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Dec 07, 2009, 05:04 AM
building building building!
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Ian, I have a quick question for you. Just wondering if your kit came with 25mm screws to hold the plastic plate over the landing gear wire in the wing. The manual says use the 25mm screws. I can only find 15mm screws. Wondering if I should go and buy some longer ones. Although 25mm does seem very long.

Cheers, Justin.
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Dec 07, 2009, 05:24 AM
Ozzie Express wiggy pilot
Thread OP
How many "plastic plates' did you get (saddles) ?? I got only 2 and no screws
15mm screws are fine

Hows your build going ??


Ps , Im still waiting for a decent day to give it a good thrashing , Ive locked up the oleo's and fitted decent wheels
Dec 07, 2009, 06:13 AM
building building building!
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I only got 2 saddles. One for each side right? And no screws for you? That's disappointing.

So far I have glued all the hinges in and made a new ply motor mount. The one in the kit looks very nice, it's just too small to mount my motor onto! Easy fix.
Dec 07, 2009, 06:19 AM
Ozzie Express wiggy pilot
Thread OP
You will need two each side..........
I ended up painting the 'wire' bits with release agent and bedding them into the wing with JB Weld epoxy after getting them aligned both ways.....this undercarrige is the horses AR*E
Dec 07, 2009, 07:19 AM
building building building!
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LOL, I need to go to a shop for my wife that's really close to a hobby shop. Until now, I had no reason to go to the hobby shop
Dec 11, 2009, 06:53 AM
building building building!
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Hey Ian, anymore flights yet?? I was looking around at gull pics tonight and came across another build thread in a UK website attached to RCM&E I think. There's a chap there who says the aileron hinging is not up to scratch. Where the aileron joins to the wing, the hinge is only held in by a piece of very thin balsa (on the wing side). He says 2.5mm. I'm sure mine is thicker than that, but it still looks pretty thin. I have no idea how much purchase the hinges need to have a good hold, but.....I'm thinking of doing something similar to him and cutting the film on the wing and adding some more balsa for the hinge to grab onto inside the wing.

Here's the link to his post. It's about a third of the way down the page his name is Allan C.

Those guys also seem to be having some trouble with too much down thrust on the firewall. Mine seems fine. Does your nose pitch down at full throttle? I assume it doesn't or you would have mentioned it by now!!!

Cheers, Justin.
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Dec 11, 2009, 03:47 PM
Registered User
HI GUYS, alan c here, i heard my name mentioned now then, this Mew Gull,
corrections i have done are
fitted hinge blocks to the TE, it was 2-3mm thick, simple hole, glue some block, cover up with spare film taken from elsewhere--took 1 hour, cut slots again with great planes electric hinge slotter, with thin blades fitted, drilled 3mm hole down middle of hinge slots, to wick cyno in, (this is how i found the thin T.E.)

oleos-struts, WHAT A JOKE!!! i am an engineer machinist for a living--good job too, i used the outer, with the slot, made new compression legs, with better springs to give more OOMPH, no screws in mine--no saddle clamps either, improvised as usual,

made new axles out of 5mmX50mm cap head bolts, used 2 of the sleeves, one wither side of the wheel, drilled one side of the fork for 5mm, tapped the other side 5mm, locknuts used either side of the fork--simple, and bullet proof i was concerned that with the forks as tight as i could get them, with the allen wrench, i could still turn the fork, so, on the new compression legs, i made the top 20mm, to drill into with a location peg

WHEELS, cheap, lightweight orrid things, i actually gripped the tyre,in the lathe and bored the middles out to 5.1mm, was going to brass bush them, but i will see how it goes,

tailplane no probs here, superb bit of wood engineering, went together well, only problem, the 3mm line up bars are 2.5--bit of a slack fit--one coating of masking tape, (as used for aint spraying) felt this unit a tad heavy--we will see

tailwheel bracket---screws into WHAT exactly?? i drill for 6mm balsa dowel, glued this in, then screwd into the dowel, either that, or ito balsa!!!!!!

