Sep 29, 2009, 12:42 PM
Oh look I'm bleeding...
ktaylor's Avatar
AJ, the motor you have is about 750 kv if I remember right

its a towerpro 3520 or something like that.
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Sep 29, 2009, 12:51 PM
Badius Boy
Never to 2nd guess you but 750 on 3S?
Sep 29, 2009, 01:09 PM
ferndale air force
AJ, I referred the guy to Ebay, with his e-mails and got out. The last thing I need is a goobered up radio. I found another one already.

Sep 29, 2009, 03:18 PM
Flying is Freedom
Sky_Captain's Avatar
Different, diffinitely. Fun, maybe for some. I like to watch shows about that stuff, but I don't think I would buy one.
From the video at the bottom, it doesn't look promising, unless that was a glide test
Sep 29, 2009, 05:18 PM
Registered User
Ordered up the servo's from the good place, for the P-51, along with a couple more of the 3S 2200 Zippys and a couple more of the 3S 1300 Turnigy's.....Threw in a couple of props to round it off....Now I just need to wait......

No flying here for the last week and it looks like possibly only one day next week. The weather dude has not been kind.....If the wind ain't blowin' 25-40 mph, it's raining......It looks like there's no relief in site.

I've been messing around with the MCX and the CX2, getting them ready for the indoor flying. I found out that the TX from the CX2 can be used with any of the bind and fly planes, but switching the programming around is a pita, so I think I'll skip it. I started throwing my change in a bucket for a DX7. I'd consider a DX6i, but I really don't want to get in the same situaton as I have with the Fub 7C's. The DX6i has limitations that I can see will be an issue, down the road. When I bought my first TX I was going to buy a Fub 9C but the guy at LHS said I was wasting my money when the 7C was substantially cheaper. The 9C was a module radio with 20 model memories. Had I bought it, I would have not needed a second 7C TX And then I could have updated it with a 2.4 DSM2 module and still wouldn't have needed a new radio. So I'm holding out for a DX7......There was a guy at the field that had a DX6i that he wanted to sell for $50.....For that price, I decided to take him up on it....But after he thought about it, he changed his mind and wanted $100. I'm not spending $100 for a radio that I'll not be able to sell, next year. Besides, Horizon had new ones, on sale for $150.....NIB with factory warr.
Sep 29, 2009, 06:10 PM
ferndale air force
Pat, this is my thinking at this point. The dx6i will be for the micros. Right now that is the mcx, the vapor, the 2u-26. Soon a Mustang. In a couple of months a micro 4-site, and possibly an mSR. And HH seems to be rolling out new micros pretty regular. I will keep my module so that I can use it in the Eclipse 7 with the ar7000.

I figure next year the availability of dx7's to be better.

Gerald, I found those while reading the news this morning. The little off road para sail car looked the best. And of course they have actually tested that one.

Sep 29, 2009, 06:47 PM
Flying is Freedom
Sky_Captain's Avatar
I fly all my planes with my DX6i with no problems. Maybe I'm just not advanced enough to see any shot comings of the 6i.
Unique, AT-6, Piper Cub, SS, Mini Spitfire, Mini Sukhoi, Vapor and soon to be Mini P-51.
Sep 29, 2009, 07:31 PM
Oh look I'm bleeding...
ktaylor's Avatar
Originally Posted by export!
Never to 2nd guess you but 750 on 3S?

Well, Normally I would use a 400-480 KV motor on 6 cell for a 13 inch prop, so 750 on 3 cell for the same size, seems about right. And actually it's a 670 KV motor. EDIT< wait, there's a 3520-6 and a 3520-7 the -7 is 670 kv and the -6 is 700. I'm thinking with the amp draw he has on that, it's the 700 kv version. Brad would know better since the motor was originally his.

AJ, here's the motor you have in it.
Sep 29, 2009, 08:04 PM
Oh look I'm bleeding...
ktaylor's Avatar
OK caught up, now for a flight report.

Like Pat said, the weather around here has been crappy. But today mellowed out by the time I got home from work. And for a total change of pace, my wife was wanting to come watch me fly. So I packed the Super Sportster and the Giles-202. Just had one flight with each since Liz had supper baking in the oven, and Gabby was with us. (translate=easily bored)

First up, the Sportster. Liz hasn't seen me fly for at least a year, probably close to two years, who knows. It was long enough ago that when she was with me, chance were I'd crash & she kept thinking she was jinxing me.

Proved her wrong with the Sportster. Take off, non-issue, let the plane climb out at about half throttle then gave it full power & pushed the sticks up & together at about 75 feet. Yeah, that got her attention. Dunno what to call the manuever, but it's very violent & looks like the plane should come tumbling to its death. Pulled out around 25-30 feet. I heard Liz sucking her breath in waiting for the crash that didn't happen.

