 - Switches Re-assign/Swap Switches and or Functions "F" & "H" - DIY notes & Replacement Switch part Numbers..
Aurora 9 - Switch Replace with Push Buttons pictorial..........Broken Switches - Part Numbers & Bezel Wrench
Aurora 9 - Timer x 3 Set and Beeps. Count Down/Up Set On/Off % of Throttle Stick Movement and reset method for V1.04<V1.09.

Aurora 9 - Helicopter & Multicopter
Aurora 9 - Heli FBL (FlyBarLess) Throttle - negate possible mid range jump.
Aurora 9 - Heli Swash (Cyclic) Ring Swashplate types from SWH to H-4X.
Aurora 9 - FBL Servo (especially digital) current draw can be very high. User to set up suggestion to prevent frequent on/off LBW.
Aurora 9 - iKON FBL - set up two switches to separate SL feature. (see posts 206<209)
Aurora 9 - Governor (Futaba GV-1) set up
Aurora 9 - Governor (Align) Setup
Aurora 9 - Gyro Set-up - How to interpret numbers & modes on screen.
Aurora 9 - Gyro for Acro - Used to stabilise Airplane wag or takeoff.
Aurora 9 - Gyro setup Different Procedure to JR/Spektrum. see also following post #340.
Aurora 9 - Gyro GY-401 Heading Hold etc set up 450 Heli.
Aurora 9 - Gyro GY-520 and others - set up
Aurora 9 - Gyro Align 750 set up 450 Heli.
Aurora 9 - CGY750 & SBE-1 Encoder for FBL Heli Setup
Aurora 9 - Heli EP Ensure ICE ESC/BEC has been updated Or Use Switchmode Regulator.
Aurora 9 - Heli EP Manual set ICE ESC for Throttle - Do Not Use Auto Set.
Aurora 9 - MSH Brain - setup
Aurora 9 - Quadcopter, TriCopter & MultiCopters Set Up

Aurora 9 - General setup FAQ
Aurora A9 - RC Car, Boat or Truck Transmitter - set up
Aurora 9 - Flight Conditions - Explanation, Use and order of Priority - Video x 3.
Aurora 9 - Airbrakes -Twin Rudder set up. posts 4503 & 4504 e.g. Stryker 27Q & Funjet mode 1&2 setup & Zip files
Aurora 9 - Butterfly - Crow Set Up - updated V1.06 & Stick SET Position for Butterfly v 1.08 (1).
Aurora 9 - Butterfly - Crow Flap Offset (OST) is set up under Cambmix Menu (is not under Butterfly menu).
Aurora 9 - Butterfly - Crow Switch/Slider assignment - includes V1.05 and V1.06 downloadable files.
Aurora 9 - Butterfly - Crow EP Glider Setup as Glider with 5 surfaces & 3 PMixes.
Aurora 9 - Delta or Flying Wing - Set up Elevon, Ailevator, Taileron & Launch Modes.
Aurora 9 - Delta or Flying Wing - Set up EPA, D/R & EXP w/photos.
Aurora 9 - DLG & Glider Basic Set up guide.
Aurora 9 - DLG Set up guide with screen shots of Camber, P.Mixes, Flap Control etc settings .*
Aurora 9 - Dual Elevator (Ailevator ) - Set Up.
Aurora 9 - Dual Rates, Ailevator, Cambermix uses and assignments, see also Posts 226 & 248.
Aurora 9 - Eagle Tree Guardian 2d/3d stabilizer setup.
Aurora 9 - Electronic Switches for Navigation Lights etc
Aurora 9 - Flapperon - Flaps - Set up.
Aurora 9 - Flap to Elevator - Mix Set up with servo slow down & anti ballooning.
Aurora 9 - Flaps Scale for 2Aile & 2 Flap incl Flapperon e.g.Scale Beaver. Includes pictorial with Servo Slow.pdf
Aurora 9 - Flap (Landing) Mix see also sailplane below
Aurora 9 - Flap Con - Switch Reversal & ELE Activation Pos 0
Aurora 9 - Flaps set to three position switch. Adjust degrees for scale flap positions.
Aurora 9 - Flaps - Snap.
Aurora 9 - Four Aileron Bipe - Set Up independent Aileron Servos.
Aurora 9 - Knife edge - setup , refer posts #2355 & #2357.
Aurora 9 - P-Mix Tips: 6,7,8 use 7 point curves where 1-5 are linear.
Aurora 9 - Rudder-Elevator PMix In Flight Trimming
Aurora 9 - Sailplane EP or Glider - Motor Control Menu - Delays explained.
Aurora 9 - Sailplane_Fullhouse Glider - Electric Power Setup (inc motor_flaps on/off at low throttle) many screen shots.
Aurora 9 - Sailplane_Glider Flap Mixing - assign flap channel to a 3 position switch First (refer posts 208, 209, 210 & 211).
Aurora 9 - Sailplane_Glider setup examples for several types of gliders, simple to advanced. Document in .pdf format.
Aurora 9 - Retract Servo Slow - Video of Heli Tri gear set up. (NB use analogue or digital servo as retract servos are 180* On/Off only
and cannot be slowed)
post #5121. - Retract Curves post #5706.

