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Oct 13, 2009, 06:36 PM
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My Vintage RC Collection

Here you will find some of my vintage rc collection I am a avid collector that is always on the look out for models to add to my collection and meet other collectors that have the same passion of the hobby I have. Hope you like the line up. The 1930's outlaw was the latest completed project in my collection.(project build info) Here is a project I started a month or two ago now finally finished. This is my version of a 1930's midget oval racer, it started its life out as a kyosho ultima that I had and a new kyosho stock sideways body that I came across. I already had a sideways in my collection that was pretty mint so I did not need a second but when I tore the sideways apart to clean it I saw that I liked the way it looked with out the wing (always like the old style sprinters better) so I did a little diggind on the internet found a sight that had pictures of 1930's and up midgets and started the build. Parts used for this build original Ultima rolling chassis the kyosho sideways body the front shocks came from a kyosho Advance and the rear shocks are from a kyosho vanning which lowered the stance very nicely then I made a roll bar and front bumper out of aluminum the wheels are from tecnacraft I also switched out the ultima trans with a more efficient belt drive trans from a kyosho triumph the headers I used are from losi I felt they looked much better than the kyosho sideways headers and they turned out to be the best fit for the body. All in all I am pretty happy with the final result hope you like it. HERE IS A LINK TO MY BLOG
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Oct 14, 2009, 07:27 AM
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Wow, thats an impressive collection. When I was a kid, I had a Tamiya Sand Scorcher(wish I still had that one ),and a Kyosho Raider. Later on in the early nineties, I bought a Kyosho Nitro Rampage with the F-150 styled body. About 10 yrs later I bought an Ofna Ultra LX, then a Kyosho Mini-Z.

I currently own a M18 XRay, Megatech RC/18 knock off, and a Mini-Z. None of them get used much now...
Oct 14, 2009, 01:31 PM
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Thankyou...... gotta love those sand scorchers I have been kind of staying away from most of the tamiya stuff do to all the re-issueing tamiya is doing.
Oct 14, 2009, 10:16 PM
theres notn duct tape cant fix
everything u have there is so awsome... i wish i had somthing like that
Oct 15, 2009, 01:22 AM
hass-alfed and bass-ackwards
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WOW! Nice collection. I'm not even that old, and calling these "vintage" makes me feel old. Most of these are cars I wanted as a kid, but couldn't afford.
Oct 16, 2009, 03:55 PM
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New Addition

