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Aug 30, 2009, 01:03 PM
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I will look into it. Youtube is also popular, time to get some videos going up there. I think vimeo and metacafe are popular because of the higher quality (i actually have issues trying to get those sites to play on my computer!!!!) I will look into it though, it is interesting if it does not have all the copyright issues that You Tube has. Hey, its still a good way to get the word out there.
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Aug 30, 2009, 01:15 PM
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i started with cl, too. i remember the cox planes, but all of mine were guillow's kits, which i absolutely loved to build. in fact, after i built my first one, i never build a plastic models again. something about turning a box of wood and tissue into something that looks great and flys! biggest one was their big p38 kit, never got that to fly, however, because i could never got both motors to run at the same time!
Aug 30, 2009, 01:22 PM
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Sabre it is a byrons original 33% it's pretty much the same size as the GP Eagle

well batts are all charged and ballanced the bike is cleaned up and back in the trailer
so that means my weekend projects are done


time to look at loaded a couple planes and headin to the feild
Aug 30, 2009, 01:24 PM
Have you seen my nut?
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Guess I will jump on the thread too. rob737 drag me over here. See peeps posting about the newest plane. I am working on a Sapac Foam T-45. I should have did a build thread. This thing comes with zero instructions on where to put all the parts.

A little about me, started with plastic kits, then balsa kits. Moved to balsa rc kits and a couple scratch builds under my belt. Now, I am E-Power only. The only thing I use windex and paper towels for is clean the dust off from them sitting. I have planes ranging in 12 inch wingspan, to 6 foot.

I will post some pics later when its done. Waiting for some things to come in for it. Have the EDF coming, and some more realistic decals that Nitrocharged makes for it.
Aug 30, 2009, 01:31 PM
ferndale air force
Cal, my understanding is that the music can stay in the vimeo movies. I have no problem with our present system, but it is tough to find.

TP, if you will recall the first time swift2 ran away I had to attempt a version of operation monkey, i shall refer to it as operation brown bear, as I am not as agile as a monkey. I rediscovered that coveted tool of all young men, the stick. That operation was successful. Alas the owner of that overgrown shrub enacted operation chainsaw.
TP, falling is not an option.

I have the P-40 that Doug sent me, maybe that will be my set up this weekI think I stole the radio out of it. And I got a stouter esc so I can use a more rational prop.

Have fun at school guys, My nephew has his first day tomorrow.

Aug 30, 2009, 01:38 PM
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Seems a lot of guys back then flew CL planes. I flew those $10 starter Cox plastic planes with a couple of pals and then built one balsa wing. Always wanted to fly RC but back then the cost was outa my range.

Have a good time. Say HI to Wifey for me.

So. Ole Rob snagged you. Tee hee. Bware, The Badius Boys are friggen nutso.

Off to see if I can fly the SS before the wind passes 10 kts.
Aug 30, 2009, 02:40 PM
my karma ranover my dogma
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Originally Posted by loubud
Geez, I miss a couple of days and new guys have popped in.

Very cool SS Wright Flyer. Had to show that one to Wifey. What camera do you use? OH, and did you just make a servo platform for it?


Camera is the SN555.

Pan servo is a rather large and heavy GWS 1 Turn sail winch servo...
because I can't find a smaller servo that will turn a full 360 degrees and operate like a "normal" servo, and return to center.

Most sail servos are continuous rotation....

The GWS unit returns to center.

I know there are lots of smaller 180 servos. or you can modify for 180, but I really like having 360 pan.

Another solution is gears and a platform, but then you are up to the weight and bulk of the GWS servo anyway.

Anyone know of a smaller servo that turns 360 and returns to center?
Prefer metal gear cuz of the weight of the camera.

Aug 30, 2009, 03:25 PM
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loubud's Avatar
Cool cam and mount. Check out Especially the web sales and clearance. 8 channel Hitec auto shift for twenty five bucks. Name brand servo extensions too. Cheap and heavy duty (22 guage).
Anyway, they have servos with all the specs listed. Easiest place to find what servo you're looking for.
I noticed in the SS Wright plane that you know the correct position to be in when flying. Sitting in a chair. The only way to fly.

Broke out SS#1. One bad servo, servos reversed on the esc, wind died down, only 1 lipo charged as the rest are in storage mode, charger acting up, etc.
Mebee an hour or so to fix this carp.
Gonna check out SS#2 and see what's up. Dag Nabbit.
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Aug 30, 2009, 04:49 PM
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Back from the LHS, wallet is much thinner for some reason , aside from a Spectrum 6100 I picked up a glow starter and bump stick, think I have everything I need except the nitro, now i have to finish the DuraTrainer, it about the ugliest thing with a wing I've ever seen, talk about uninspiring, just want to get used to the slime then will yank the motor and servos. I like the Pulse XT 40, think an OS FX .46 will work in the Pulse?

Also came across the new Helimax Novus BL conversion kit, for $30 you get an ESC and 11,000Kv inrunner, wonder how much prop I can push direct drive, I've got a micro F22 Raptor in mind, maybe 10"-12" WS, dang thing has absolutely no specs on the ESC or motor, I'm guessing it 1S Lipo.

hmmmm - bad weather is blowing out, off to see if the 3200mAh is charged, need to get the ElectroStick 53" WS up, maybe the Diablo too.
Aug 30, 2009, 04:51 PM
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Sorry - Double post

Does anyone know if I can hook a trainer cord between a Spektrum DX7 2.4G and a Jr Sport 400 72Mhz? I want to let the little co-pilot take up a SlowStick but too many houses around the field to do it w/out a buddy box.