Aurora 9 - Retract Wheels - Lock Steerable Nose & Tail Wheels whilst retracted.
Aurora 9 - Retract Wheels and Flaps Set up with Various Flight Conditions - posts #2052 & #2054.
Aurora 9 - Retract Wheels - Three Position Switch (Down_Up_Down in lieu of two position Up/Down)
Aurora 9 - Test Mode - is inhibited if Throttle Lock On.
Aurora 9 - Throttle Lock (Hold) & Transmit Yes-No Features & Use.
... How to use Icon and/or Switch method which operates when in transmit mode only.
Aurora 9 - Throttle Cut & Idle Down Set-Up.. Throttle Cut Programming - Step by Step.
Aurora 9 - Throttle Curve - Throttle Expo & P-Mix Set-Up. [NB: Hitec TX use Minus (-) Expo wherever JR/Spektrum use Plus (+) Expo]
Aurora 9 - Throttle Control - Glow Driver &/or Ignition On/Off post #2315
Aurora 9 - Throttle Elevator Mix handy for for inflight adjustment when engine mount can not be adjusted.
Aurora 9 - Throttle on stick J3 convert to Crow control for landing gliders.
Aurora 9 - Throttle Smoke. a) - Video PMix Tutorial (text version post #2104)
Aurora 9 - Throttle Smoke. b) with own 7-point curve. Assigned a two position switch with identical curve on throttle-1
& zeroed out the curve on throttle-2 one position to turn the pump off. posts #1698 & #1699
Further explained
Aurora 9 - Throttle - Trim Twin EP Motors (synchronise multi motors)
Aurora 9 - Thrust Vectoring Motors for Airboat etc.
Aurora 9 - Trim Mixes In-flight - Cross Trim, In Flight Mix Changes, Re-Assign or Mix Trims.
Aurora 9 - Trim Step Adjustable 1-200 (12 default, Approx.0.025deg ~ 5deg / Step). & Sub Trim adjust/cautions posts #2 & #4.
Aurora 9 - (Mini) Ultra Stick and Crow Setup - Thread.
Aurora 9 - Variable Pitch Prop Set Up - VPP for Foamies using Heli mode. (Brandon Chitty - Video).

