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Oct 21, 2009, 10:41 AM
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Boss248---an old friend

About 6 years ago I found this web site. I asked around for some help on how to get into RC planes. Wayne, aka Boss248 emailed me and we then spoke on the phone. At the time he was working at Hobby Town in Austin. I met him there one day and bought a Slow stick, tx, and all the gear to get it going. After several calls, emails I finally had the plane built and ready to fly. The rest history. I moved up to faster and larger electric planes and then to glo and gas. I learned a tremendous amount about this hobby from Wayne. We went to 1 Pro Bro together. Many fly ins and quite a few just going out to the park.

Last year I just got burnt out...quit flying and sold off most all my gear. I had kept in contact with Wayne and a few of my flying buddies.

Fast forward to a phone call last night. I was trying to get ahold of Wayne to see hows he is doing, His wife calls and she lets me know things have changed drastically in the last 6-8 months. Wayne is in a nursing home and will not come out. His health has gone down really fast in the last year.

Part of my phone converstaion with Linda was, she has this huge room of Waynes Rc gear, planes, you name it ,,he had it, She asked if i could come by this next week and see if I could sell it to help her with bills and stuff.
I wil probably be putting this stuff for sale next week here. So if anyone knows of someone that is getting into Rc planes....tell them to email me and I can hook em up.

I will dearly miss my flying buddy and freind Wayne. I know alot of you here have flown or spoke with him one time or another.

Anyways, Thanks for listening

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