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Oct 22, 2009, 11:01 PM
14s 180mah should be enough...
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Xtreme Foamies Ghost

Hey gang,

I recently got an Xtreme Foamies "Flying Ghost Plane" and figured I would share the build and my thoughts with you all.

The kit arrives nicely packed, in a box sized perfect for this airplane. There is no wasted space, and you can actually get this one back in the box, if you don't start building it the second you take it out for the first time.

All the parts are labeled, and the carbon rods are placed in their respective slots. They even include some nicely cut vinyl decals of the eyes, nose and mouth! The labels point out several important points, such as the correct way to install the rudder, and what the parts of foam are for. They even include some spare EPP for repairs!

The motor mount/battery holder comes pre-assembled...glued up and everything, which helps to speed up the build time!

The kit is CNC cut, and everything fits together well, from the slots the spars slide into, to the rudder and motor mount. Total build time, including installing the electronics was 1 and 1/2 hours. Hot glue was used as recommended, and the assembly is very straight forward.

You run a bead of glue and lay in the spars, then tape over them with strapping tape. After that, you install the rudder/stab in the same manner, making sure they are at 90 degrees to the body. After that, you simply glue on the motor mount assembly, and it is time to install the electronics. Oh...I forgot to mention hinging...maybe that is because it isn't required!! This kit is CNC cut with a PhlatPrinter, and the hinges are already beveled and the surfaces are attached to the plane already. This is done by carefully selecting the depth and path which the router bit travels.

The electronics install is simply as well. the servos have pre-routed locations, as does the receiver. The motor has a stick mount, ready for the installation of the suggested Blue Wonder!

I deviated from the recommended setup, because my Hobby King order hadn't come in yet. I used 3 HXT 9 gram servos, They recommend 2, 5 grams on the elevons and a 9 gram on the rudder. I also didn't have a 1700KV Blue Wonder on hand, so I used a 2205c 1400kv motor. I had to make a mount plate, but that was because of my motor choice. I also am powering mine with a 2 cell TP 480.

Hover tests in the basement indicate I have plenty of power, it is hovering at half stick. Torque is minimal, and no rudder was needed to hold a hover. I am looking forward to trying it out in the daylight tomorrow after work! My AUW is 7 ounces, with battery. It feels light for it's size and should float really well.

If you are looking for a neat plane for Halloween, or just something different to tool around with, I don't think you will go wrong with this one! It builds fast, and looks plain cool! Imagine hovering this around the yard as kids come looking for candy!!!

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Oct 24, 2009, 12:34 AM
14s 180mah should be enough...
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I had a chance to fly it today outside, and WOW!!!!! It hovers so well, and looks cool floating around the yard! Control is very positive, and crisp. I was shocked at how well it rolls and loops, not to mention the way it will fly a Hi-Alpha. The rudder is VERY effective, without being overwhelming, and the elevons are sized perfect to give you a great feeling model.

Torque rolls are insanely easy, and whats better, they are even easier to stop! It actually rotates smoothly instead of "clocking" around like I have experienced with other flying oddities.

The only trim I added was two clicks of right aileron, and 2 clicks of up. I expected to add the up, since a flying wing typically requires some reflex, and I always set my stuff up with the surfaces flat with respect to the wing. No rudder trim was required at all.

Brandy (my wife) wasn't yet home when I got to fly it so I don't have any in-flight pictures yet, but I hope to get some tomorrow, weather permitting. We have a Halloween party/pumpkin carving to go to tomorrow, and I am taking the Ghost with me. (Finally..I have an event appropriate plane to carry! I can't get fussed at for wanting to fly at a gathering! )

It really scoots when you put the nose down into a level attitude, making it fun to zoom from place to place, and pop up into a hover. I can see this being allot of fun on Halloween night. I want to try some VTO's tomorrow; I think it would be cool to have it sitting as a decoration, and when someone points it out, have it zip up into a hover, then fly around a little!

Out of all the novelty flyers I have owned or flown, this one takes the cake. There is nothing unusual about they way it flies, no quirks to contend with...it is just a fun, good flying plane!! Xtreme Foamies has a winner with this one!

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Mar 13, 2016, 12:15 AM
You're killin' me Smalls
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Well hell.

I find myself with a quiet moment at the bench, where all the short projects are done and I don't have time to break out one of the long projects. So I look through the pile of kits that may outweigh my son.

I have a ghost kit I snagged from Dan at Lazertoyz on a whim a year ago, wonder if I can find any info on it, I have no directions.

Turns out Tim has built one. Has he built one of every damn plane there is?

Of course if I put mine together it's getting LEDs and 3s450.

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