Aurora 9 - Giant Scale set up Brandon Chitty's 42% Aeroworks Yak - Video presentation of set up.
Aurora 9 - BoneDoc's 3D Clinic #20 - VIDEO - Snap to Hover (5 min 36 sec) + J.Yee & Basic set up videos
Aurora 9 - Tale of Twinstar Review showing installation Optima 7, GPS module, Optical RPM sensor, GoPro Video Hand Launch, Floats, Skis etc. - Video

AFHSS ID_Setup (also known as Binding or Linking) & Range Test Procedure for
........Aurora 9, Spectra 2.4Ghz Module <> Optima Transceiver or Minima Receiver. - Full details with all firmware versions.
AFHSS ID-Setup (Bind) Spectra Module V3.01(0), Optima Transceiver 6, 7 & 9ch V2.02(0) & Minima Receivers - quick reference - latest firmware versions.
AFHSS - Normal & Scan Modes Explained includes Redundant (Dual) Receivers & How Channel Selection Works.
AFHSS - How To Select Optimum Channels - For Your Field *
AFHSS - Aurora 9, Spectra 2.4Ghz Module & Optima Transceiver - Fail-Safe Settings
AFHSS - Power Down - Range Check Procedure for Normal Mode & Scan Mode at 1mw- tested to at least 1/4 mile.
AFHSS - Warning Beeps Aurora 9 & Spectra 2.4Ghz Module - Interpret & Manage the Independent Alarms.

AFHSS - LED Status Card - What the colours/combinations are indicating.
. Digital .pdf copy which can be printed and inserted as a page in manual or extra cards made.

AFHSS - Multiplex Evo 2.4 conversion - DIY

HPP-22 and Firmware
Hitec HPP-22 2.4GHz Programmer - Manual, FAQ - How to Install & Use
..(includes Screenshots & Current Firmware Versions for all related Units).
HPP-22 Clinic - Video by 2 brothers Hobby
Hitec HPP-22 - Replacement Leads, Extensions and DIY Access to Transceivers buried in models.
Hitec Programmers - Download Software for HPP-21 & HPP-21+ for Digital Servos.
Hitec Programmers - Download Station for HPP-22 - Enables update to Aurora 9, Optic Sport, Spectra 2.4Ghz Modules and Optima Transceivers.
HFP-20, HPP-21 & HPP-21+ - Manuals.
HPP-22 Firmware Upgrade History, now V 1.15(1) 21 Nov 2013.

Aurora 9 - Firmware Version and Date of Manufacture. refer to posts #4 & #15
Aurora 9 - Firmware Update V1.06 Details.
Aurora 9 - Firmware Update V1.07(1) & (2) 01Oct10.
Aurora 9 - Firmware Updates V1.07 & V1.08(1)..
...Screen shots of the new displays plus additional information includes planned updates for V1.08+.
Aurora 9 - Firmware Update V1.09. 20Sep12 - Advanced sensor station telemetry items added & timer issue fixed.
HTS-Navi & HTS-Voice Firmware Updates
Optima 6, 7 & 9 Ch Transceiver Update V2.02 07Oct11
(•Improved reboot and recovery methods after severe RF interference.) - Requires Module V3.01 and Aurora V1.07(2) +
Spectra Module V1.01, V2.00 & V3.01 Updates & Manual. Screenshots & additional information.

Model Names, Templates & setup Aids
Aurora 9 - Model Number Reset or Delete.
Aurora 9 - Model Name Relist (re-sort).
Aurora 9 - Model Set Up & Templates Program (Model) Templates.
(Download existing Set Ups and transfer to your Aurora. Upload & share your own set ups/solutions.)

Aurora 9 - Template Index: Acro, Glider, Helicopter, Rock Crawler, Tanks, Simulator.
Aurora 9 - Software Wish List Thread
Aurora 9 - Programming Chart
Aurora 9 - Programming Spreadsheet - Put all your model settings into a Printable Excel Spreadsheet.

