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Nov 12, 2010, 07:40 PM
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Spektrum releases Sailplane example model for DX-8:

We all know that the DX-8 doesn't have any specific Sailplane programming, but it does have a ton of mixing options, and it looks like Spektrum as decided to fill the Sailplane gap and release a Sailplane specific model to use as a base model or as an example of how to perform some advanced mixing features...

Spectrum release:

Hello Spektrum Community,

We have just added a sailplane setup under our "Programming / Setup" section of the Spektrum Community Site All sailplane pilots should head over and check it out.

Be on the lookout for more models and features coming soon.

Happy Flying,

The Spektrum Team
Here is some more detailed info:

DX-8 Sailplane Setup

The DX8 is designed to support airplanes and helicopters with sophisticated programming functions and features. Several pilots have requested programming information for full functioning sailplanes and while the DX8 does not have sailplane specific programming, by utilizing the eight available programmable mixes in Airplane mode, the DX8 can be programmed to accommodate most sailplane functions. A sailplane base-line program is now available that can be transferred to your DX8ís model memory using an SD card that provides base programming for a 6-channel sailplane with 4-servo wing offering the following functions:

Three flight modes-(position 0= Launch, 1= Cruise, 2=Reflex)
Adjustable camber- in cruise mode via the rotary knob
Independent trims in each flight mode- ideal for optimizing elevator trim settings per flight mode
Independent differential- adjustment in each flight mode
Crow/ Butterfly mix- Flaps down and ailerons up on the throttle stick programmed to cruise and reflex flight modes
Elevator compensation- (linear only) mixed to Crow/ Butterfly in cruise and reflex modes
Aileron to flaps- in all flight modes provide full span ailerons
Elevator to flaps- in cruise and reflex modes
Aileron to rudder- assigned to turn on/ off with the gear switch
Throttle stick warning- when turning on the transmitter and the stick is not in the high position
Important- The provided setting on the SD card are the actual setup parameters (reversing directions, travel values, etc.) for a specific model. These setting are provided as a baseline setup only allowing you to build a setup to meet your specific modelís needs. The values and reverse settings for your model will differ and must be carefully adjusted and tested before flying.

Note: Itís recommended that this model program be stored as model #30 in your DX8 and then copied to the intended model that you wish to use. This will allow recopy to other models and have reference to the base model program if/ when needed even at the field.

Preparing Your DX8 transmitter

Download the model (6ch Glider) from your computer to an SD card
Insert the SD card into your DX8
In system setup mode, use the Select Model function to select the model number you wish to use for the model (we recommend Model #30)
While still in system setup mode enter the Transfer SD Card screen
Under Options roll the roller until Import Model appears
Highlight 6ch Glider, and then press the roller. The model will be transferred to the model memory that your DX8 is currently in. (Recommend to store in Model #30)
Transfer the 6ch Glider program to the desired model memory that you wish to use and enter that model memory.

Transmitter Functions

Before getting started itís important to identify the switches and sticks that are used and how they function:

Throttle Stick- Starts in the up position, Used to activate Crow/ Butterfly braking in Cruise and Reflex modes. Note warning if stick is in low position when transmitter is turned on.
Elevator stick- Provides normal elevator operation that is mixed to flaps in cruise and reflex modes.
Aileron stick- Provides normal roll operation mixed to flaps in cruise and reflex modes and mixed to rudder when the gear switch is activated
Rudder stick- normal operation
Flight Mode Switch- Selects the three flight modes (position 0= Launch, 1= Cruise, 2=Reflex)
Gear Switch- Turns on/ off the aileron to rudder mixing (forward = On)
Aux 3 Knob- Adjust Camber in Cruise mode only
Trims- Separate trim setting are automatically stored for each flight mode
Timer Button- A 5:00 minute up-timer is programmed to start when the Trainer button is pressed
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Nov 13, 2010, 05:44 PM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York

FPV usage.

Hello, I read through the thread and this Plane looks promising to me.
I have several questions on this great plane.

1. is the Stock power sufficient for caring Video camera weight around?
(7-9oz of weight)

2. has anyone upgraded to a more higher quality motor that is
a direct fit? ie....scorpion, eflite....etc. just for longevity.
I know the stock power system is good quality already and
everyone is happy with it.

3. I'm planning on using it for FPV, can someone chime in on
their set up?

4. what battery is best for 20min plus flights?

5. I have the Radian and I'm looking for a plane
that i can scoot around the field in
(steady, level cruising, and floating with power off/sight seeing)
Is this plane a Limitted motor Use b/c of possibilty
of burning the motor?

I'm planning on using my own Futaba Tx/Rx PCM for RC control.

who else sells this plane besides BananaHobby in the USA ?

thanks, this plane looks really nice.
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Nov 14, 2010, 06:36 AM
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Hi All,

rclab1 I find that the motor is powerful enough and compares well with the Multiplex 'Tuning Motor' that I have in my Easy Glider Pro. It'll get you where
you want to go quite quickly.

