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Sep 21, 2009, 04:01 PM
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GPV-1 warning crapy service alert and 5 things you should do before you run

Edit * scroll down for the 5 should do's you wont be sorry highlited on post #17*

Ok someone on here that has had any success with thier GPV-1 out of the box please stand up.

I've owned mine for 3 days and its broke. Actualy broke on the second day. Rear sprocket shattered while still in the tuning phase. Never have i seen a model that was so poorly thrown together it could not do what it was advertised to do. Yes I do expect somthing that costs the better part of 200.00 dollars to perform its intended task. That is to be fully functional and free of defects from the factory. Notice i said still in tuning phase! Wonder why a person with 10+ years of rc motorcycle experience would still be "tuning " a bike two days into owning it? Why should I even have to come on this board to ask if others will band with me in calling these guys out on thier crappy product? Seems silly to even fool with it for a second longer. But due to the outstanding uselessness of the companys customer support I am here to let others know of my pain in the @$$ purchase.

We could start with breaking it out of the box all excited at the airfield for a session of hey looky what I got. Turned into a total embarrasment. Now that I think of it not as much for me but for the product. Getting past the fact all the stickers were wrinkled and the already questionable radio range. I decided to give it a go. Hey I've run bikes for years this one looks to be ok may as well get out there and let these guys in on what a blast rc motorcycles can be. Stage set 15 of my flying buddies all lined up down the runway ohh and ahhing over the new venom GPV-1 i had just bought. I give it a general once over to make shure no parts are out of order. Getting lots of questions and trying to answer them and get this puppy rolling on 400 feet of the cleanest paved real estate possible. The launch! Dismall to be PC about it. Floped over within 4 feet and took over 30 min of tinkering with the trim and launch technique just to get it roll for long enough to try to correct for its pathettic handaling. All the while one by one the 15 interested parties slowly trickled off back to the seats at the clubhouse. Dissinterested at the once novel item put before them. I'm glad they didnt laugh to hard. My have had to get the difib out to revive em. I had managed to get about three or four full laps around, wobly, but you could call them laps. Didn't even use a full battery pack. Just placed it back into the truck and went back to flying. Less hastle with airplanes and helicopters right?

Second day of testing 5 min of more flopy flopy and the chain derailed. Went to put it back in order and adjust the eccentric to tighten it I noticed the rear sprocket was broke. Hey its Sunday I'll wait for Monday and call customer support no sense in worrying about it and I'm sure they will fix me right up.

Oh yea fixed right up! I was told I was a hack in the most polite terms and dismissed with some frankly stupid analogy as to why purchasing my GPV-1 from venom was like buying a new Ford car and I should not expect the manufacturer to be responsible for thier product in any capacity unless it was ruled a defect. The Support agent then agreed that the part was weak and has been redesigned for better strength. But in no way will it be declaired defective. "The part is $1.46 and shipping will be 8.00 and was there anything else (I) may need?" Yep pal just wanted to know if loosing a customer was worth 1.46? His response was silence. I politely thanked him for his time. Uneffective as it may have been I do also realize that employees do not always agree with company policy. So attacking him is pointless if all he can do is listen to my complaint and have no real power for a solution to begin with.

So here is you chance to win my back RC groups I know for a fact I could have this puppy ship shape in a matter of no time. Despite its short commings. Yes sucker for a hard case. And YES I read the sticky! I had previously ordered the blingity bling from my hobby shop guy on the day I bought it but now it may be for nothing since my state has a lemon law thinggy goin on and I can return any product unconditionaly within 7 days of purchase. And the thought of dumping more cash (hundreds?) on any product from a company that has so little respect for its own self immage seems silly.

