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Oct 06, 2009, 06:39 AM
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Please link your KF designs or KF mods here

With so many of our builds now using the Kline Foggleman steps on the wing, I think a thread to show the designs with a link to the builds and plans is a good idea.

Ive seen so many good designs now that its getting hard to remember even a fraction of them.

Leadfeather started a great picture thread some time back and I would ask builders to post the picture of your KF creation on it..

However if you also have a video and a build log please post here on the links thread...
My aim here is to give builders a good selection to look through, and to have the quick links to hand

Please take the time to post a youtube type Video, plus a nice picture of each of your designs with a link to the build..

If yours is a KF mod to an existing design, please give us some comments, and a link through to the original build

Do them one at a time please if possible..

I would ask that any KF questions and discusions be posted to the new thread specificaly started for that purpose..

And please remember to give thanks to Dick Kline whose idea has inspired us all

Here is the one that started most of us on the idea
The Zagnutz a Kline-Fogleman Airfoiled Flying Wing KFm1 by Tony65x55
KF wing (1 min 2 sec)

build here
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Oct 06, 2009, 06:43 AM
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Thread OP



post 1....48" Zagnutz KFm1 by Tony65x55
post 2....INDEX
post 3....43" Zagnutz KFm4 by davereap by Tony65x55
post 4....36" Nutball KFm4 by davereap by goldguy
post 5....32" and 24" Nifty KFm4 by davereap
post 6....Sky Babe KFm2 by Rusty-Gunn
post 7....Fireball KFm2 by Rusty-Gunn
post 8....Rebel Trainer KFm2 by Rusty-Gunn
post 9....Ellipso Aero KFm2 by DaDesign
post 10...UAV Flying Wing KFm3 by jaron
post 11...Firefly KFm1 by leadfeather
post 14...32"KESL(swift like) KFm4 by rdjay
post 15...33" BlueBaby KFm5 by Xanadu

post 16...48" Zagnutz KFm4 by jackerbes by Tony65x55
post 17...KF Parkjet KFm2 by leadfeather
post 18...The Bullet Plane KFm2 by
post 18a..The Bullet Proof plane
post 19...Smarty Pants Dart KFm2 by A Useless Geek
post 20...42" Divinity KFm4 by ApachePilot
post 20a...48" Divinity II
post 21...96" Blu-Guppy KFm3 by maguro
post 22...2M Lazy Boy KFm1 by Magic612
post 23...The X-1EZ KFm2 by kansascloud
post 24...Pizza Box Flier KFm1 by leadfeather
post 25...Cute Little Fokker KFm2 by by Tony65x55
post 26...Piper PA-36 Pawnee KFm2 by Tony65x55
post 27...The Regal KFm2 by Kaos2
post 28...The Stinger KFm1 by Bogard
post 29...42" Beefy Yak KFm4 by by leadfeather
post 30...Mo-109e KFm3 by Tony65x55...WW2

post 31...Pitts Chalenger KFm2 by Tony65x55
post 32...BLU-Hurricane KFm3 by Tony65x55...WW2
post 34...A-10 Fattie KFm1 by Rusty-Gunn
post 35...Espad3d KFm2 by Youth must fly
post 36...B2 Stealth KFm1 by GPW...V wing
post 37...Delkan KFm2 by Boxhead...Delta
post 38...UAV Ugglan KFm2 by boopidoo
post 39...KFerret KFm2 by wingnut... DLG Slope wing
post 40...A-12 KF KFm1 by GPW...Delta
post 42...Speedy Wing KFm2 by wingnutt...V wing
post 43...EPPiper KFm1 by Gene Bond... a BluCub2 varient
post 44...Regal Bipe KFm2 by Kaos2
post 45...Jonas Racer KFm4 by Boopidoo...Delta