2.4Ghz Antenna: Transmitter & Receiver Boda and non Boda Installation and Orientation
Antenna Orientation for best 2.4Ghz Reception - Transmitter Antenna & Receiver Antenna.
Optima Transceivers, Maxima & Minima Receivers - Installation of Receiver & BODA Antenna
...Pictorial FAQ with Range Test Results. {Regularly Updated with Q&A}

Receivers and Transceivers
Optima Receivers - Light Weight. Optima_6 LITE Transceiver, Minima 6E, 6T & 6L Lite Micro Receivers...
.. Minima are compatible only with Spectra Module V3.01 or higher. Caseless Weights for 6 & 7ch Optima Transceivers.
Optima Transceiver - Conversion Lighten 6ch for Indoor & Park-Flyers plus Alternate Light Weight 2.4GHz Antenna.
Hitec "Factory Pilot" Brandon Chitty uses an Optima 7 in both his indoor competition Fancy Foam Maxima that weighs 8oz, and his 170CC DA powered 42% Aeroworks Yak.

Optima 6, 7 & 9ch Transceiver & Minima Receiver Manual V3.00 (3.12mb.pdf, right click & "save target as")

Optima Transceiver, Maxima & Minima Receiver - Operating Voltage Input Limits.

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Independent Comprehensive Range Test "The Hitec system worked as well as any I have tested and better than most.
It performed better than the Futaba FASST, the Airtronics, the XPS and the JR low end receivers.
It performed at least as good as my reference receiver, the JR AR7000." this with a JR Tx using twice output in USA than O/seas

Carbon Fiber Fuse... Report - from well known Glider Pilot and Fly RC author Mike Lee
Carbon Fibre Fuse...Report - High Speed DS
Optima Transceiver (RX) - BODA Antenna explained - as good, arguably better than a two antenna system.
BODA Antenna Tip Wire (DIY Security for receivers manufactured pre Apr10.) & Spare BODA Holders #58474

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Low Battery Warning settings for both Aurora & Spectra 2.4Ghz module.
Adjustable LBW Voltage Alerts V1.07 up (not available V1.04<06).

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Basic Telemetry Includes Battery Voltage Level but not "Range Out warning".
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Battery set up for Nitro/Gas models #1 - caution re NiMH & Alert re LiFE.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Battery set up for Nitro/Gas models #2 - caution re NiMH.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Dual or Multiple Batteries may be installed - Avoid Brownout & Add Redundancy, even one for each servo.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Dual Redundant receivers - The first turned on after the Transmitter will be the recognised telemetry sender.
.. includes Service Bulletin 'Optima Series Receivers - Dual Receiver Warning & Dual Battery recommendations"

Optima Transceiver (RX) - EP Models Use SPC Port for RX Power Supply (BEC only is unreliable) & correct Battery Telemetry.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Polarity of Ports & Servo Leads - with pictures.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - PowerExpander Connections NB: also refer "After Market Accessories" above.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - SPC connection & Lead FAQ for EP & GP models - with schematics and Photos.
...Low & High Voltage setup, Current Draw/Amps - Warning: Never use Balance Taps - Video

Optima Transceiver (RX) - SPC Port Wiring Clinic - Video by 2 Brothers Hobby.

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servo Move Slower Than Usual - then Rebind.
...(Switched between Normal <> Scan mode with power off before process completed or units were to close on set up).
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servo Wag & Jerky Servo Movements Reasons & Cure - Do Not Fly With This Condition.
(...includes when switching on some ESC) .
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servos Stepping - Battery pack (Power Supply) failing under load. (Recharge or get a better battery pack)

