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Nov 09, 2009, 05:06 PM
SCALE Sailor
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Scale Sailing Models

Hey folks;

I started the process to have a new forum created here at RCGroups for Scale Sailing Models.

The premise is that we have a growing number of people becoming involved with building schooners, square-riggers, SC&H kits, etc and all the threads on this subject are split between Sailboats and Scale Boats tossed in among tug boats, racing yachts, and Footies.

Existing threads; some of which are listed in the Forum Request; would be moved to the new Forum. This topic would combine them under a common banner.

Please visit and reply to this thread
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Nov 10, 2009, 10:45 AM
SCALE Sailor
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We are currently on step #2 below; looking for 50 replies and we have a way to go - come over and reply!

The rules of this site to start a new forum topic are:

1. A new forum may be proposed by any user with at least 100 posts. Please give us detailed information so we can understand your request. Use this form to guide you. See an example request here.

2. Once your thread has generated 50 replies from other users who agree that the proposal is a good one, compile the list of names and inform an admin or moderator. The site management will review the list and most likely call for a vote.

3. The administrator will create a thread with a yes/no poll attached to it, and will announce this thread in the appropriate area. The poll will be held for at least 10 days, and it must gather at least 75% "yes" votes.

4. If the vote passes, the new forum will be created but put on a probation period for at least 30 days. During this probation period the forum will be monitored to see if it is being used. If the forum proves to be unsuccessful, it will be removed.

5. If the vote or the probation fails, the process will have to be started over, but no sooner than 60 days, please.

Please note that the site admins may decide to circumvent the above process, if the idea is particularly strong.
Nov 10, 2009, 11:14 AM
Registered User
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I think it would be within the rules and spirit of the approval process to PM or e-mail others that we know who would respond positively.
I'm going to my PM file and will contact others that would use the new forum.
Nov 10, 2009, 11:44 PM
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Hey Scale Sail Modelers!!!

JimmyJames, andrewhalst, hermill, halmat, the commador, fleur de lys, BWave, hoghappy, philip@SCH, etc etc

Read this thread and post your support.
Nov 11, 2009, 10:53 PM
Registered User
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Support for a scale sailboat model forum

Click the link below to post your support for a new forum for SCALE sailing vessel models.
About ten more supporting posts are needed to have the new forum considered by the moderators.
Nov 16, 2009, 02:33 PM
SCALE Sailor
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Threads that outta go in Scale Sail

The existing threads that better fit into a Scale Sail category are listed below in no particular order.

I assume only the site's administrator can move the threads, but they will likely want the starters of the threads to Ok, or request, any such move. The user of the threads starter is listed to the right of each thread title.

If you are the starter of a thread listed below AND would like the thread to be moved into the Scale Sail category (When, and if, it's up), please respond HERE with your titles and we can be cleared and ready for action.

Design Details for R/C Square Rigger Operating Systems - DanL
Can anyone help with scale of cannons? - Mike McCrea
John Alden sloop kit Static to RC - bboarder711
Syren, Brig, SC&H R/C Square Rigger, 1/24 scale - DanL
Sailing SC&H 1/24 scale square rigged ships - Paratrooper
Sloop-of-War Constellation - JerryTodd
Square Rigger kit-18 Gun Brig-of-war of 1797 - Ray C
The Santisima Trinidad (scratch) (1 : 50) - lucc
Top'sl Sloop Providence Build - SloopProvidence
Prince de Neufchatel - Hoghappy
Scratch Brig build - andrewhalst
Two Masted Schooner - Cryodacry
Scratch Brig build - andrewhalst
1/30 3 master - amazone
Scale Tall Ships - Paul5910
San Felipe - Square Rigger - flightdog
My Scale Revenue Cutter - Warren Jones
royal william - yancovitch
1765 Schooner keel - subs1
The building of 22` Gaff Cutter "Surprise II" - Warren Jones
1780 topsail schooner - Brooks
How Do You Lace Mast Hoops? - beneteau3
Anyone done a Square Rigger - Ray C
Frigate build and square riggers - Alan Benbow
Colonial Fishing Schooner - Winkman1
Mayflower Type Boats - George Steele
Hannah colours - subs1
Ancient ships - George Steele
The Schooner Mariette - delaneyp
Gertrude L Thebaud Schooner - Ed Crowell
Bolger Light Schooner Build - Walther
Top sail schooner - Sailor BobShetland Smack Rigged Fifie "Swan"- Scale Sail - rcminiman
Multi-mast ships... post your pics here - Hoghappy
4ft mahogany - sail yacht - lentobensa
Schooners again - Firstfooty
Chesapeake Bay Skipjack RC Model - McSpuds
My schooner - john_auberry

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