post 46...Flappa KFm2 by RJPIoW...disc
post 47...After Geobat KFm2 by RJPIoW...Hoop
post 48...Fidgit KFm2 by RJPIoW
post 49...Eindecker KFm1 by tachino...WW1
post 50...Micro Delta KFm2 by Terry Rigden
post 51...Owl-RT KFm2 by ADB2
post 52...Depron Dynamite KFm1 by Doug Montgomery...DLG
post 53...ME-163-e Komet KFm3 by viking60
post 54...48"Dancer HLG KFm3 by viking60...HLG
post 55...Slim Beagle KFm2 by viking60... hotliner
post 56...CYCLONE KFm4 by davereap...Twin Delta
post 57...Revert KFm2 by tiretrax...slope plank
post 58...Snowball Variation KFm2 by by Lee...disc
post 59...Thumb Wing Glider KFm2 by rcpinoy...DLG slope
post 60...BB Cub KFm2 by BlueFFF

post 61...FFF Eagle KFm2 by praymond plans from warhead...birdy
post 62...Eagle KFm2 by
post 63...Simple Fokker KFm2 by by GPW
post 64...KF CrossBow KFm2 by Ghostfit...slope wing
post 65...Skyray KFm1 by by GPW
post 66...Coro Zagi KFm2 by Fadhli...V wing
post 68...Heron KFm2 by How2rc...a modified polaris
post 69...Blu-Baby KFm2 by regal49.. design by Tony65x55
post 70...Smart Dart XS KFm2 by A Useless by goldguy
post 71...Komet KFm2 by Zaurak3...propjet
post 72...Baby Blackbird KFm2 by Rusty-Gunn.. cartoony
post 73...MiG-29 KFm2 by tohme...propjet
post 74...Piranha KFm2 by Tony65x55...aerobat
post 75...Tuffy Trainer KFm2 by Tony65x55

post 76...KFm5 KFm2 by Doug Montgomery..36"DLG
post 77...Blue Funder KFm2 or Km4 by Robb
post 78...Ilusion KFm1 by Bogard
post 79...Dark Angel KFm1 by magic612...canard
post 80...Turbo Thrush KFm2 by vleisie...crop sprayer
post 81...S-l-o-w delta KFm1 by
post 82...Vesper KFm2 by cybernaught.. wing
post 83...Tribal KFm6 by ApachePilot..V wing
post 84...Ming KFm3 by ApachePilot..micro V wing
post 85...Pagan KFm2 by Cybernaught...wing
post 86...Pushy KFm2 by davereap...glider/trainer/cam
post 87...Warlock KFm4 by NickEast..V wing
post 88...38" Superfly(Clone) KFm4 by davereap
post 89...Sharpe Wings by Wjsflywing.. Six large span high aspact ratio V wings are available
post 91...Parkflier Pete KFm2 and full body build by springer..retro racer style
post 92...Bennie Howard's "Mike" by springer..retro racer style KFm2
post 93...KFm5 60" motor glider by springer KFm5a
post 94...P-40 Blu-Tiger** designed by Tony65x55.. WW2 KFm3
post 95...Mustang baby P51 bashed from 33" BluBaby by springer ..KFm3 toony
post 96...Mooney Mite by springer from BB tribute contest..
post 97...David a 16" span micro V wing by bobskinner

post 102..Artic Kat snowmobile by apachepilot..unusual
post 104..Horten 229 variety by davereap.. 36" & 48" builds by dave and 60" by wjsflywing..V wings
post 105..Druid by cybernaught KFm2 .. A more pointed delta
post 106..KF48 by tyretrax..slope wing
post 110 .. whisper by Cybernaught.. canard
post 111..intermezzo by jaron.. 1M "V" wing.. KFm7 type
post 113.. KFm4 "V" wing by jackerbes... a corex and depron constuction which goes well
post 117. KFm4 Dart 32" span by DaveReap
post 118.. KFm2 "V" wing the Slinger by Cybernaught
post 119.. Jimi Jetstream by Rusty-Gunn
post 121.. GuppyQB by DreamArcher
post 122.. Revo by Cybernaught...KFm2
post 123.. Mini Revo by Cybernaught...KFm2
post 124...Mini Slinger by Cybernaught...KFm2
post 126.. 3D Delta by leadfeather
Post 127.. Depron Fox by Maverik at... KFm2
post 129.. SEMFF Combat planes....a load of warbirds here...KFm2
post 130.. Piranha by tony65x55 ..thread by tuglodite ...KFm4 aerobat
post 131.. Team30 Micro EDF Vought A-7 CorsairII a sweet micro ducted fan
post 133.. Blackjack KFm4 fast jet by KennyT
post 134.. Super UFO KFm4 by Davereap based on the UFO by GPW
post 135.. KFm7 slope design..ignore this one that was remade as a KFm9 design