Spectra 2.4GHz Module V3.01 Manual. see also Addendum re Range Check & new Smart Scan.
Spectra 2.4GHz Module Manual V2.0 & Optima Failsafe Settings.
Spectra 2.4GHz and Optima RX - FCC Approval Specifications and Test Results.
Spectra 2.4GHz Antenna Mast DIY easy install / remove remote mounts for single or multiple antenna on Aurora and other TX.
DIY with photo instructions x 3 examples post#2.
Spectra 2.4GHz Antenna - Hide coaxial cable inside TX. This if not intending to ever use 72Mhz or other modules.
Spectra 2.4GHz - original Prism 7 not 7X requires minor fix.
Spectra 2.4GHz Module - Futaba & other Compatible TX usage therein is approved by FCC (also refers to legality of PPM modules)
Spectra 2.4J Module - JR Telemetry Module NB: 3 different types = Universal, Japan & France
... TX RF Indicator light is inoperative, it is replaced by those on module
Spectra 2.4GHz Module - Spektrum DSM, DSM2 & DSMX Compatible - Unlikely ex Hitec in foreseeable future.
Spectra 2.4GHz module - Spektrum DIY Conversion Fly BNF's. with DM8 for MZ and DC/DC converter. Original article post #59
Spectra 2.4GHz module - Spektrum DSM2-DSMX transmitter modules for Hitec Aurora 9, Eclipse 7 & Optic 6
Spectra Pro 72MHz PPM/QPCM Module Manual, Addendum re Range Check Specifications, Pictures & Screen Shots.
Spectra Pro 35, 36, 40 & 41 MHz PPM/QPCM Modules - Hitec. (see also post 11621)
Spectra Pro 35. 36. 40 & 41 MHz PPM/QPCM Module - DIY Convert Standard Crystal Based HPF-MIM Module, see also Post #54
Spectra 2.4GHz DSSS Module #28724 Surface use only, can not be used with Optima or Minima RX nor aircraft.
Spectra 2.4GHz DSSS Module and Atom 3 RX Manual - for Surface use only.
Tactic Anylink Module - Aurora 9 Setup, includes all other Hitec Tx.

Telemtry Workshop - Video by 2 Brothers Hobby
Telemetry - Instruction Sheets & User Guide with pictures plus Enhancements Under Development.
Telemetry - Battery Voltage via SPC and/or HTS-SS Blue or HTS-SS Advance for EP Models
Telemetry - Bluetooth & Android App.. Android Readout & Voice Video Demo .. (Aftermarket, not made nor tested by Hitec)
Telemetry - Flying Range
Telemetry - HTS-SS Advance, HTS-SS BLUE & HTS-Volt plus HTS_C50 or HTS-C200 Amp Sensor attachment.
Telemetry - HTS-GPS (GPS Sensor) - Install and use, with screenshots.
Telemetry - HTS-Iview I-Phone App information & Download page. Iview Iphone Sound Features, manual etc.
. (Hitec’s 2.4GHz telemetry on your iPod touch / iPhone and iPad)
Telemetry - HTS-MRPM, various installations. Latest instruction sheet & photos (pdf).
Telemetry - HTS-ORPM includes HTS-SS Advance manual with latest photo & which also includes HTS-MRPM.
Telemetry - HTS-Navi AFHSS 2.4GHz Wireless USB Telemetry Receiver Install & Operation -Manual
Telemetry - HTS-VM Variometer.
Telemetry - HTS-Voice Voice Announcing System. (includes manual and firmware update details).
Telemetry - Range test Using Segway & GPS - Video - Remarkable 2100+ ft not only through large obstacles
but also with Heli sitting in ground effect.

Telemetry - Full installation in Skylink 50cc - Static & Flying Demo - Video( 6 min 29 sec)
Telemetry - Screens & Displays - Video
Telemetry - HPP-22 Screen as viewed live on PC/Laptop. - Video
Telemetry - Download Demo 2D Graphic Flight displays of an actual flight. NB: GPS updates every .5 sec and will
be fairly accurate for level flight but not dive speed since it is using ground coordinates for the calculation.

Telemetry - Compatibility & Open Source - status
Telemetry - Telemetry System Command Center - new Jun'11.

Telemetry System - Spectra 2.4Ghz installed Alternate TX Connections.

Telemetry - Head Tracker - Not available A9 nor will it be available Aurora 9X.

Telemetry - FPV Chainlink DIY for Aurora 9 Video.

