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Jun 25, 2012, 10:15 PM
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Yes--here are some links to the work progressing.
My F-7 diesel

The new captain is a great guy and I think he will post some photos and video once he gets underway.

Death Valley would be a tad difficult to sail in yareckon?

You have a good evening.
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Jun 25, 2012, 10:38 PM
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Damn... you're doing the track and all! I was figuring it would be club style and you run your stuff on a common layout. I would come over and help if i was closer.

That F-7 engine is going to be bad ass. I only need to see what you have already to know
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Sep 03, 2012, 01:04 AM
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Master and Commander

Hello Gentlemen,

Tonight on tv's Smithsonian Channel was a one hour show that aired for the first time. The series is called The Real Story, and was titled 'Master and Commander'.
Director Peter Weir's 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World' is a fictional film based on Patrick O'Brian's novels about the British Navy in Napoleonic times, but it is one of the most meticulously researched movies of all time. So the credits of the show states.

The show gave in sites to how the story was changed from the truths to make for a better movie for the American public. They talked about the construction of the ships of the day and how one was built to earn the name of Iron Sides from American trees. I enjoyed it and saved it to view again.

As you know this will repeat again and that is why I posted this so you will have time to find it for yourself.


Sep 03, 2012, 07:48 AM
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We do not have cable or satelite so if it does not come up later on the education channel we may never get to see it but I did read that it was well done. I am glad you made note of this Gary.

Have you taken the ship out for a shake down cruise? Keep us posted on your adventures once you get going.
Oct 08, 2012, 02:07 AM
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I wanted to share a weather website. This can be bookmarked on a cell phone and then make an icon on screen that points to this bookmark and you can have instant weather information for anywhere. Like the lake you are going to sail at. In that I am new at sailing these great ships I try and do a setup to the sheets before going out. With this live info I can see what the winds are and have my sails prepaired ahead of time for the lake. So far this is working out well.

This is just a tool and its helping me. Let me know PM if this info is not appropriate and I will remove it.

Nov 01, 2012, 03:03 PM
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Sailing SC&H model HMS Surprise

Hello, I can finally make a report on sailing a 1/24th scale model of the HMS Surprise. My first experience with sailing this model was with Paratrooper as his guest. I had a chance to do what has to be the best ever model boat sail I had ever done. Ray had figured this all out by rigging the ship and trimming the sails to perform with a gentle touch of the controls. What I had a chance to feel was the freedom of being out on a real lake in a chase boat and enjoying the model on open water taking real course headings and the feeling of freedom. I had only sailed ponds up to this point while standing on the shore keeping the models in a confined area to keep my eye on them and not loose sight or control of boats. The most wild thing that had been done up to this point was walking the shoreline to get that feeling of sailing a long course.

I should say that since I have sailed with Ray I have not really enjoyed standing on the shoreline since. Once you fly you can not explain that feeling, so with that said I will now say this one time that if you own one of these SC&H models you must try and find a way to get onto the water with her. I may have found the answer for my needs. I have to load Surprise into the back of my enclosed pickup. This is a hobos method compared to having a full trailer for the ship, along with everything you need to live and be comfortable while enjoying being the skipper of your ship. I want to again thank you Ray and Rene for your hospitality and hot lunch for me and my buddy Paul, a day that I will always remember. To have Surprise in my truck I needed to find a place for a chase boat. The only spot is the roof for my kayak to witch I can load and unload by myself. I started looking for a boat that would be my perfect chase boat and I have found it in a fisherman's forum. The Kingfisher Kayak is an electric powered boat that is controlled by your feet. The fisherman who came up with this idea needed both hands free for fishing. Same here, I need both hands on my radio and to get a boat to go forward, backwards, stop, left and right all with the feet I was all in. I have now acquired one and have tested it on the lake to get the feel for the kayak. Its amazing and does just what its designed to do. This will run all day on one charge and not be the reason to head for shore. So I am now building my package to be the captain of HMS Surprise and sail right along side with my cameras and lunch to get a full day of sailing in my new Kayak companion.

I will report on my day of sailing Surprise for the first time next.

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Nov 01, 2012, 04:27 PM
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This is great news, but it appears that you did not finish your sentance--you might want to edit your post.

Photos--more photos.........

Nov 01, 2012, 05:31 PM
Pond Sailer's Avatar
Yes, you are correct. I was using my phone to post message and then it rang, when i got back to page i had been dropped.. i then broke out my computer laptop to finish the first posting... I want to look into posting photos. I may have done it once, I am not expecting it to be a problem, just have to try it.


ah, posting is easy, I uploaded photo of Kayak
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Nov 02, 2012, 01:55 AM
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My Day in Kentucky

That first day that Ray took me out for a sail was a bit clumsy for me. A fish out of water.

