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Oct 25, 2009, 06:19 PM
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Build Log

Guru-Z 450

Idea for a new build i had i havent started on it yet, not sure the direction i want to go because theres so many options with the guru-z frame. But originally i envisioned a 450 FP with a simplified head, no washout, 90* swash, but now im thinking to make it fully cp setup with an FP mode and hoping it will turn out very light and be a fun copter capable of some aerobatics as well .. feel free to be critical or post ideas. This is mainly a creative endeavor to build somthing fun and not so serious. Ima slow builder but i'll post a pic or two with each step of the build with a parts list and how much $$ i blow on it until its done and hopefully flys one way or another.

parts list-
guru-z xeon frame with 5mm main 12mm tail - $33.53
exi 450 cnc head/tail set - $39.00
align pro 325 wood mainblades -~$10.00 (*scratch went with 315 baldes)
cnc swash for 5mm shaft (im using esky but the application needs a different swash with a rear guidepin for the guru frame)-~$20.00
guruz 346mm tailboom w/430T belt - ~$7.00
tail servo mounts, guruz linkage set - ~$5.00
xtreme 43T belt gear - $15.00
King2 mainshaft and maingear -~$10.00
paddles, tailblades, fins, -~$10.00
tail control linkage, knightshead -~$10.00
misc hardware figure another -10$

... so, altogether about 170 for the airframe but alot of the stuff i already had, my total investment is about 90 and again the guruz frame is highly flexible so whatever i have is getting used links, hardware, gears ect.. another option that would get all the parts needed except swash would be to purchase an exi450 plastic kit with the guru-z parts and that would be cheaper.

electronics i wont count because its all usable in other applications if this doesnt work out but the electrics i plan to use as of now are
-scorpion hk2213-16 ( 310W 3200kv)
-telebee gyro/ino201
-ino202mg on cyclic
-align bl35x esc
-castle bec (*scratch went with a hobbywing bec my trex250 needs the castle sorry )
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Oct 25, 2009, 09:26 PM
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evening #1:
spent alot of time unpacking things, organizing, thinking about it. Main thing concerning me at the moment is the mainshaft length and hole positions. I plan on using a king2 belt gear/maingear on a trex V2 style head so it should be interesting .. the King2 mainshaft is the longest so im thinking likely i will have to drill holes in that to make it work .. but unsure as of yet first things first ... need to build the frame and mock it up ... another possible addition to the build is a guru-z brand 5mm thrust bearing to the mainshaft .. i picked one up but there may not be room for it without an even longer shaft but we will see not a big loss but a cool addition if it can be utilized.
-another point worth mentioning is the guru-z 12X346mm tailboom is about the same length as an align450 boom by about 1mm but it seems like weaker material and lighter .. im going to use it but i had to sight through it at a light to straighten it and it definitely wont take a crash .. if it becomes problematic i will use an align but for now lighter is better.
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Oct 27, 2009, 11:13 PM
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Did major building on the day off, there were a few things that needed special attention mainly mounting the huge motor and getting the belt gear on .. this is looking like its going to be one killer machine .. very light im guessing over 100g lighter than a regular 450 with 450 specs and power, will be interesting to know for sure when its completed but im hoping to fly 450 power with small lipos for one .. and for another im hoping to have 3 modes - an FP mode with a set pitch and low throttle for ultra mellow farting around, then a regular normal and idle up mode with awesome performance .. i doubt the frame will withstand a major wipeout in full power idle-up mode but who cares with the price of it and it is rigid .. i guarantee a regular trex style 450 wipeout wont come out unscathed either
so far im liking it and liking it alot.
... so far the thrust bearing didnt happen, have to re-evaluate it when im not tired.
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Nov 02, 2009, 11:40 PM
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Got alittle further on the build .. head and tail assemblies installed, a couple of minor hiccups - the 325 blades were too long with the guruz 430T belt on the rex style 11T rear gear and xtreme 43T front pully so i went to 315's not a major loss i suppose .. the tail boom was like a wet noodle in the guruz plastic mount so i improvised some exi450 tail parts to make a custom knighthead and that triangulated things nicely and solidified it .. got most of the electrics mounted/soldered up, bound the rx .. installed a small plug for the bec so i could snake the wires through the frame without having to solder 'on the heli' as it were .. imma going to finish mounting and running wires before i set up the servos horns and links .. its looking better all the time, oh and i mounted a king2 tail fin to it its about 3 grams lighter than the fiberglass trex450 fin i had and decided on hdx450 white plastic tail blades ive used them before and really like their characteristics and form a slightly smaller circle with about the same trailing edge length and surface area as other rex 450 size tailblades.

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