. Hitec Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro - All Manuals, Addenda, Quick Setup, CCPM and Additional Programming FAQ

. Hitec Optic 6 & Optic 6 Sport - Manuals, Tutorial, Comparison Charts, Updates & FAQ

. Service Bulletins

. Firmware & Software Updates

. Hitec 2013 Servo Chart

. Multiplex Modellsport - Facebook includes Hitec RCD Europe items.
. Team Hitec USA pages - Facebook
. Team Hitec pages - YouTube

Special Offers from Hitec USA. These offers are only available to Hitec customers in the USA, Canada & Mexico
Coupons, Validity/Expiry & Pricing Comparisons
Limited Time Offer 1/2 price limited time specials on some items & Promo packs at foot of page.

Alan Tong (Hitec NZ).
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Nov 13, 2009, 10:35 PM
"RC ADDICT" in Toronto!
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Originally Posted by A.T.
Aurora A9 - Lipol User Adjustable Voltage sets Shut Down = TURNS TX OFF to save damage to Lipol and/or TX
(Battery Warning is still at 6.9V and provides an extra 10-20 min before shutdown.)

Link appears to be dead.
Nov 13, 2009, 10:37 PM
"RC ADDICT" in Toronto!
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Ok, more than one appear to be dead
Nov 13, 2009, 11:29 PM
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Thread OP
x 2 corrected. tks. Alan.
Nov 14, 2009, 11:26 AM
Do you have a list of tips for the flash 5 x?
Nov 14, 2009, 12:41 PM
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by Tentacle
Do you have a list of tips for the flash 5 x?
. Hitec Flash 4 & 4SX - Hitec Flash 5 & 5SX Manuals & FAQ

see also
Hitec - Product Support

Please, if change of topic, always start a new thread.

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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Nov 14, 2009, 02:05 PM
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Have you modded any of the EVO's yet?
Nov 14, 2009, 02:18 PM
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by Comm69
Alan, Have you modded any of the EVO's yet?
Not personally. However, conversion is well detailed by Mike in separate thread:
Multiplex Evo 2.4 conversion w/Hitec AFHSS
Alan T.
Nov 15, 2009, 06:33 AM
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Hey Alan

What a great idea for a thread, I don't know where you came up with it. HAHA
I still reserve the right to claim kudos for the thread name!


Da Orc


You are doing a much better job collating all the links, I haven't had much time lately!
Nov 18, 2009, 07:55 PM
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Nov 24, 2009, 08:44 PM
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Thread OP

Optima, Maxima & Minima - Installation RX, BODA Antenna FAQ, Volts & Range Test.

Previous posts amalgamated for ease of reference:

Flight Preserver and Tips 21Nov10: added picture below.

Optima Servo Bus Voltage Limit - fully charged 2S Lipo Quote:
"Note most manufacturers list the battery voltage using the nominal voltage.
i.e. 4.8v, 6v, 7.4v etc. This does not mean it is the exact voltage limit.
Therefore all these battery types can be used fully charged.
In reality, the Optima RX servo bus (not SPC) can handle far more voltage than the servos.
I do not suggest using both the servo bus and the SPC from the same battery,
it does you no good since the SPC will only draw about 60mah. - Mike."

Notes 1. "a. Reset voltage is 3.5v. Cause of many problems with 2.4 systems
is when people use low power 4 cell packs with high torque servos and they brown out.
Optima cut off voltage is 3.5v, so we suggest a 5 cell+ pack for the servos.
Or... use the SPC to power the RX for additional safety.
A small 2S lipo to SPC would guarantee the RX voltage would never sag. "

Scan mode - difference between a brownout power loss vs. a complete loss .

If the systems browns out (drops below 3.5v for an instant) you will lose the connection but as
soon as the voltage goes back above this you will regain control.
......................This situation is completely avoidable.......................
By monitoring the "Min" battery reading after moving all control surfaces quickly will tell you
how well your battery is performing and if you are at risk.
If you lose power to zero for less than 1 second then the connection will be regained as well,
it is only if you lose power for more than 1 second in Scan mode that you have to recycle power....