Torlling you will say? Nope. Using places like RC Groups to help others before they have to deal with the same problems is what I would consider my $1.46 worth.
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Sep 21, 2009, 07:56 PM
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Wish we had a lemon law here.
If I was you I would take it back and get my money back.
If I could have taken my GPV-1 back over here in oz I would have taken it back too.
There only a good bike if you spend $300 or $400 more to get them to run then if you crash it there's more money because something will break due to how weak they are even with the hop-up's.
Sep 21, 2009, 08:06 PM
in memory of dez RIP
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if i may add when have you seen two parts made exactly the same ?? i mean exactly .
the same as buying a new anything . just like my daughters i pod the firstone gave in short order does that mean they all will ????
you answer is no the second one has worked flawlessly for aver a year .
heres the thing if you are not willing to work and take intrest in your hobby . then dont do the hobby. anything that is mass produced will and can not be perfect no matter who says what . i have owned two gpv-s and neither of them broke so much as a single part nothing . thses models are taking way more abuse than the real item would ever take and still drive away . i have nothing bad to say about venom or the gpv as when i had an issue with missing parts chris was quick to fix it as the same as you you should rethink your post . you do not have to spend anymore than what the kit cost to make it a good bike either read the forums and learn how to properly tune it . but as i stated you must be willing to take your licks. and learn how to work on them properly . simply put if you didnt crash it it wouldnt have broke .
Sep 21, 2009, 08:13 PM
in memory of dez RIP
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Originally Posted by LILBRT
Wish we had a lemon law here.
If I was you I would take it back and get my money back.
If I could have taken my GPV-1 back over here in oz I would have taken it back too.
There only a good bike if you spend $300 or $400 more to get them to run then if you crash it there's more money because something will break due to how weak they are even with the hop-up's.

as far as weak do the math just take a 1/10 scale car going 35 mph is like going 350 scale mph . so you honestly think that a real car could crash and roll @ 350 and drive away ???? take the time and learn to drive them slow before going and putting abunch of cash in them bikes are not for every one .
they are hard to drive and you have to have throttle management . and a verry acute sence of distance judging . bikes are not for the faint of heart .
if my 12 year old can drive a stock gpv 1 as trigger happy as he is then i belive anyone could learn . but before you can learn you have to wat to bad enfugh . its easy to quit and say that the product is bad but its another to adapt and over come .
Sep 21, 2009, 08:58 PM
Formerly bUd~Fokker
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Gosh Nofuelheli, you say you have years and years experience of driving rc bikes yet you could not get this thing going?

I have never drivien a rc bike before andd in one day i had mine all trimmed out and going like a beudy.
Perhaps you are just not as skilled with these things as you would like yourself to beleive. You did have the steering going the right way didnt you??

I know this bike is not without its problems, but not many RTR machines are.
Sep 21, 2009, 10:23 PM
fff> Fly Foam for Fun
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Flame suit is on and fully functional!

Some previous quotes for those that don't want to surf the 27 pages of the GPV-1 thread. Notice all such beginner comments ceased after about the 12th page once the bikes were released.

"Hey no worries and I share your love for bikes but just focuss your energy at getting more people to see them and get into them with you. They are a blast to run with friends in a parking lot. We offered a race support program and we will assist you with organizing an event so if you want to make an event PM me and I'll send you our info package. Its like a race in a"

"The bike is tough and in some ways too tough actually so eventually something will break but dont expect it to happen over a silly spill."

"Its tough enough to take end over end tumbles"

Oh realy!

"The stock bike is intended for the novice to pick up and get used to the world of RC bikes."

"For the newbies the bike is set up in a basic manner to work well in general."

"Anyone should be able to drive it right away."

"Its easy to drive for any skill level and quick enough out of the box to give you the thrill and challenge your looking for but its capable of far more."

"I'm not going anywhere so you guys can plan on me supporting the bike long after they arrive, someone asked btw."

"Remember if you have a problem with the bike right out of the box please contact our Customer Service Dept. right away and dont try to fix it yourself until you speak to them first."

"the way the bike is set up stock is intended for the novice to get around with minimal effort and self marshalling"

"The stock bike can handle quite a bit of punishment"

"Ive had at least 5-6 HOR kits over the years of racing them and modifying them. I remember all those days and constant tinkering. The GPV-1 is not going to be like that."

Just some of the comments I have read and if thats not misleading call me silly!

Dang thing is I wanted to show this bike around to generate interest. Wouldnt be the first ime me or my racing/flying buddys showed up with something that everyone else all the sudden had to have. Venom asks for your support and alot of you have given it. I doubt Venom will get such a service from me. I can not blame you bud for quesioning my abilities or knowledge it is pefectly natural just as the service rep did. But to question my ability after saying a beginner/novice can pick it up or have no problem seems again silly. No one can deny the comments I have cited as they are published for everyone to see and read and make their own judgements.