rudder, you glue this in early on, test fit first, or you will have a great big gap underneath--needs to be positioned about3mm down from the fin top

nothing else yet, i got the fuselage out, and looked in the box for the control runs, SURPPRISE, they are already fitted, with what looks like decent metal clevises ready to hook up, looked in the cockpit, to find a horrible dash, with an aresti schedule??? no areos in THIS beuty

thats all so far, i think, for the money, its not bad, but how the hell you manage without a machine shop, i dont know!!!
Dec 11, 2009, 04:49 PM
Registered FFF Addict
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Hi Ian
I just ran across this thread (I don't get to this part of RGC often). You should have told me you were doing this. Nice plane... you may have told me you were going to take it out tomorrow when I talked to you a bit a go on skype, but it didn't register. If you are going to take it out get a couple of feet of vid on it. Love to see it.
Dec 11, 2009, 05:28 PM
building building building!
aerophilia's Avatar
Hi Alan, thanks for chipping in. You found us quickly!!!
I haven't built a plane this big before. All my ARF's to date have been in the 30-40inch wingspan. So any advice on changes that need to be made are really appreciated. I have already glued my ailerons in. So I was thinking of opening the film and CA'ing in some small balsa blocks around the hinge inside the wing. Just building them up around the hinge until it's surrounded.

I'll have to take my u/c off and have a good look at it. Pull it apart and see how it works. Unfortunately I don't have the equipment or skills to modify like you have, so we'll see how it holds up.

I may even hold off on the building for a bit and see what other issues others come up with that I can fix before I get in the air!
Dec 11, 2009, 05:30 PM
Ozzie Express wiggy pilot
Thread OP
Hi guys....

Justin , my trailing edge is 20mm wide as far as I can tell , I don't remember a prob when I did the hinges.... prob when I go to full power , I have sum down thrust....I'll take a side view photo for you all

G Day Alan , welcome to my thread , you've read what I've done to mine.....
I use small masonry plastic plugs where a screw goes into balsa

Hi ya Frozen Larry.....11f below zero BBBbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I thort I told you about this , anyway will try to get someone on the vid camera 2morrow

Dec 11, 2009, 07:22 PM
Registered User

hinge space

If you look at the top of the wing, where the aileron meets it, it will look wide, it is cap stripped, you wont know what is there, unless you look, when i drilled through, for the wicking hole, i thought, ODD? so i inserted a rule into the servo bay, measured to the trailing edge, then measured from the servo bay to the end of the T.E, it was 2.5-3mm, some have said theirs was 6mm, fair enough, but, unless you remove the film, how can you tell?? all other surfaces had enough material, due to the hinge being a mid hinge, and diamond shaped material being used,

i also, due to the tip being sheeted over, moved the tip hinge in, it might just be my run of kits, but, how do you know? just look in the servo bay, back toward the Trailing edge, push a pin through, its easy enough, and i would think you could do it with the aileron already glued up,
Dec 11, 2009, 08:57 PM
building building building!
aerophilia's Avatar
Yeah I noticed by looking through the hole where the servo goes. I also shone a really bright torch through that area. The torch is bright enough to show the balsa is not that thick, and that it's capped. I estimates that mine was around 4 mm thick.
Dec 12, 2009, 05:44 AM
BrainFart RC-Pilot
TreeDiver's Avatar
Originally Posted by spudandcat
Nice batts man! , I converted a Seagull T6 to elec with a 5055 , was great !( I sadly destroyed it recently) I used 2 X zippy 3S 4A in series. When i got back into the hobby I was all electric , but I've gone back to IC ( mainly 4 strokes ) , I like the sound and the smell , takes me back to when I was a young fella.. All my parkys are elec , of course hehe..

Hi Spud,

I fly electric ... so this would be my first 4stroke plane.
4stroke because of the sound. Gas would be an option...but sound is not that good.

The 120 4stroke at HobbyCity I will use.
Will it have enough power?

Plane looks cool and very close to my ZLIN-XIII.
I love these 30ties planes. They are awesome!

Dec 12, 2009, 06:04 AM
Ozzie Express wiggy pilot
Thread OP
Yeah mines the same , but I gave the ailerons the big tug test , as I do after they'r set and alls good ......Ive flown mine twice and its all ok , no play ect

If its not too windy will fly 2morrow

Tree Diver , the 120 Magnum will be good , plenty of power...this is not a pylon racer , they raced around a large country course

Dec 17, 2009, 06:16 PM
building building building!
aerophilia's Avatar
Any more flights yet SOP? Hows the wing holding up where the U/C is attached? I made the decision to cull one plane from my garage yesterday as there are just too many models/not enough time.....I came to the decision that the Gull had to go. I walked into the garage to get it out and take some pics. But I couldn't do it!! It just looks so good. So on with the build we go!!!

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