"Best to mount 2.4 GHz BODA antenna vertically inside any model for best
overall radiation/reception in relation to signal spread of a 2.4 system.
Just the wire tip is required to be poked out of a carbon fibre fuselage".
Secure antenna with velcro patch (for quick change between modelsl) or zip tie.
Horizontal mounting does not appear to make any difference, as shown in photos & video of Brandon Chitty's large models,

Install twin antenna of Optima 9, Maxima & Minima at 90* if possible, otherwise not as critical as some other brands.
Warning: Hitec RCD Optima 6, 7 & 9ch Receiver Manual,
“RX Antenna should not be placed placed near Engine, Metal Parts or High Current Batteries”.
The other warning notes must also be read.
. Transmitter On First - Off Last to prevent failsafe and other errors.
. Range Check before flying.

Helicopter notes:
Which to use in large model Heli - 7ch single BODA or 9ch Twin BODA?
Antenna maybe sensitive to static discharge - Ground carbon boom where necessary,
especially all C/F model with belt drive and keep antenna well clear of boom.
How To Avoid Static Issues - "Combating Electrostatic"
How To Avoid Static Issues #02
"My Static Fix" - Align T-REX 100-250-450-500-550-600-700
Antenna BODA Installatipn TRex 250 & X-Spec and EVO 50 & Protos - Pictorials.
Tip Wire of the BODA must protrude past the side frames of metal or C/F models,
especially with the Optima 6 & 7, with a single antenna.

1. Photos & instructions for installation in 200mph+ models by jackosmeister

2. Sailplanes & Carbon Fibre Fuselages
Q. Must I cut "big" hole to get the antenna to the outside of the fuselage on my carbon sailplanes?]
A. No, just a small hole for the tag end coming off the booster. Mike --as shown
. Carbon Fiber Fuse... Report - and photos from well known Glider Pilot and Fly RC author Mike Lee
. “On larger or carbon planes,
All you need to expose out of them is the boosted omni-directional antenna (the metal tip with the short wire exiting).
With Balsa or foam planes, you can keep the antenna in the fuselage., Tony Ohm”
. “Actually only the tag end needs to be outside on a carbonfiber fuse.
We've also tried mounting the antenna every which way and it doesn't seem to have any affect on range checks. Mike”.
. Dual Antenna Mounting pictorial.
By Joe Manor of his set up for high speed DSS, see video below.
. Short Antenna for DLG C/F Glider Fuselage - user example with pictures of installation.
NB: Follow this example at own risk and responsibility as not being a Hitec alternative, voids warranty.

Joe Manor accompanied by aviation icon/living legend Burt Rutan
flew a full carbon wing with carbon/Kevlar fuse D80 [Video]
to speeds over 350 Mph with the single antenna Optima 7 mounted vertically inside the fuse (whisker out).
New World 60 DS Record - Joe Manor's Dynamic60 doing 536 kph (333 mph) with Aurora 9 [Video]

Optima RX with BODA Antenna Range Test
“FYI: We did a power down range test today using a motorcycle
because we could not get to the limit in 90 seconds on foot. 1320' (1/4 mile!)
I knew this system was good, but I was blown away! A good range check on 72 was 100'-150'. Mike.“

. Hitec Single Antenna (BODA) is as Good as Dual Antenna system

. Brandon Chitty's 42% Aeroworks Yak - Mike's Video of RX and antenna in two large models.
Single antenna is mounted horizontally with tape to fuselage center cross brace, pictured below..

. Optima 6 shadowed? - Q & A

. Optima Transceivers - Operating Range

. Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servo Move Slower Than Usual - then Rebind.
...(Switched between Normal <> Scan mode with power off before process completed).

. Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servo Wag & Jerky Servo Movements Reasons & Cure - Do Not Fly With This Condition.
(...includes when switching on some ESC) .

. Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servos Stepping - Battery pack (power supply) failing under load.

