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Sep 16, 2001, 02:59 AM
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Pictures of my X10 video setup (trying again)

As I promised a few folks some time ago, here are some pictures of the XCam2-based aerial video system as installed in my T-46 (clipped wing T-52).

The attachment has three pictures: The top one is an overview of the left side of the airplane. It shows the power lead tapped in off the battery end of the ESC (a Kontronik Sun 1000, BTW), then the drive battery - 8X1400AE. Next is the X10 CMOS camera (and microphone) in a correx box, mounted to the side of the plane with Velcro (stick back right on the packing tape covering of the plane). As shown it is looking down about 45 degrees, which has proven to be a pretty good angle for watching stuff on the ground. I think I would use straight out or just a little downward for air-to-air video.

Then comes the transmitter, encased in Gabe's CS heat shrink tubing and then just clear taped to the bottom of the fuselage with a bit of foam weatherstripping protecting the adjustment pot side of the Tx from rubbing on the fuselage. Aft of the Tx is the Tx antenna made as shown on yb2normal's site.

The next picture is a closeup of the Tx antenna mounted to a correx bracket (with a couple of globs of Goop). The bracket is then taped to the side of the fuselage with clear tape. The bracket has a little triangle rib holding it to the right angle which not visible but is right behind the radiator element of the antenna.

The last picture shows the right side of the fuselage, where the power take-off from the left side feeds a 5V regulator with heat sink, which then feeds the innards of the X10 battery pack to step the voltage back up to over 12V. This then is fed to the transmitter input thru the wire running along the bottom of the fuselage (visible in the first picture).

Those of you who want more details on the plane can go to JK Aerotech's site and look a the little "how to put a landing gear on the T-52" writeup. It's here:

No shielding is used. The R/C receiver is an FMA Extreme 5 mounted in a cavity at the top of the fuselage under the wing, just above where the camera is in the first picture.

The little correx box the camera is in has velcro on three sides so I can experiement with the camera looking different directions.

These pictures are shrunk down to fit the filesize limit for an attachment. If anyone wants to see them in full resolution, drop me an e-mail.
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