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Oct 23, 2009, 04:06 PM
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The MB-6D

** Last and final update: Apr-07-10

The MB-6E was never finished and the 6th generation is now decomissioned and it will become a nice static model on my gallery of RC stuff.

** Update Nov-11-09

I started this journey back in January '09, it all began with a quick and dirty sketch on a piece of paper and an idea of what I wanted it to be. Piece by piece, part by part, slowly but surely it all came together to be. From the early XMB-6 days to what it is today. It is indeed ironic how life has a way to change things around: the numeral 6 was meant to become a pod/boom TREX-500 ESP to keep me flyng 3D stuff, but instead destiny chose that the 6 was to become a scale machine and that I will no longer fly 3D anymore...
Building the MB-6 has been a lot of experimentation, hours of R&D on my own simulation programs, trial and errors, lots of problems to solve, and yeah, most importantly lots of fun. However, with the latest and greatest D model, it also comes the end of the MB-6 development era. Farewell.

** Update Oct-24-09

After 300 cycles on my July TP packs, I've started noticing shorter and shorter flight times. It can do now around 16 from what used to be almost 18 before, its been in the last 20-30 flights that's been slowly declining. The Thunder Power packs that I've used were purchased in July and have over 300 cycles on them. When comparing datalogs from back then I can see they don't hold the voltage as good (still pretty good tho) as they did when new.
For those who like Zippy I also flew Zippy batteries prior to getting back to TP and I datalogged dozens of flights with these too. I flew these FlightMaxx Zippy packs from late May to late July and I didn't get more than 100 cycles before these packs started to get out of balance when discharged, lose considerable capacity AND couldn't hold the voltage even at 10C. I know they are cheap and all that, but I strongly recommend dishing the extra cash and buying ThunderPower batteries b/c these will last and last.

I finished tweaking the blades tracking and balancing today on the new head. It all seems to work nearly perfect compared to the nightmare that I had to go through with the other POS rotorhead.

I took a few more pictures after the last flight today.


The MB-6 needed another model revision to solve some of the problems that have been around since the beginning. In particular the main rotor head.

-The old Lightning Heli rotorhead is gone, for good, in favor of the new RC-Aerodyne's 5 blade rotor head, which BTW happens to be made in the U.S. of A.

-The D model goes away with the hinghed rotor head design that all other previous models used to make up for the bad rotorhead design.

-Several structural changes were done to change angles and clearances around the airframe.

-Addition of a 3 Watt LED MAGLite searchlight with a parabolic reflector.

-All UAV/FPV gear has been removed from the D model, therefore the D model loses the /UAV designation the C model had. The decision to do this was based upon the fact that I don't use it very much and therefore I didn't want carrying dead weight for aerobatic flights.

-The D model also sports new main blades. No more CF main blades. The new wooden blades dampen vibration a lot better than the hinged grip/CF mains the earlier models had.

-New wire cutters made out of AL instead of plastic. These don't crack and they look a lot better with the shiny metal edges.

-Added T-tail white strobe pod.


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