BODA Antenna Tip
. If tip's plastic sleeve appears separated at base and is a concern, secure with dab "Shoe Goo" or Heatshrink tube. as pictured.
(The base is soft solder and does not abraid the tip wire.)
NB: The length of the tip wire is critical, Do Not Attempt To Fly if the tip wire has been cut short or broken off.

06Feb12: BODA - Is it Necessary excerpt:
" <snip>The main importance in the Sleeve Dipole is in transmitting the telemetry back.
It prevents standing wave reflections in the coax by acting as a balun. (BALanced to UNbalanced)
transformer. In just the receive function the difference would be small.
. 3 Drawings Showing How A Sleeve Works.
Optima & Minima are tuned for optimum range and performance with the BODA in situ.

Transmitter and Receiver Antenna Orientation for best 2.4Ghz Reception

BODA Antenna Holder (10pcs Pack with shaped double sided tape) is Hitec part number #58474
In need, call Hobby Horse 1-800-604-6229 to order.

Replacement 2.4GHz Antenna:
. Receiver - Antenna - Original lengths & DIY Replacements for PPM & 2.4Ghz Hitec, Futaba, GWS, JR & others.
Includes pictures of 2.4Ghz antenna U_FL Connector head & base which have a maximum removal/refit of 5 times.

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

23 Sep 2013: Added to attachments:
. Instruction manual for Hitec Minima 6L 6S & 6 LITE receivers.
. Instruction manual for Hitec Maxima series of receivers.

Alan Tong
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links (quick search = Ctrl+F)

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Dec 03, 2009, 02:01 AM
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Undocumented feature: the new module pinout:

doesn't seem so digital as claimed...
Dec 11, 2009, 07:12 PM
most exalted one
Page 2 of manual...

Poser Supply from the AC/DC....
Dec 18, 2009, 03:51 PM
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Question about French law

I'm very interesting to upgrade my Multiplex Royal Evo 9 emettor with the new 2.4gHz Spectra module or buy an Aurora 9.

But i live in france. I know Spectra module module for french country respect this law but could you tell me kow :

-> Output power < 100mW
-> Bandwidth : 2400 to 2483,35 MHz
-> 100mW for lower band (2400 et 2454 MHz) and 10mW for the higher band (2454 to 2483,5 MHz)

My main question is Spectra Module adapted to french law only emits from lower band or it is emits on the higher band at 10mW. In the second case it may be dangerous to fly with planes and helicopters outdoor (random week range !).

My second question is when the french law will be over in 2012 will it be possible to update spectra module or Aurora 9 tx to be able to use all the width of the band from 2400 to 2483,35 MHz at 100mW.

Thanks by advance. Stan
Dec 19, 2009, 03:08 PM
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by michalss
I'm very interesting to upgrade my Multiplex Royal Evo 9 emettor with the new 2.4gHz Spectra module or buy an Aurora 9.
But i live in france. I know Spectra module module for french country respect this law but could you tell me kow :
-> Output power < 100mW
-> Bandwidth : 2400 to 2483,35 MHz
-> 100mW for lower band (2400 et 2454 MHz) and 10mW for the higher band (2454 to 2483,5 MHz)
My main question is Spectra Module adapted to french law only emits from lower band or it is emits on the higher band at 10mW. In the second case it may be dangerous to fly with planes and helicopters outdoor (random week range !).
My second question is when the french law will be over in 2012 will it be possible to update spectra module or Aurora 9 tx to be able to use all the width of the band from 2400 to 2483,35 MHz at 100mW. Thanks by advance. Stan
Spectra 2.4Ghz Module and Optima Transceiver - FCC Approval
- Specifications and Test Results also contains technical details.
For all other information, please refer to your local distributor, France Model Racing Car, [email protected], or Mutiplex as no information relating to European current or pending laws is held by other distributors.

Aurora A9 Undocumented Features - Mixes, Setups, Tips. (includes Spectra and Optima RX features. {frequently updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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