I'm not certain if the Diamond specification for the US market if different MRFASTPHIL will confirm if it is the same A3720 Brushless Outrunner. I run it with the supplied 14.8v 2500 mAh 20C battery and happily get 20-30 Min flights in 'poor' conditions with 50% plus left on landing. I was flying yesterday in little wind with few thermals and was up for about 20 mins on a couple of climbs and still had 92% left.

Unfortunately yesterday wasn't a good day for me someone with a nitro plane misjudged how close they were to my Easy Glider in the air and killed one of it's wings so I had to watch it helplessly plummet to the ground It's repairable and all the electrics are ok apart from a couple of dead servos. His plane had a slight dent. Think it would have been worse if he'd hit my diamond.

Nov 14, 2010, 10:30 AM
gravity tester
Hi Chris, BG, Pavin, and all Diamond pilots, present and future....regarding the stock motor, it has plenty of power and will get you to altitude in seconds, my Dianond has been happy with every 4cell pack i've used (2200, 2500, 3600), and will slow up to a crawl sniffin out thermals, but can turn up the speed in level flight or a shallow dive. i wouldn't change anything on my Diamond (for just change sake). as far as carrying a camera, i believe several of the video posts here show a camera the size you're interested in, mounted on a bracket, and their Diamond seems to carry the load/weight without a problem.....hope you guys enjoy some fotos of an old gold mine we recently explored, here in the wild wild west
Nov 14, 2010, 11:10 AM
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future diamonder

Hi everybody
I discovered the Diamond 2500 and Google directed me to RC Groups. That was a very nice discovery : the advices of you all guys are very interesting, special thanks for BG Bengsson, Soapsud, Pavn, MrFastPhil, Biggles51 and many others. Mr ArtTech can thank you, because I ordered my bird after reading you.
By the way, please excuse my bad english.
My plane will arrive in a few days, but I would like to ask help for one item : is there a controler which gives the "volume" of a battery, like a gauge does for fuel in a car? I suppose this is in mAh, but I am a poor electrician.
Thank you for answer(s) and advice(s).
I hope to give news of maiden flight before end of november.
Nov 14, 2010, 12:51 PM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York
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Nov 14, 2010, 01:08 PM
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BG Bengtsson's Avatar

fvp, sun, snow and fun

Hi everybody!
I also think the Diamond is well suited for fpv. The wing profile is not designed for high speed but hi lift. You can see that the under side of the wing is sloped down. This design gives much lift but also a little increase of drag. I do not know the exact word in English for the ratio speed forward/speed downward, in Swedish we say "glidtal": gliding ratio or gliding number. Anyway my measure gives a gliding ratio of 10:1, maximum maybe up to 14:1 but not more. But as soon as the air soars it takes advantages of that.
I been thinking of taping two 3000mAh 4s accs to the wings for testing the weight carrying capacity! But wether here stops my research. I think it is no problem to load this bird with very heavy burdens. Is there anyone that have tested?
New competition: Heaviest Diamond girl flying!??? Please report!

lolcoder, interesting to read about the Spectrum tx. Especially to read about the DX-8 and using the throttle stick for flaps control! I have my futaba 6ex, and must try somtime to switch throttle to ch5 and using the switch for just on off of motor. and then have the throttle stick as proportional flaps control... Anyone with experience.

Papangue. Welcome to this thread! We look forward to hear your comments!
Check and align all control surfaces straight before first fly.
And check direction of movements. My first flight with a new airplane five years ago was short. I was to eager to be airborn so I just checked that everything was moving. Max power on motor and away! Nice and straight for 2-3 seconds. I pushed the elevator stick forward and she went straight upwards! I jogged back and forth with the stick and crached to the ground before I realised that the elevator servo was reversed!

Most important is to check the T-tail. The elevator servo can be a little off, giving a wrong angle, both sidewise and in flying direction. Check the surface on top of the tail. If the servo is lifting the right side of stabilizer, cut a little foam away trom the tail. And if you do not get the front edge of stablizer down to the right alignment to the wing, you will not have a stable flight. There must be 2-3degrees pointing down for the stabilizer (horisontal part of the tail).
I just mounted my stabilizer on the fuselage. Looking forward I can see the top of the propeller blade in the "line" from the stabilizer. Measuring from the underside of the body the top of propeller is 22cm. The stab. is 29cm and the length of the body is 150cm. 29-22=7cm. 7/150cm*57.3=2.7degrees! So it was within 2-3!...
I think MRFASTPHIL reported severe problems once with this giving very bad flying experience.

Phil, as sad before: your a lucky guy! I would liketo see a video froma little slope soaring at that nice mountains in the Wild West.

