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Sep 14, 2009, 11:21 PM
Ricky Windsock
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Got Moby (Vyger) Flying on Friday.

As I am chasing a quick LSF 5 I decided to go halves with Gordy Stahl in one of the same aircraft Joe Wurts used to get his epic World distance record back in the 80's. Joe visited us here in Orlando a few weeks after I got the plane and I told him about my purchase. He had a real glint in his eye as he relatyed how much he loved flying the old bird in X Country but it was loaned to others and became an unguided missile at some point to be lost forever. JW gave me some real good tips on flying the old bird and about what is needed to keep the thing in one piece.
I replaced the rudder pushrod and housing with a 80" carbon fiber one and added some 440 clevises to beef it up a little. I added an Rx and a big A battery up front ant took it to our KennyWorld contest last Friday in the hope I would get time to fly it.
Got there about 7:15pm Friday and Ed White, Larry Squire, Dan Johns and Don Grisham were still at the field with a winch set up so I quickly assembled her and brought her over to the winch.
Vyger has a 16 foot wing span and weighs 160oz. She has a very fat fuselage but Ed White threw her on his shoulder and tossed her for me. Pretty well flew straight off with about 4 clicks of down trim.
Ed White was the original builder and owner of this baby - so he new her well and insisted that she ROG with the winch.
So at 7:30pm ROG she did and my Vyger was airborne. It was quite surprising how fast she rotated to a steady climb from a horizontal ground position. It was my first ROG of anything. That first flight was amazing as the hold world seemed to slow down as she slowly cruised the sky. I found a nice band of lift and kept her up for a good 4 or 5 minutes on the first launch. The flaps are very effective though I did not have enough Elev compensation dialled in to start with. We got her up 3 times before it was too dark and each flight she soared amazingly well in neutral air where 160oz of stuff had no right to be floating around for so long. I challenged Ed to a landing contest in the gloom and I thought I had him beat when I got Vyger onto my hat finishing about 2 ft from it. Ed got inside that but with is Fusion.
It was a great test for the Vyger and I am now ready to go get my 10km LSF5 G & R with a weapon that should make it fairly easy.
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Sep 17, 2009, 07:35 PM
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Awesome, Gordon. Glad to hear it and good luck with the 10k.


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