post 136.. -147 posts with no plans or build logs
post 137.. KFm4 canard design by teamwang...plans link at post 150
post 148.. Spyderbreath XZH-1 by Quick61
post 149.. KFm4 wing by springer from a single sheet of foam
post 150.. link to plans on design at post 137 by TeamWang
post 151.. A KFm9 'simple build' powered glider by davereap
post 152.. KFm9 looks similar slope designs for the weasel and the alula by davereap
post 153.. Twizzle a pitcheron sloper now with two versions and two sizes.. by davereap
post 154.. Limit EX Foam version with a KFm9 davereap
post 155..
post 156.. Pitchblend by davereap
post 157.. KFascination by maguro.. nice model but no plans
post 158-9.. chat......
post 160.. DH vampire by GrahamCulver pusher prop jet KFm1
post 162.. KFm3 delta by soundguy63
post 165 ..tractor delta by headlessagain
post 166.. depron delta EDF by HennieT
post 168/9... X41 deltastorm by T3chDad
post 170.. Mirage EDF and Sbach by snice
post 171.. KF cheap n easy by rcrich
post 172.. MiniD delta by davereap
post 175.. A tractor V wing KFm2 by Schraut5
post 176.. Big Blue 96 glider by Jackerbes
post 177.. Funbat by jhtitan
post 179/180 ..glider wing layout by kd4gfy

post 181 .. W wing KFm4 heart shaped by daveareap
post 184 ..a multi function twin cargo model buy WUWU
post 185 -187 ..Dayglo by Aero Andy a KFm1 78% scale of the AXN/Cloud Fly
post 189..(micro) Backyard Wobbler with KFm-2 by Space Drydock - 22
post 195.. The "Snice-Mitar" a hot looking mini scimitar clone by SNice
post 202.. The Simple Delta by Dekan with KFm2
post 209.. KFm airfoil 48" Flying Wing by gatorlynch a corex build
post 211.. Mini Heart by davereap KFm4 a simple delta/heart shape mix
post 212.. Panagangan Island "Gull" by Cybernaught (RIP)
post 216.. 610mm KF-m 4 depron V wing by headlessagain
post 217-235.... chatt....
post 236.. KFm3 Bipe Plane by Wazzer
post 237.. Kfm8 Beta • Twin Boom Pusher by BlueFielder
post 238.. Mini Zephyr II by Otto Dieffenbach a V wing
post 244.. The KFm-4ward 48" span by Ombudsman a V wing
post 245.. Simple V wing by davereap.. an easy build KFm4 V wing
post 246.. KF Crossbow and KF Arrow.. nice slope wings by Ghostfit
post 248.. generic KFm4 F22 profile propjet by davereap
post 251.. simple ultra light pod and boom gliders by davereap
post 256.. The Swift by Thomas B.. also under The Mauersegler by rohlmannflieger
post 257.. The Pterodactylus by Thomas B
post 258.. The BluCub design by Gene Bond... with a KFm3 wing by headlessagain..
post 259.. The Radius by Thomas B
post 260.. Mako by WMParkFlyer.. a float plane with KFm4 wing by davereap
post 261.. Twin Tube experiment by SpaceDrydock-22 an unusual flier..
post 262.. Funtura, KFm2 pusher jet by Darsh..
post 268.. F/A-241 Shrike and Windfighter by OutcastZeroOne
post 269 .. sci fi..SA43 hammerhead by robertus
post272.. a sorta ME163 profile propjet by davereap
post 274.. swift and Pterodactylus by Thomas B
post 275.. PP1 by davereap
post 276.. E-Stratos by davereap.. delta wing
post 277.. Pod and Boom Trainer by Russ40
post 281 .. EZfly by MotorHead a prop in slot trainer.. recommended.. it flies slow and bounces well
post 282.. The Gymball by davereap.. flies like a Nutball but with centre dihedral and elevons it rolls better.
post 283.. Judi SeaJet and Jetstream family by Jurgen Be.. an excellent small, Delta wing flying boat
post 297 .. The Fidgit.. an indoor aerobat
post 298.. My Fokker Triplane at 20 and 26" sizes
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Oct 06, 2009, 06:51 AM
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Thread OP