Thanks everyone, here is a new addition that I just picked up not sure if I am going to keep it or not, but I thought it was a pretty interesting 1/8 scale buggy and it is in close to mint condition
Oct 18, 2009, 07:50 PM
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Here is some more pics of the Kyosho BLUEBIRD G5 TURBO that I recently picked up the car is in absolutely beautiful new condition love the red chassis not sure if I should finish this car to have one new in the box is a rare thing today
Oct 19, 2009, 10:04 AM
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Cool collection! My favorite is the KYOSHO ASSAULT.
Oct 19, 2009, 10:27 AM
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Thanks, I like the assault myself I bought it as is the only problem I have with it is the paint job which some day I will paint up a new body for it.
Oct 20, 2009, 12:38 AM
Grumpa Tom
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I'm a big fan of Kyosho. You've got a rockin' collection!
Oct 20, 2009, 10:27 PM
Flippin Multirotors
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Thats one heck of a collection . I remember most of those cars,i always wanted to get a tamiya ford 150 but never got around to ever picking up a tamiya car,later as more high qaulity rc cars became more popular i picked up a kyosho turbo optima(prior to tamiya cars it was toy store cheapys)aghh i still remember the go straight.. click and back up to make a turn remote control cars .. the coolest thing around back then was the MB big trak.. had to google,jeez that thing came out in 1979(yeah i had one lol),after the the turbo optima i tried a mrp 7.5 tunnel hull(there was a local pond that raced the boats and no tracks locally i knew of at the time)there really wasnt even an internet yet that i knew of back then .. really liked the mrp high roller and tamiya clodbuster in the late 80s. Started racing jr cars in 90s locally and have just about always had a rc car laying around. Lots of memorys of those decades and rc car technology. Prior to the tamiya blackfoot i remember rc10s with truck bodys with big rims and tires and home made conversions starting the stadium truck market. Still remember bolink and mccalister racing bodys and products.. i remember winning a 3 day event in both mod and stock truck in the early 90s and getting the don or dan monohan or manohan.. sportsman award at the event.. wow im going down memory lane.. revtech motors,wimpy motors and all kinds of other motors nobody probally has heard of in 20 years,the original tamiya hotshot and avante would probally be first on my list if i ever started a collection.. after the yokomo dog fighter won at the ranch 4wd buggies really started to become popular. Its always cool to see the then and now type articles with photos from the past but it rocks to see people still preserve the cars that really started the hobby and high qaulity rc car market to. Since your working on a sprint car.. moody raceway is 10 minutes or so from here(the original 1/8 nitro sprint cars),i still remember seeing custom works dominator 4wd oval cars racing oval tracks back when i raced offroad. I still remember schmacher cats being the dominate 4wd offroad cars locally. After seeing so many of those cars from various manufacturers the spirit of rc car past woke up
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Oct 22, 2009, 03:22 PM
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GET REAL, Thankyou for all the kind words I to remember the old days and racing with the high quality of rc cars that were produced back in the day. The rc vehicles of today are just as good if not better do to the light weight plastics and carbon fiber but they just don't have to looks that you get with the older rc10's, kyosho, AYK, and so on I wish that the rc companies would take that in to consideration a little more than they do today. It seems like today all it is about is speed well most people that race will tell you that there is no way you will stay on a track at 60 to 70mph with a 1/10 buggie it just is not going to happen I feel that the older scale races are much more fun to watch or to participate in most of these super high speed races, don't get me wrong I love speed especially with the rc boats but to much speed can be disasterous. Anyway thanks again
Oct 23, 2009, 05:42 AM
Flippin Multirotors
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This is just a hobby for me like it is for many but its a business for others.. Following the market trends etc. Ive been flying rc planes and helis for a few years now but try to keep up with the car stuff as well. I hear you when it comes to the racing side and design.. almost all the 1/8 buggies and truggies look pretty much the same these days with only minor changes in concepts.. 20+ years of designing cars and the same basic concepts that work are kept. Kyosho was quite exotic in the 80s with chain drives both in 1/10 and 1/8, ayk used that as well as other companys to. the more powerful motors got on the scene and then it turned to belt drives.. not just to link power to the front wheels but also in the trans with after market hop up kits etc for some of the chain drive cars. The kyosho belt drive was my first hop up on the turbo optima and that car was the upgrade race version that came out after the original optima.. then the optima mid and se with belt drives and other variants of 4wd kyosho buggies. Tamyia was always shaft driven 4wd,associated kept the tub chassis for a while but there were graphite after market chassis makers,early 90s the rc10t still used the tub,losi was still using a composite flat chassis and a 5 link rear suspension.. eventually the 5 link made way for a conventional a arm set up and then the plasitc tub style chassis concept that is still being used on almost all 2wd 10th scale buggies and stadium trucks and some 4wd offroad buggies today. Brushless motors and lipos really brought new technology and life to all forms of racing and bashing and the rest of the rc world etc and the top speed craze was attainable with by just buying a brushless system and manufacturers followed suit to what many rc car speed freaks were doing, electric aircraft used brushless power first.. even fullscale plane designs can fly now because of brushless power. Ive watched the industry more closely the past few years,prior i just bought what looked cool and fun and didnt really pay attention to the behind the scenes stuff. With planes its a lot easier to design and build a plane from the ground up with existing materials being used to make aircraft,quite bit more difficult to design an rc car from scratch.. not many have the time,money,materials or machines to build a car from scratch,i remember a scratch built 4wd monster truck from the 80s featured in a fullscale 4wd mag it used either 12'' or 16'' bicycle tires and everything else besides the body was machined out of metal with a cnc machine,there was also a 4wd truck named ''monkey'' something or other as well in recent years. After over 100 years of cars and aircraft design most manufacturers model rc cars after whats going on in the fullscale auto world for the most success. Rc cars have been around since the 60s,when they started out they used rc plane technology that existed and adapted the nitro plane engines and radios for use with custom built cars,these guys were the pioneers of rc cars. Thinking back there was also a couple custom rc 1/8 scale pro stocks that made it into hotrod.. a lee shepard camaro and a pontiac firebird.. both custom built,they used 1/8 scale revell plastic model kit bodies and nitro motors with custom frames... this was probally in the mid to late 80s. Currently the only segment of the hobby thats brought out new designs and cars that dont all look so similar is the rock crawlers.. get some brass tubing and solder and make your own chassis with shocks and axles from a clod.. thats one aspect of rc cars that wasnt just an existing vehicle with after market hop ups or minor changes to make a new class of rc vehicle but the clod guys were doing it to make there trucks look more like the fullscale monster trucks first. I'll see if i can find any of the rare footage of the rc cars from the 60s,all this babbling about rc car history could use some visuals . BTW,i was flipping through a rc car action..(im pretty sure it was rc car action)and they were they did an interview at a losi office,20 years of losi cars were on the wall in the backround of one of the story pics.. i still remember the first rc car action to come out.. think it had a tamiya bruiser on the cover .
Oct 23, 2009, 05:58 AM
Flippin Multirotors
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Heres a couple i found quick,theres some that still have shop promo vids for just about all of them. I wish i had a video camera back in 87,theres very few that have footage of the Byron originals rc aircraft event but it rocked,30 years later i finally tryed rc aircraft but rc cars are always where i started.

(lots of inovation back then with the avante.. pretty exotic for its time)

Tamiya Avante (5 min 48 sec)

Kyosho Optima- Mid- Ultima -Turbo - Raider Promo Video 1/2 (7 min 47 sec)
Oct 23, 2009, 06:28 AM
Flippin Multirotors
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Rc Car In 1967!

Cooking spaghetti sauce,but it didnt take long to find the first ever roar race and the beginning of rc cars. Glad some preserve this stuff.. i might have to dig around for some old rc mags if i still have them.. if i still have any there from the 80s and 90s.

First ever R.O.A.R nationals (9 min 50 sec)
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