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Aug 28, 2009, 04:55 PM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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Proof there has never been a better time to buy a gas guzzeller

Proof there has never been a better time to buy a gas guzzeller

I came across a interesting graph on the thread so much for inovationin the life the universe and everything forum

It showed the real price for a gallon of gasoline from 1918 to 2009 where inflation was factored in.

Black line climbing shows the cost in cents rising to $4 a galon and then declining

The red line is the inflation adjusted line where 1918 the gallon cost $3.50 and is declining down to $2.25 in 2009

Bassicaly in 1918 a gallon of gasoline cost a few cents but the modern equivalent meant it $3.50 a gallon (approx)where today the same gallon cost some $2.25 a gallon(approx)

I been looking at this so called cows dung called peak oil which they been predicting oil peak ever since they found the first oil wells in 1911 or there abouts.

I reached the logical conclusion that oil peak is a myth invented by the oil companies to convince us to pay more for fuel when they gouge us with some crisis they usualy engineer

Seems they keep finding new oil everywhere they drill. In Iran they have found big new oil feilds.Brazil has found new oil feilds confirmed to be half the size of the Saudia Arabia oil feilds.New oil feilds were found off the African coast .

Thats the stuff they tell us but rumours are there is massive finds in Alaska and Newfoundland and south Amercas Malvinas and offshore Ireland and Iceland Atalantic sea that tehy dont tell us and keep under wraps.

I suspect the planet is swimming n oil and the oil companies know that so they bury the data that shows that and employ people to write books on oil peak and claim we are running out of the stuff so as to keep the prices up

From the graph supplied from the debate
below I drew a dark blue line from 1918 $3.50 a gallon to the 2009 $2.25 a gllon and it shows that on average the price of oil is always dropping relitive to inflation over some 90 odd years

That fits the logic the oil is abundant and plentiful for at least another hundred years

I read somewhere darned if I can find it again three egg heads from MIT calculted over the billions of years the earth made trees and plants and swamps and stuff and some got made into coal and some got made into gas and some was made into oil.
They then calculated the final amount of oil ,gas, coal we could expect to find and they came out we got at todays rates of consumption of oil we got 1000 years supply of oil and some 5000 years of natural gas left.

So yet again more stuff that says oil is abundant

My logic is is on average what happened in life in costs the last fivety years is what will be the future trend for the next fivty years in the future and more or less the same trend continues every fivety years

Therefore expect the price of Gasoline to be $1.50 a gallon equivelant in 2060 and expect the gas guzzeler to be realy cheap to run from here on in except for the odd spike if the USA remains a capitalist country

EXCEPT now there is cap and trade about to go through the Senate in the USA from PSEUDO science CO2 AGW and fake global warming.

So You would think the big oil would want to stop the CAP and trade

My Studies show that the oil companies want cap and trade as they been promised a cut of the action from this new fake save the planet tax

Logic goes like this expect Cap and trade to charge double the price for a gallon at least probably a lot more over time and half he money goes to the oil companies and the other half goes to the United Nations that dreamed up this new crazy C02 tax

So a oil company in say 2025 whch might get normally $2 a gallon and with smaller cars getting double the MPG could earn half the money it did in say 2000 in real terms.
If however the oil companies got 50% extra from the CO2 tax they would still not earn so much but would be better off than if there was no Cap and trade tax and everybody used small cars that got good MPG figures.
If cap and trade ramped up a lot more to make gasline prices four times bigger than the base price then the oil companies would still make pots of money for selling less oil
Enter the boogie man who invented this fake science the CO2 and AGW and we goona get our goose cooked if we dont stop making CO2

Our dear friends Rockerfellers who own the most of the oil companies and Henery Kissinger and Maurice Strong whoruns the united Nations. These are all good Communists that want the United Nations to rule the world and make the USA a bit player province of the one world government located inside the United Nations.
They intend and put a stop the crazy idea the USA has of capitalizm and competition.
Rockerfellers say competition is sin and should be squashed and that is why the USA broke up the oil companies in the past to stop the monoply from oil taking over total control of the USA

The United Nations would then get the most of the money collected from the USA Cap and trade tax to it coffers through a deal with the USA government which wants the United Nations to prosper on the backs of the USA workers
This give the United Nations a tax base so it could get stronger and eventualy swallow up the USA and make the USA work for the United Nations

However If the USA wakes up which it looks like it might be doing with town hall lynching mobs baying for blood from most all elected oficials that keep robbing them blind with ever larger taxxes
Hopefully the Cap and Trade is stopped in the Senate and then the new trend is gas guzzelers are back in fashion as a whole lot more car to protect passengers with than a JAP CRAP tin can

The average USA person pays between local federal and sales taxxes 50% tax on thier incomes.
The United Nations plan is that tax in the USA will be ramped up to 80% with the help of Obamnation and the the other bandits that want to turn the USA into a communist regime and merge into a United nations one world communist government.

For me the graph dont lie there is no real shortage of oil that I can see
for at least another 50 years and by that time if oil runs short they will probably get new electric solutions to replace the oil solutions of today

Its the old saying the stone age didnt stop because they ran out of stones

This graph shows the whole oil price scam up for what it is a scam that Rockerfeler and other powerful elites are using to try to enslave us all worldwide into a one world government communist system where they will be in charge dictating everything from thier dictitorial thrones inside the United Nations.
Worse they gonna be forceing us towards $20 a gallon gas prices for all the world if they succeed

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Aug 28, 2009, 06:26 PM
And You're Not
Cheer up! In only 3 more days it'll be September and 90% of the US population will be unarmed felons with no property, living in FEMA death camps, dying from mandatory H1N1 flu vaccinations and won't need any gasoline.

Don't worry, I plan to commemorate the occasion by digging up all those posts you made predicting this, linking them all in a single thread, and bumping it to the top daily throughout September.
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