Rather enjoyed showing off for the wifey. Landing was perfect, no bounce, even though the plane rolled forever. Landing on asphalt is sooooo much different than landing on grass.

Next up the Giles 202 maiden. Had a little issue with the range check. I'm begining to question how good the new Nuetron 6 receivers are. It had tested good at home, but it was wierd at the field. I had the radio swith back & forth from negative to positive shift a couple times & that seems to clear things up. Bothers me, so I think I'll go back to buying Electron 6's when I can.

Take off was a little squirrelly. I forgot to put the rudder on low rates and it reacted to every little twitch. Barely made it into the air. Thought for sure it was going to catch on the tall grass until I remembered to give it full power & pull back on the stick. Up it went.

OK, let it get some air between it & the ground while I unclenched my cheeks. Evidently the low rates on the ailerons isn't low enough, or maybe just cause I wasn't used to the plane. TWITCHY. Roll rate, super fast on low rates. I never did switch to high rates.

Little nose heavy at first, then a little tail heavy. That turned out to be that my battery pack had came loose & was moving around the plane. No wonder I couldn't get it trimmed.

Decent amount of speed, but I don't think I went to full throttle other than the take off climb and one time when I pointed it very close to straight up from a less than half throttle glide, went to full power & watched it accelerate going up. I like that.

Landing, I feel lucky. Before my radio timer alarm even went off I decided I'd start doing approaches. The first one, made the downwind leg & first two turns pretty nice. Then trying to lose altitude & still slow down & keep it lined up & the wings level. That was tough. Had a very hard time keeping the wings level & any rudder corrections had exagerated results.

I already had written this pass off in my head as a go around, then with the plane about 3-4 feet off the runway, right in front of me, it hit the sweet spot. Wing stayed level, right amount of nose up, And slightly slowing down. Backed off the throttle more & more & it just settled in. Never ever had a landing on a maiden flight that was that smooth on touchdown. No bounce, nothin, just touch & then roll. Either I'm gettin good, or I got lucky. Gonna call that one luck.
Sep 29, 2009, 08:37 PM
Registered User
I remember thde flights of the first Giles.......

Is this one the same mfg as the other one?.. I've seen different companies build the same plane with totally different flight capabilities.
Sep 29, 2009, 08:42 PM
Oh look I'm bleeding...
ktaylor's Avatar
Yep, exact same model & manufacturer. Though the one flight of the first Giles was actually going much smoother than this one went, even if the radio did send the first one to its death. This one survived without a scratch. Just gotta get the throws set better so it's not so crazy. I'm thinking my thrust angle could be off just a little as well. Gotta balance it a little better too.

Here's where I bought it.

1000 watts might be a little excessive for it, but it's nice.

OOOH, one thing I noticed, when I was building the plane & it was on the kitchen table & at various points it just seemed like a BIG plane. It's not small, 55" wingspan, & 56" length, but after flying the Super Sportster with a 72" wingspan & a 63" length, the Giles looked small in the air.
Sep 29, 2009, 08:53 PM
Registered User
yankeefan's Avatar

found something i was not expecting at home

first Tim and all the guys from this forum if you guys ever have any problems with any seller on let me know my wife has a personal hook up with an ebay executive that will do practically anything she asks her i told her a little bit of what happen to tim and she was not happy so Tim send me that Seller screen name so i can have him banned from ebay and loose all his ratings

Now to my surprise I come already happy that my electronics came in today for my unique I come to find this on my dinning room table can't wait to take pictures my wife her phone with her and as you guys camera was stolen have not replaced it yet so here is a link of what she got me

Sep 29, 2009, 08:59 PM
ferndale air force
Good Stuff Ken.

Current HH catalogue has the accucel-6 without the colling fan for $120, branded as team Losi.

I had a nice flight with the Pitts just now. The curious part is the flight a couple of nights ago that a GA aviator, I think he flies a Glassair, saw what, and how I was flying and was impressed. He started out with slimers and figured it would pay more to get his License, and build glass airs and lanc airs. I will have to ponder this. He is offering the flight in a glassair, with the goal of my deciding to get a license.

Yes, I am thinking about it. I will have to look into the sport aviator program and the time and costs involved.

Sep 29, 2009, 09:05 PM
Badius Boy
Nice Jet Yankfan. WHOOO good thing my Tigers pulled out the nightcap tonight. Looking forward to meeting you in the playoffs. Should be just like '06
Sep 29, 2009, 09:11 PM
Badius Boy
Ken I think I'm going to order this motor for the lil Extra and run it on 3S

This would be my absolute 1st choice but it's out of stock;

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