Zagnutz 43" KFm4 my 6mm depron build evolved from Zagnutz by Tony65x55

Here is a Zagnutz type ...KFm4 ...originally with fins, now further modded with Assasin tips.. an excellent sports flier
The link takes you to the main Zagnutz thread where you will find lots more info on KF topics as well as more links the many varieties of zagntz that have been made
tipless KFm4 no2 (6 min 27 sec)


You may notice various Zagnutz here, or variations there of.. They are all included because they use diiferent build methods, or materials
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Oct 06, 2009, 07:01 AM
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Thread OP

Nutball by Goldguy.. this a 36" KFm4 build by davereap

Now for a Circular design ... Goldguys Nutball... but here it is scaled up and given a KFm4 section.. such a great design.. in the small sizes it does not benifit from the KF section, best kept light.. But big and KFm4 it has become my favorite because of the relaxed way I can fly it... yet another excellent sports plane but with the best slow speed flight of all my planes

Recommended sizes 28-32" dia ...36 was a bit too big.
Nutball Low and Slow Flight using 36" KFm4 depron Nutball (6 min 29 sec)

Big NB build here..

Or for a different look an Octagonal shape works just fine
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Oct 06, 2009, 07:06 AM
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Thread OP

Nifty by davereap

Here is one of the simplest of all.. A KFm4 plank .. the Nifty...another excellent flier, as all of the KFm4 designs have been
A simple build KFm4-AR2-plank...The "Nifty" (5 min 20 sec)

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Oct 06, 2009, 11:14 AM
My plans are in my blog
Rusty-Gunn's Avatar
This is my foamie copy of the Stits Sky Baby. I call it the Sky Babe.

Sky Babe movie (0 min 51 sec)
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Oct 06, 2009, 11:18 AM
My plans are in my blog
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Fireball flying wing, cartoon style. (Note: this plane should not be built ny newbies, its a bit differcult to get flying corectly.)
Build thread:

I do not have a video of this plane flying.
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Oct 06, 2009, 11:24 AM
My plans are in my blog
Rusty-Gunn's Avatar
Rebel KF trainer.

Rebel KF trainer vid (1 min 10 sec)
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Oct 06, 2009, 11:42 AM
Onward through the fog.
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Wrong thread.
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Oct 06, 2009, 11:49 AM
ɹǝsn pǝɹǝʇsıƃǝɹ - inverted!
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Ellipso Aero

Ellipso Aero low wing maiden flight (2 min 20 sec)

Ellipso Aero Biplane maiden flight 10 11 09 (2 min 51 sec)
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Oct 06, 2009, 03:11 PM
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UAV Flying Wing

The UAV Flying Wing is an easy to fly and very versatile carrier for all kinds of electronics.

Aerial Video - Central Switzerland (3 min 39 sec)
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Oct 09, 2009, 05:39 PM
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Thread OP

The FireFly by leadfeather

The FireFly KFm1 delta by leadfeather
FireFly (3 min 7 sec)

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Oct 09, 2009, 06:20 PM
Winging it >
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Here's a bunch of KF planes
Oct 10, 2009, 05:32 AM
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Thread OP

The KESL a 32" Wing KFm4 by rdjay

Thanks leadfeather there lots of good pics there but having the build links tied in would be great... oh well more searching to do....In starting this thread, I didnt mean to superceed your pictures thread, I had just forgotten there was one.
EDIT ive worked through your pictures thread and found and linked all the specific build threads that are available..

The KESL a 32" Wing KFm4-Epp-Swift-Like by .rdjay
(4 min 21 sec)

Heres another... Ive always liked the Swift wing... this is a look alike..

Ive done a sketchup traceover on this wing and scaled the lines to 36"...because I have always liked the shape
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Oct 10, 2009, 09:27 AM
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BluBaby 33, with KFM 5 version

Here is the kfm 5 version on a BlueBaby.

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