Both radios have a d.s.c. jack on the back.
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Aug 30, 2009, 05:03 PM
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glad to see you here, lithonion! (he and i met here about a year ago when we were both flying the art-tech mig). how are you going to power the t45? my hunch is that you are going to go for way more than stock!

lou....same with me, no way i could afford rc back in those days. it's really the explosion in electrics a few years ago that finially allowed me to to persue this life long interest!

only got as far as sifting through the box on my zero repair project. the kids kept me pretty busy this weekend. tomorrow i have plans to fly, should be able to manage a couple of planes and an hour or so at the park.
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Aug 30, 2009, 06:08 PM
Twistaholic AMA 134406
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Originally Posted by Zrat
I like the Pulse XT 40, think an OS FX .46 will work in the Pulse?
Should be a good combo

Dunno about the cord....I fly with Junky Toy Transmitters
Aug 30, 2009, 06:20 PM
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I think you will really love the Pulse XT40. I have mine built electric with an 800 watt outrunner and it flys great. Wind doesn't bother it, much. It slows down nicely and really has no bad habits. Because of the dihedral, aileron rolls are not quite axial, but are still fine. I was surprised to find that it knife edges quite well. You'll need to land with a slight bit of power on and fly it to the ground. If you try to float it in, it will either over shoot or stall. Once you get the throttle set properly, landing is so scale, it's really a thing of beauty. I have not had any problems with the landing gear breaking due to insufficient build, but the supplied magnets do a poor job securing to bottom hatch. I suggest a screw with a blind nut. .....
Aug 30, 2009, 06:29 PM
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Just got back from flying, man was that nice
kinda had a mixed day however, first off there is a sign up at the airport saying authorized vehichles only tok me 25 min to drive there and now I don't know if I should risk staying and flying

OK decided not to press it untill I can talk to Robbie from the LHS

anyway I went back to an old haunt I used to fly at

you know I never noticed how much the planes I fly have changed

first up was the magister, so I set it up and off it goes, I'm flying around and I notice this odd rattling noise hmm so I bring it down and make a nice low slow fly by,,, hmm sounds like the front wheel rattling

OK make a pass and come around again, this time I cut the throttle and the sound doesn't really change

OK so I land and check it out can't seem to find the prob, so away we go again, well after a couple min here's that damn noise again
another low pass and this time it really is sounding bad so I land
and check it again, this time I find the motor is real hot and it seems to be loose didn't catch that the first time

anyway I'll tear it apart and see what's up with it

next up was blue bird, it was a bit tricky on the first ROG as it wanted to ground loop pretty bad, but I got it tamed down and away it went, it didn't seem to have the athourity it had at the fly-in for some reason, at the fly-in I could easily cruise around at 1/2 throttle but today it wanted to stall in the turns at 1/2, anyway I flew around and made some sweet low fly-bys
some full out and some just fast enough to stay flying, that was so cool

so I made a few landing approaches, this is when I realized there was no way I was going to be able to fly the big red plane
any as I landed it ran off into the grass, it tipped over on it's nose and broke the prop but other than that is was a good landing, only took 6 try's to find the right one

so I replaced the 9X3.8 with a 10X5 I had and WOW what a difference
that thing jumped off the ground and tryed to go vertical, I then had a fantastic flight, I was able to fly at 1/2 throttle with ease
landing was still a pain as once it's up there it doesn't want to land
but I got it down and this time it was a very sweet landing and the roll out was perfect
so then I had to pack it up and head home

Oh dinner's ready,,, gota go
Aug 30, 2009, 06:42 PM
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Pat thanks for the XT40 info, I thought it had a flat wing, still I really like the looks.

flight report:
Winds gusting 5-10mph, couldn't get the Diablo to arm so started off with the ElectroStick, its ~3.5lbs AUW, 650W/45A ESC/3S 3200. I fly off the soccer field at the local grade school, its about 250'x500' with some trees around the edge and the requisite chain link including the baseball diamond w/ backstop (Gotta keep an eye on that one). Tried ROG but they haven't moved in a week, managed to cover the plane with grass clippings, this 10x60E makes for a good weed whacker at WOT. Opted for the paved basketball court instead, wasn't the prettiest takeoff, apparently the tail wheel to rudder alignment needs some work, had the left wingtip scraping, but it pulled up quick after ~15', punched it WOT, got it up and throttled back to about 60%, this thing cuts through the wind like its not even blowing. Loops, rolls, vert until its a speck, wait for almost stall, do one of those rudder only turns (name?) dive back down to ~10', screaming overhead pass, man this plane is awesome, inverted flight is about the same as right side up as long as you get the sticks right. Just kept repaeting all of the above until the ESC hit LV, got a little twitchy in the wing dead stick so took it around at low throttle a couple of times, 20' up, dead stick into the wind and she glided for about 300' into a perfect landing with ~2deg up elevator, I gotta go order more batt's for this one.

Diablo arming problem was not leaving the stick at WOT long enough to arm the tactic receiver. Should have left the POS in the truck, would barely make forward flight into the wind, no control whatsoever with the ~1/4" throws, kept it up for a couple of minutes, got it crossed up and cartwheeled in at WOT, explosion - one wing in pieces and ripped the carbon tube out of the other side. Jr just got himself a new chuck glider, stealing the electronics for a pay-it-forward Blue Baby, Tactic 4-ch, ESC and two servos.

Off for my once a year haircut, just a little off the back

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