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Oct 01, 2009, 01:28 AM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!

Micro Wings 24" and under- Setups and Tips

Hello, my name is Microkites

I have recently become a micro wing addict

so much so that I sold off all my helis and planes and just getting into these

I have noted that there is not alot of discussion of these that I have found

So thought I would see if a thread would fly

I havent done much yet- just my 16" goliath


also have a micro speedwing coming, and a 24" Whizz

have tested out a few different motors on my goliath,

and built a kf4 foil 22", and building a 24" out of the wings from a stryker kit- building this as a 24" Assassin -finless

I love that it is easy to Mod and try different configs so easy with these

and the durability is amazing!

nothing like being able to plow straight into the ground at 70 mph and pick it up and fly it again!

But there are alot of quirks in doing a wing this size, so if anyone wants to discuss them, please join in any discussion!

I am going to start posting info on different setups etc if there is any interest

more info in a bit

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Oct 01, 2009, 02:35 AM
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Lets start a list

You and I have discussed this a bit in pm's. Now, we can go open with our conversation without hijacking someone else's thread.

I suggest expanding the 24 inches just a bit..perhaps to 28 as there are several 28 inch flying wings which use the GWS IPS, fiegao or 250 motor

Mini speedwing
Micro speedwing
Speedwing EX (undercambered flowflyer
Micro Speedwing
X 22
Mini Swift
Pocket Combat Wing
Tilde (the original mini flying wing..to the best of my knowledge)

I've flown almost all of these with the GWS IPS motor. Now that the micro bl motors and micro esc's are less expensive, I'm switching.

My flying area will handle all of them except the Goliath and Micro Speedwing. They just require too much speed with the fiegao or GWS IPS motor.

I NEED HELP! to SLOW DOWN THE GOLIATH OR MICRO SPEEDWING. I plan to try one of the 10 gm outrunners with a 4 or 5 inch prop to allow me to slow them down..they actually give better thrust than an inrunner. WILL THIS WORK?????????

Stan in Dodge City
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Oct 01, 2009, 03:42 AM
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All of our wings started out with the GWS EDP50 inrunner and then the Johnson 250 motor as soon as it became available. The Goliath was upgraded to the Feigao 4100kv, when brushless hit. That little Feigao worked well with all of our other wings, also. (No Prodigy, then.) Good, light flying and some good speeds.
Oct 01, 2009, 07:30 AM
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Another great little motor to consider is the Hextronic 16g 1700kv brushess from Hobby City. Pretty decent as purchased, but I rewound mine with 14t of 26awg and I'm getting between 60 and 70mph on 3s with a gws 5x4.3 prop on my 24" wing.
Oct 01, 2009, 08:35 AM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!
stan- will do a list with comparisons of motors and wings

my preference is the inrunners and the medusa worked well

think any 12mmx 32mm 4000+ kv will work well

my testing was with old old motors

my feiago might have been toast even before trying it, so that may be why I had such low power

I can certainly get it to fly slow enough on the 10g outrunner- 2s will barely keep it flying- 3s it was flying ok in 20mph winds- this was with a 4x4 prop

I THINK that is we put a 5" prop on it, it will fly good- but will need to widen rear for prop room, so havent done it yet

I dont really care if a wing is a little larger than the 24" stated, just wanted to focus on the smaller wings and most fly 3ft and up

Oct 01, 2009, 09:02 AM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!


sylvan aircraft- http://www.sylvanaircraft.com/index.html

goliath 16"
Scram-blur 20"
x-22 22"
frenzee- 27"

all use the 24g 3000kv outrunner and a 4.1 x 4.1 prop

speed wings- http://www.speedwing.net/index.php?cPath=21_22

micro speedwing 16"
mini speed wing- 24"

mini swift-


not many specs- couldnt find w/s

Scrappy Micro Raider by Wing Warrior

25" cores


more to come
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Oct 01, 2009, 09:23 AM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!


these are on my Goliath- will test on larger wings as I try them

Sylvan cd-rom motor- 24g 3000 kv- will work on whole range of 16" - 24"+ wings- very heavy and fast on smaller wings- needs large (600mah+) on top of wing to balance 4.1 x 4.1 prop on 2s and 3s 2s fast! 3s -scary fast

medusa 12mm x 32mm 4100kv?

balances with my 350mah 2s well- so I can bury the battery, so much cleaner look
top speed was 50-70mph I am guessing but will fly much slower- aprox 1/2 the weight of stock- glides are phenomenal

best part is I can fly it in small field now- stock goliath needs alot of room and good vision!

feiago 12mm x 32mm 4k kv

was just way underpowered 2s and 3s- but my motor is very used and suspect

Ammo 12x 30mm 4k kv- new- could barely fly plane on 2s- 3s melted the hot glue right off the motor mount in 3 minutes with both 3 x 3 and 4 x 3 props

hxt 10g 2000kv- used a 4 x 3 prop on 2s- could barely manage to fly it- no power- 3s handled 20 mph gusty winds no problem - havent tested it in calm conditions yet- think a larger prop (5x4?) might work well on 2s for decent small area flyer-- motor stayed stone cold after much use

this is the motor I want to try-


and they have higher kv ones too if needed

anyone flown the hyperion on micro wing?



