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Apr 26, 2003, 02:42 PM
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Starting in electric... need help. Fixed

Hello. I have quite a few questions. I've searched the forum and have come up with a bit of knowlege and some bits and pieces to questions I need to know before I go sink some money in this. Here it goes.

1. I'm used to flying glow. I'm looking for the ability to fly slow and easy or wide open aerobatics. I don't think I could live without alerions. I've been looking and I haven't came up with a good solution. I don't want to put anything together... I want some flying time. I've been building a huge J3 Cub (.91 satio the works) for a long time. Mild assembly is fine, but no box of blasa sticks and planks :-P

2. I have a couple radios already. I would like to use them. Ones a Futaba basic 4ch. The other is a Futaba PCM 6ch heli/air radio. I think either one is fine correct?

3. I haven't been able to find if i can use the matching crystals from my other recievers in the micro rx's or do they use smaller crystals.

4. Is there a certain flight pack I should get? Or should I buy everything seperate. Since I already have a radio buying servos at a minimum of $22 is expensive compaired to the flight packs with most everything. I'm lost in the area of batteries/servos/motors/rx/speed controler/charger for these planes.

5. I'll probably have to buy everything online. The only hobby shop near me is a hobby town. They carry a small amount of GWS stuff. Is there a really good one stop shop for all the equipment I need?

I guess one thing that would be helpfull is a parts list of what I need to get flying. I would rather not spend more than $200, but a bit more would be ok. (I already have the radio if they will be ok with these planes) If someone can help me out I would greatly apriciate it!

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Apr 26, 2003, 10:17 PM
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Don't rule out building a kit. Mountain Models ( makes truly easy to assemble kits and my experience is you either put in the time before you fly or after you fly. I had a Crazy Max, and I spent more time fixing it than I did building the SwitchBack Sport from mountain models. Even at its best, the Crazy Max (ARF) didn't hold a candle to the SwithcBack Sport. I have found that they (Doug Binder) give tremendous support and their models fly as advertised.

You will need a micro receiver and MM Mountain Models sells the Berg. It is somewhat expensive, but it is glitch free. They also sell the castle creations electonic speed controls and basically everything else you need.

SwitchBack Sport $50
GWS 300 C motor $19
Pixie Speed Control$38
Battery $27-28
Berg5 RX $60
3 PICo Servos $66
6 Deans Ultra Connectors $18
A Charger $40
Total About $319

You could get by a little cheaper, but this gives you a good idea. If you want to use something other than the Covering MM supplies, that will cost a little extra also.

Mainly, you will have a great plane that is capable of both worlds, easy flying and aerobatics. You can also by a fully symmetrical (3D) wing for an extra $20 (Thus the name SwitchBack).

Other receivers go from $20 up, but they are not Bergs. I have two feathers and a GWS 4 all with crystals that I will sell you for $40 total. I will then put another $20 with it and by another Berg.
You can also buy a GWS electronic speed control (esc) for $19 from MM. I have one of those and they work well.

Let me say that the SB Sport is a tough airplane. I have cartwheeled it several time, nosed in from about 10 ft, grazed a powerline twice, run into the powerline once, landed extremely hard many times, and I have yet to spend more than 20 minutes repairing it. That was the one full powerline encounter (I was able to fly it back and land, but it kind of messed up the landing gear.

I am not an expert, but your radio should be fine. Your crystals will probably not work in micro rx, but that is a minor cost.

MM is great to deal with and I have also had good luck with Balsa Products (

One last thought. MM now has a Dandy Sport which is an aileron version of the Dandy. I have flown the Dandy and it is a fun to fly slow plane. I have the extra wing to make it the Dandy Sport, but I have so much fun flying the SwitchBack that I haven't built the extra wing for the Dandy.

Peace and Good Luck,
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Apr 26, 2003, 10:29 PM
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Very well said, I totally agree. A Mountain Models kit is no more difficult to build than an ARF. And flies better than any of them.

Hi Jus10, Welcome to the E Zone!

May 01, 2003, 07:56 PM
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starting in electric

Check out hobby They have a wide variety of electric planes and list all the equipment needed for each plane. Their catalog is worth ordering also. Electric can be just as expensive as gas if not more. Depends on where you want to go. A lot of options are available. All depends on what you want to spend. Wattage also has a variety of nice planes. Do a lot of research before you jump in- it pays off. You want to keep an electric plane as light as possible, using micro servos and receivers. I wouldn't recommend using a single conversion receiver, too many glitch problems. Hitec 555 is a good lightweight duel conversion receiver as are their hs -55 servos. Your radio will work with them also, as long as you order the components compatable with your brand of radio. Hope this helps a little and welcome to electric flight.
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May 01, 2003, 08:45 PM
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Hi jus10,
Definantly go with either dual conversion or a berg. I wouldn't skimp on things either, the more you skimp, the more disastisfied you will be with electric. Good luck.
May 01, 2003, 08:50 PM
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I disagree that the single conversions are glitchy other than the old feather! I have never had a problem nor lost a plane with any of the GWS RX's! I just received my first Hitec HFS-04MG single conversion RX with a claimed one mile range and on my antenna down range check I had no glitching at a greater distance from the transmitter than my range tests with the 555 and the Supreme! This looks like a amazing new product from Hitec!
May 01, 2003, 08:56 PM
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I have a Feather wich works great (except now I have a cracked crystal ), but dual will give more range most of the time, and the 555, has a hard case which makes it more durable. In retrospect a single conversion isn't bad, but if you like flying at clubs it may give you glitching problems(can't speak from experiance there).
May 01, 2003, 09:05 PM
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Originally posted by FLYWINGFAN
I have a Feather wich works great (except now I have a cracked crystal ), but dual will give more range most of the time, and the 555, has a hard case which makes it more durable. In retrospect a single conversion isn't bad, but if you like flying at clubs it may give you glitching problems(can't speak from experiance there).
I've flown with as many as 6 planes in the air one on an adjacent channel with no glitching! So I'm satisfied and I have seen few dual conversions with the range this new HFS-04MG Hitec has! Over one mile!!!! This new one also has a hard case!

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