And yes bud i knew about the steering.LOL

Thanks RCPhreak for the kick in the pants about sticking with it. My 12yo son doesn't get a chance to use mine right now cause of the frail build up to this point. The whole my kid can do it thing is a good one. I pull it all the time. More than likely I will stick with it cause I still have everythig RC I've ever bought including the Kyo HOR that I built and had running like a top in one day. Didn't need a hints/ tips sheet for that one. The 8000kv mamba set up eventualy caught up with me on that one last year and bombed all the sissy plastic gears and sprocket. It had run for 8 years prior and took spills I thought were gonna crush it. I mean it's styrene for cripes sake! And yes you are right in the fact we all must be willing to take out licks and replace broken parts it is part of the hobby. The HOR came with a back up bike kit when I bought it and oh boy it was a savior. But at 200 smakers I cant justify that with the GPV-1.

If venom was so willing to have you guys and anyone who would listen to help further the RC motorcycle hobby why snap us at the knees with sub standard materials then call us noobs for breaking them?
Seriously am I the only one who gets it? I've already had calls from guys in my group wanting to know the skinny on how the GPV-1 preforms. I wont be able to reccomend it to anyone. I've been in to hobbies for long enough to spot good service and this aint it.
Sep 21, 2009, 11:58 PM
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You really can't compare driving a Kyosho HOR to the GPV-1; the GPV-1 drives more like a 1:5-scale bike than a HOR, which really drives more like a car than any bike on the market (because of the steering setup). So your experience with RC bikes doesn't really count.

That said, don't give up on the GPV-1 -- take on the challenge! After getting your sprocket replaced, come back and we'd be happy to go over it step by step. The guys in the U.K. and Australia race them regularly. We've raced them here in California. And at least one get brought out and run when we're between rounds of our 1:5-scale bike racing, so it's not impossible.

Give us a chance to help you before you sell it; we'll try to be more patient -- right guys?
Sep 22, 2009, 01:18 AM
Formerly bUd~Fokker
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Hi Nofuelheli, I am not sure if you are aware or not but a lot of those comments come from someone who has connections with or works for Venom.
Its kind of like used car salesman talk, they will fluff it up to make it sound like its the best thing in the world and sometimes the hype they spin might not line up exactly with reality.
That's not to say everything they say is crap.....its just that sometimes you will find the truth somewhere between the spin and the cuistomer reviews.

You will also see in the main GPV-1 forum that people do have a few teething issues with this bike from new... but in the end they get them sorted and really enjoy the bike.

I must admit after my first day with the bike i was not happy at all, the spur gear was nearly stuffed and i was not having much luck driving it for more than 10meteres at a time. My body mount on the tank also broke and the wrinkly stickers were already a bit scratched up. I was kind of pissed that it was not what i expected.
That night i read more and made adjustments and tested, made more adjustments and tested and in the end i was able to actually drive it like i should of been able to from new.

I do think this bike might have been better as a build it yourself kit ... but thats not the market they are selling to.
If you were to build it yourself you would have a better idea about chain tension and other adjustments right from the start.
Sorry to stir you about your experience but seriously keep at it and i think you will be happy.
The bike is not indestructable but once sorted its a lot of fun.
If i can help in anyway give me a holler.


Sep 22, 2009, 02:00 AM
fff> Fly Foam for Fun
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Alright guys I'm game! Challenge accepted. I'll go even better than that! You folks help me get this babby rolling right on a total stock set up I'll personaly cordinate a local race. Cause if its worth doing you wont get anyone hooked unless its a spec class out of the box. Got to set the hook before you reel in the fish...right? I have plenty of resources to draw from and many willing (and confirmed) rc nuts to race with. Damn fine thing about this hobby is the fun we can all have together.

Let u in on the fact I replaced the rear wheel assembly with the HOR rear wheel and tire. Witch has yep a beefy sprocket that does work as stated in a another thread. So at least I am now running and just spent the last hour driving it oh so carefully. Limited running space during the evening to a 50 foot paved box. The GPV wont stay straight up at anypoint. I have adjusted the factory steering damper grommets on and off in combinations. Moved the steering connection in and out. And adjusted the rear shock tension tight and loose. Put on tighter steering springs and gone back to the soft ones. Nothing seems to help this bike stay straight up and down. Servo arm was adjusted to 90 deg yesterday while reading other posts. Have not changed the rear shock angle or anything else yet. Rear end seems to be constantly searching for grip. The bike oscilates up and down through a turn. On and off of the wire skids. It will hold a left turn but not recover unless countersteered. But then flops over onto its right side skid. Right side turns are harder to initiate and the bike releases from the turn on its own. Big dragging figure 8's and connected small turns are about all it will muster for now. This did give me some insight as to how the bike may perform once tuned properly and that gave me some hope.

