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Jan 15, 2010, 12:50 PM
Grumpa Tom
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I have had the Skycharger for one week. I used it successfully for about 7 or 8 times. Once to charge a battery, the other times I used the Storage function to get batteries into the storage mode. Last night the LCD started to malfunction while in Storage mode. All the characters get lit up randomly. If I push the Increase button to go to another screen, it blanks out.

When I unplug and then re-plug it back in, it would start out okay and then if I pushed Increase button to look at the balance voltages the LCD characters would get all messed up and then the screen would go blank.

Now when I power it up, the LCD screen and characters are all messed up. The charger has become unusable.

I am going to contact and hopefully they will do the right thing and replace this charger.
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Jan 15, 2010, 01:10 PM
Registered User

sent in for credit

After having persistent issues with my replacement unit, I'm opting to send mine back for store credit, which I will promptlly use I'm sure, blue lipos probably.

I think this charger still needs work.

BTW, I'm parallel charging 4 6s 5000 packs with my iCharger 106b, it is incredible! I really dont need another charger at this point anymore. The iChargers ( are a bit pricey (in comparison), but pretty amazing. Check out the threads on RCGroups, especially the one on parallel charging.

This is not to take away from the typically good products that hobbypartz sells.

Jan 15, 2010, 02:08 PM
Grumpa Tom
Kmot's Avatar
Well, they have given me an RMA numbers to send it back for exchange. I certainly hope all the Skychargers are not FUBAR because it really seems like a nice charger. I would just like it to last more than a few uses, lol.

Something interesting about this charger I have found out and I am not sure about what the deal is:

If you download the software, it is software from IMAX. SO, it would seem the Skycharger is a Imax battery charger product. However, if you go to the SkyRC website, that makes the Imax chargers, they have instituted an "anti-fraud" method to help identify fakes. As is commonly known I think, China has a really bad reputation for copying things and pumping out look-a-like fake products. Anyway, at SkyRC thay show that a special hologram sticker is applied to the bottom of genuine SkyRC manufactured products and they claim if you have a so called SkyRC charger that does not have this hologram sticker, then it is a fake!

My charger does not have the hologram sticker.
Jan 15, 2010, 02:22 PM
Registered User

new 200W charger on hobbypartz....

you may want to exchange for
its more like the iCharger. It has a much higher 200W rating. Its great running 10A.

I cant speak to the "fake" issue.

Mar 29, 2010, 12:59 PM
Registered User

B6ac problem

How do i get warranty on my b6ac.
It's brand new and doesn't work in lipo fast charge mode
Mar 29, 2010, 01:23 PM
Registered User
What does it do when you try it in that mode?
Apr 15, 2010, 08:52 PM
Originally Posted by iceman96
How do i get warranty on my b6ac.
It's brand new and doesn't work in lipo fast charge mode
I was trying to decide between the B6AC or the FMX cellpro multi4.

Just made up my mind. I buy an FMA multi4
Apr 21, 2010, 10:22 PM
Registered User

Sky Charger B6AC

I also had the same problems as before mentioned. The first unit I purchased failed to charge any battery. I would plug in a battery and hit charge only to have the unit restart. I don't know what angered me more, the fact that I had to pay return shipping on a defective product, the attitude and belittling treatment from the people at Hobbypartz or the wait for the replacement to arrive. The replacement seems to work fine however I cannot get the software to work in Windows 7. Has any one else run into this?
May 21, 2010, 07:54 PM
Registered User
I have the SkyCharger B6AC great product...but. After using the charger with an external
DC supply when I went back to AC the Charger will no longer turn on in that mode. I
measured the output from the switching power supply at 12 v. dc so I suspect the problem
is a firmware thing. At any rate I can not find out who manufactures the charger. If anyone
has an idea on this please let me know.
Jun 27, 2010, 12:35 PM
Registered User

Figuring the upper limit of the charge current

Hi, total newb here in charging. I have a SkyCharger B6AC and charging a 1100 mah NIMH battery.

It suggests in 'auto mode' to set the "current limit" to make sure it does not go over.

How do I figure out the current limit? Is that 1.1 amps with a 1100 mah batter?
Jul 16, 2010, 05:36 AM
Registered User
jrotor's Avatar
Hi all
I need help with the software.
During charge, the softeare says "Disconnected" and the graph is keep refreshing but no data is shown. However, charging is done fine to the battery.
Is there anything I should try in the software ?
Dec 23, 2010, 12:59 AM
Registered User
Hi all

I just bought a SkyCharger B6AC+ and when trying to charge, balance or discharge my battery a StarMAx 11.1v 2200mAh StarMax na, I get the message connection break. What will be the subject of this post, and check that the battery is properly connected.

Thanks for your reply.
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May 13, 2011, 06:45 AM
Registered User
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I've ordered this charger recently.After reading about these problems,I'm slightly worried.Does anyone know if the problems have been solved?

PS:sorry for reviving this thread but thought that this would be the best place to ask my question.
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May 13, 2011, 09:05 AM
Registered User
I haven't had any problems with mine.
May 13, 2011, 12:36 PM
Registered User
iamahuman's Avatar
well,that is a relief.Any more guys?

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