Here in Sweden: Around frezeng point a little rain... No flying weather..
Nov 14, 2010, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by rclab1
Where can I buy this? BananaHobby says its out of Stock?
There is a online Hobby "warehouse" in Shenzhen, China that carries the Art Tech range. Pricing is OK , (not as good as Hobby City but they dont have the Diamond) try them, although I can never seem to be able to get the PNP specification. In desperation I bought a couple early in the year, RTF 4 channel, no flap servos, 3 cell with budget 2.4 systems for US$225 each.

If changing to a four cell reccomend upgrading speedy to a 60 amp
(programmable for brake)

Nov 15, 2010, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by MRFASTPHIL
Hi Chris, BG, Pavin, and all Diamond pilots, present and future....regarding the stock motor, it has plenty of power and will get you to altitude in seconds, my Dianond has been happy with every 4cell pack i've used (2200, 2500, 3600), and will slow up to a crawl sniffin out thermals, but can turn up the speed in level flight or a shallow dive. i wouldn't change anything on my Diamond (for just change sake). as far as carrying a camera, i believe several of the video posts here show a camera the size you're interested in, mounted on a bracket, and their Diamond seems to carry the load/weight without a problem.....hope you guys enjoy some fotos of an old gold mine we recently explored, here in the wild wild west
is that the famous Lost Dutchman Mine???
Nov 15, 2010, 11:01 PM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York
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Nov 15, 2010, 11:56 PM
gravity tester
.....wouldn't doubt that a Diamond might be hard to come by....after flying mine around the field, i've had plenty of offers to take her off my hands. the other day in between thermals, we decided to fly our RC EDF jets in formation. we were making some fast flybys when two of the guys went down hard!...one of them hitting the ground and shorting the lipo to such an extent that the jet's airframe starting burning and sent up a column of smoke!....the Dutchman Mine has never been found again, this one is the Southern Cross Mine. a few of the guys around here have been out prospecting, and have come back with enough gold to make some substantial purchases...Linda and i enjoy taking our metal detector and discovering old relics...hope you guys enjoy a couple more fotos of our trip
Nov 18, 2010, 11:39 AM
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Alsuwaidi's Avatar
hello everybody ,

This is my first post here in this forum, after reading all the comments in this post I decided that I need to buy this airplane,
it is my first glider , I did not fly from a very long time,
I been flying from 1986 when I was in the US , started with Heli at that time, then changed to airplanes. and did not fly for 6 years,
built few airplanes in the last few years but never fly any one of them.

and after seeing the video and reading about the Diamond 2500
I Said this is what I need , good quality, ready to fly in no time ,
no building , no painting and everything is installed with radio and servos.

I really was amazed by the models they offer now specially from BanaHobbies and specially from Art Tech, they quality is really good .
the details are amazing, and with no building it is a great deal in price and time .
so after reading all these post I got my Diamnod 2500 , the complete version , posts from BG Bengtsson was very helpfull ,
and I have set up my glider with a CG around 70mm.
the first flight was a surprise , it was so easy to fly this airplane ,
I applied full power and was throw it little bit up and it just fly away with no adjustment needed, only I had to trim the elevator as its nose pointed up
little bit, the second flight I used less power and it fly straight and level , you don't need even to run or walk , just throw it and it will fly away.

the only thing I notice that the servos movements were not smooth, I have ordered Hitech Metal gear servos to replace the elevator and aileron and rudder .
the flight was slow and easy and has a lot of power when you need it, I started to teach my kids how to fly on high altitude and it was really nice

so thank you all for this great post.

this is a picture of my son Saif , holding the glider in my vacation house in an island near Abu Dhabi.
Nov 18, 2010, 11:47 AM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York
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Nov 18, 2010, 11:58 AM
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Alsuwaidi's Avatar
I wanted to order it from the US ,but the shipping cost was very high, then I found it here in my country in a local hobby store and bought 2 of them.

try hobbyking.com they might have it,

also there are few listing in Ebay, I always order my stuff from there .
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Nov 18, 2010, 04:42 PM
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BG Bengtsson's Avatar
Hi Alsuwaidi and welcome to this thread!
And thanks for report. Nice to hear your experience taching your children!
I tried to let my grandson test to control, as can been seen in my first video. But he is only 7 and I found that he needs to practice on the computer before really trying out in the field! I have an old USB-Tx and did buy the cheapest PC program just for practicing stick movement. $40 for a licence: http://rcflightsim.com/ There is a thread here too:
It does not have any glider and the dynamic is very poor but my grandson learns the direction of stick movement! And I too actually. I the realworld I do not dare to fly like that! But I think I will invest in an expensive version during the winter...
Pavel have made an excelent computer model https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...&postcount=164 I wonder how it is to fly on a "real" simulator!? Today, again around freezing point and rain/snow mix...

Hope you will found a model rclab1!
What about this one: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...&postcount=192

take care

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