After we got to the lake that day he had camp setup and running and rigged the Surprise all less than 25 minuets, maybe faster. I was so busy trying to soak up everything he was doing I lost track. It really is amazing to watch someone build or put something together with no effort. If you get a chance to meet Ray you will find him relaxed and easy to talk to. Very thoughtful thinking on his part and no wasted words. A buddy who made the long drive with me were talking about how do you know if something is built well. This really took a few states of driving to boil it down to one word. "Quality". Now we could not really find words to describe quality, but instead came up with, "You will now quality when you see it". Well I had a chance to really look at USS Surprise for how well it was built and all that Ray had put into it. Paul and I looked at the boat and then each other and just said almost at the same time, Quality.

Ray got her down to the water and then launched the bass chase boat. Then with "get aboard" I found myself sitting on a boat getting ready to sail another boat. Yeap, it really happened that way. A first for everything and now I have the radio in my hands and Ray sez, head that way. The Surprise is like the perfect dance partner, she responds to the controls easy. If you twitch you may see her respond. No time to get a feel for the boat, no time to understand this strange feeling of something near Vertigo but not really, but it does have to do with spacial awareness being on one boat and putting your head into another. All I know was I liked it. So trying to soak up as much as I could about Surprise I was having these other things flood me and I did not want to look bad in front of the Man. I get the command to come about. Ray tells me what to do and what to look for. I put in rudder control to the Port holding a radio that I had never touched but for 5 minuets ago and hoped I was on the rudder stick, YES, she starts her turn. Its now that I need to find the main mast control because I needed to start a slow rotation of the sails from Starboard to Port side by controlling the speed of that action to be in conjunction with the wind. For now lets just say I needed to have the sails square with the wind when the hull was pointed straight into the wind and without stopping the sails and making that timing point have the sails end up on the port side by the time the ship was falling off the point. I now was to pull the foresails over in about the same manner. But they had a different duty to perform. They stayed on the Starboard side till they could be used to pull the bow over just after being pointed into the wind. Now I have made a mess of this description, and you will find better writings on this matter, but this is my first turn and I am trying to stay cool while learning what the heck just happened. Best dam day in my life. Okay now I got a "Great Job" from Ray and now we "both boats" are taking on new locations getting ready for another tack to Starboard a bit later. Everything is about the preparations. So I would like to think I did as well on the next turn but in that I didn't take notes to paper and I know I went to irons more than a few times I think I will just say this is where I got to see what "going into irons" means. The boat comes around, points into the wind, stops, and I swear, starts to back up. It will not come around at this point, don't try. If you gave yourself enough room you will find getting back on your original course the best thing to try. Once you get your speed back up then get your head on right and try your turn and timing again with the main sail and hitting your spots and then the Foresail. I may have goofed up that turn to and Ray said go Windward. He's right, Save your ship and forget about trying to force your boat and get turned around so then you will have lots of room in front of you and no danger of going aground. So a little adrenalin at this point and just a few seconds to relax now on a new course but a loss of all that you had gained on the first tack. I knew enough to feel like a rookie. Ray had a chance to then explain all that we had done and what would be good to try the next time. I may as well share that the ship has more than the sails I have talked about. She is built with three jibs and a "I have had a brain freeze for a minuet or so trying to think of the sail at the stern of the boat". Well you can let that sail out and hull it in as well. These are very handy and I hope to talk more about them another time.

Well the lessons continued and just when I thought I was showing I deserved to be called captain, I would muddle it all up again. If when you first start out and you don't keep your head in the game you will have a chance to wright your own story with lots of little tricks that you learned on the spot. The worst thing I may have done that day, I blew a few chances to come about and waited to long to save the ship by going windward and did what no one should ever do. I ran aground. Yeap, I took Rays ship and drove it into the beach. That ended that. I must have looked like a dog that couldn't hunt no longer. Did I hear LUNCH.... This was a good time to sit at the table and talk about what all had happened. Ray was the most patient person that day. Most likely every day, I just had the two days to know him. Well the rest of all this story I am keeping for myself, great memories and if any of you guys are going to get together for a fleet sail and you are anywhere near Kentucky, give Ray a call. If you can get him to the event you just might get some great incite on just how to get more out of your ship.

Thanks again Ray

Your friend

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Nov 02, 2012, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Pond Sailer
ah, posting is easy...
Might check that the auto correct on spelling didn't change certain details of your "Sailing SC&H model HMS Surprise" post above...
Nov 03, 2012, 01:31 AM
Pond Sailer's Avatar
Never trust a smartphone to say what you mean.
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Nov 03, 2012, 01:37 AM
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You may have found this site, but I wanted to share it. This is a program you can download to windows and then sail HMS Surprise from your desk. I have limited success so far, but what I have found is the use of sails to wind.

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Nov 27, 2012, 02:02 AM
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I see its been a bit since any posts. so maybe I can share this game with you to look at. you might enjoy it. tall ships in battle.

Empire Total War Demo - War at Sea (9 min 57 sec)
Nov 27, 2012, 02:14 AM
Pond Sailer's Avatar
and another on how not to come into port

Tall Ship Collision (3 min 29 sec)
Nov 27, 2012, 02:30 AM
Pond Sailer's Avatar
is anyone still reading this thread?

for anyone waiting to hear from someone sit back and enjoy this.

Mountain Live Nantucket Sleighride (11 min 39 sec)

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