No problems on the personal front with any comments so far. Guidoracer is right the HOR is a well suited entry level unit and very well may have spoiled me for the GPV experience. Marty no offence taken I seem to find most comments folks leave are never read the same way by the reader as the sender. Yes I realize the comments were from the Venom rep I did that on purpose. Smoke up the ... well yes. Then again the guy did a fine job on getting the base work for a good comp piece out to market. I would be willing to bet he has some engeneering in his background. You ever argued with an engeneer? LOL I am quite sure he was the one on the phone with me about the sprocket earlier today. No one likes to hear bad news about thier pet project.
Sep 22, 2009, 02:13 AM
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with the steering springs, like Scaulfi said in another post, remove the o-rings, and set the springs so they only just touch the centre plastic at straight. the softer you have the springs the more sedate / easier the bike will be to control. the stiffer the springs, the quicker it reacts and becomes quite twitchy and difficult. If you are running hte stock rear tire, it will be searching for grip on any surface that is a bit dusty or cool. We don't have any issue here in Australia with them because it generally doesn't get too cold.

Keep persisting as it is rewarding once you get it sorted.

Sep 22, 2009, 05:29 AM
Formerly bUd~Fokker
vvV FANG Vvv's Avatar
I agree the steering springs are probably key to getting it going.
The main things i have done to get it running nicer are the following:

Remove the O rings on the steering servo bit, move steering servo horn to 90 degrees and then use radio sub trim to make it spot on 90 degrees.
Keep the steering springs only very lightly touching.
Moved rear shock to front hole.
Move one of the O rings out of the steering damper.
Make sure spur gear grub screw is loctited in.
Make sure chain tensioners are even both sides.
Make sure motor screws are tight.
Make sure right turns left and viceaversa.
And away you go!

I forgot to add change the EPA (End Point Adjustment) on your radio for steering to be around 55 which will lessen the throw. Also change the brake EPA to around 15-20.
You can also as suggested below change the Expo Dual Rate amount to see how that effects things.
Last edited by vvV FANG Vvv; Sep 22, 2009 at 08:30 AM.
Sep 22, 2009, 06:20 AM
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Gartenzwerg's Avatar
You should also make sure your steering link is not binding!
And turn the Dual-Rate down to something like 40-45%, to start with.

We have ~10 Venomīs running here in Austria, most of them are box-stock. No need for expensive hop-ups, as long as you keep the kit Motor.
Sep 22, 2009, 11:50 AM
Never Stop Building
just cut your losses and get more 5th scale. your right i had same problems...
Sep 22, 2009, 12:28 PM
Registered User
i don't have a problem with my venom GPV 1 yet......still run great.
Sep 22, 2009, 01:43 PM
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For the first couple of weeks I had serious handling issues. My rear shock gave in on me and I broke 2 body posts and still it is my favorite rc toy. I have now got this thing dialed to near perfection. I don't complain about any broken parts too much, cause I am extremely hard on all my toys.

Things I have done to the bike:
1: Swapped radio gear to Spektrum. (never opened radio's box)
2: Did the 90deg thing.
3: Replaced steering links with 1/5th TTE damper.
4: Replaced rear shock with Tenth Tech Predator unit and purple spring.
5: Rebuilt front and rear shocks with 32.5wt oil.
6: Removed one spring from front shocks.
7: Drilled wheel and brake hubs to 7mm.
8: Lightened the driver severely.
9: Fitted front disc brakes.
10: Fitted V1 rear tire. (considering to go back to V5)
11: Replaced esc with Novak Spy. (personal choice)
12: Replace motor with Hot Bodies Mini Zilla unit.
13: Replaced front brake adjusting screws with center drilled 2.6mm screws.
14: Replaced metal crash bars with 3mm weed wacker gut and moved rear mount backwards.

Except for the sprocket, 5 spur gears I replaced due to user error and the above mods it is pretty much box stock.

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