Possible motors from Hobby King

if any have tested any let me know and will put down info



http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...00kv_Inrunner- this one seems to be the most versatile


hxt 10g 2000kv 2-3s- 4x3 prop--- 2s barely flew 15mph top speed guess- but did fly. 3s it flew pretty well- maybe 40-60 mph. top speed, vertical first part of pak, slow enough for small park flying. with lighter paks in wing, think this will be good park flyer setup
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Oct 01, 2009, 09:44 AM
**I'm Battman**
I'm in,

Brother just bought a new home next to a soccer complex.
mk has been 'taunting' us with his Goliath.
It's about three projects down the list but we will build two.
Are you sure it's gonna have enough speed for me.


Don't forget the tf...

mk, are you at all tempted by this???
Oct 01, 2009, 10:08 AM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!
Originally Posted by RCBABBEL
I'm in,

Brother just bought a new home next to a soccer complex.
mk has been 'taunting' us with his Goliath.
It's about three projects down the list but we will build two.
Are you sure it's gonna have enough speed for me.


Don't forget the tf...

mk, are you at all tempted by this???
rcb- I would honestly go for a 20"- 24" just so I could bury the larger batteries

I hate having it on top-

I was trying it stock in baseball field across street from my house- lost control and was heading toward the school picture window- at about 60mph!

had to dive it into the concrete

5ft from the window!

hit so hard, the 3s 800mah lipo almost compressed in half, and started smoking!- smoked and puffed-no fire- disposed of properly

but if you want speed- try the stock goliath!

loved it- but need to travel more to get to larger field-

now I try and always bury my batteries

and dont fly a 100 mph missile in baseball field!

Oct 01, 2009, 10:18 AM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!


will discuss various props here

it is hard to find 5" and below at my lhs

but love the Graupner 4x3 and 3x3 cf props, much lighter than the apc and gws props

also look cooler- few bucks more though



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Oct 01, 2009, 11:31 AM
RemE's Avatar
I scoped out 12x33mm motors last night and found the Hyperion HP-Y12L-5300 seems like a nice Medusa replacement... I especially like the hi-temp construction they mention.


Their prop chart spells out GWS 3020 as pretty much the one they like.
Oct 01, 2009, 12:17 PM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!
thanks for the chart reme

I hope a 3x3 will work, because that is what I have!

btw, will be doing an edf micro wing too- 30-40 mm fan- will make crashing even more fun!

just flew a few paks on my Goliath with the hk 10g 2000kv outrunner, 4x3 prop

as I said before, 2s it barely gets off the ground- will fly in calm conditions

then I tried it 3s (hxt 3s 460mah 15-20c- )- these are twice the size of my 2s paks, so needed to go on top- think they are like 50g's!

flies nice!

could pull a vertical first 1/2 the pak, top speed around 40-50mph

low speed wasnt as nice because of extra weight

I really need some tiny 3s paks! > 25g I think

Stan, when you get the 10g outrunner, get some 4" props and some lightweight 3s that you can bury, and think you will have nice mellow park flyer- but still fast enough to be fun

Oct 01, 2009, 12:25 PM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!
oh, RCB,

forgot to answer your p-51 question

no I am not tempted by the p-51 at all

have gone thru 3 6400's and as of right now, I dont have a sukhoi that will fly over 3 minutes

dont need another one!

the bipe coming out tempts me with the longer throws- but will wait and see if they improved the 6400 a bit- love the concept- implementation is lacking

glad it was my rudder servo that died on one of my 6400s- am doing a 12" wing with that 6400- just deciding on the right 1s bl motor for it

this one intruiges me- seems good deal with electronics etal



edit- and there is nothing to tri-flow!

just motor bearing - and I heard that is not reccomeded
Oct 01, 2009, 12:37 PM
I HOOVER because I SUCK!
woo hoo!

here is a link to the Assassin page


Lee is looking into building me a 24" Assassin

but they have alot of good build techniques etc too

so check out thread also

Oct 01, 2009, 12:42 PM
RemE's Avatar
That's tough luck on the AR6400's I've had no issues with them and really like the Sukhoi. I think the P51 is pretty but it would be a performance stepdown, but then again, 2Cell mod like my V2....slightly higher lift wing.... nav lites... it would make a very nice show plane.

My only concern for a fast wing with a 6400 is the longevity of those servos, especially if they take a hit. I hate that they are integrated into the RX for that. Also I do wonder about their range as well.

On the wing front, I found and snapped up a Medusa!

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