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Aug 24, 2009, 03:29 PM
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Blackjack 26 Brushless Catamaran RTR or Formula FASTech Brushless Deep-V RTR

I am upgrading from a Traxxas Villian EX that ended up catching on fire from a water soaked speed controller. That being said, I am looking for a replacement boat to run on a pond. I bought a SuperVee 27 brushless and I'm somewhat disappointed. The hardware is nice, but the boat takes a little while to get up on "plane" and when it does is goes so fast that it's almost uncontrollable at high speeds. If there is any "chop" or wind the SuperVee boat flips over like a leaf. I've already had to replace two receivers.

I am looking at two of the ProBoats, the Blackjack 26 Brushless and the Formula FASTech Brushless. I plan on running MaxAmps Lipos as I use them in my E-Maxx truck.

Which of the two ProBoats would you guys recommend for a small lake/pond? The one thing that I did like about the Traxxas Villian EX was that it was able to make tight turns at slower speeds and it was very stable if the was a little "chop" in the water. From reading the posts, it sounds like the Blackjack 26 Brushless might be a little more manuverable on a smaller body of water due to the steerable outdrive and still have some straight away speed. Has anybody run both of these boats for comparison? Is the Formula FASTech too fast for a pond or small lake? Can it make tight turns a slower speeds? I read that the Blackjack can get up on "plane" quicker than the FASTech. I really appreciate any feed back I can get. I'm looking to buy a boat this week before I go on vacation.
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Aug 25, 2009, 12:26 AM
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Since the fastech is a deep vee i would recomend it for a small pond/lake. The rcboater magazine clocked it at 29.5mph. The blackjack is and can be unstable when turning and at high speeds so isn't a great last sec turner. I would sugjest the fastech for the pond use but if your looking for more speed then a a deep vee go for the BJ26.
Aug 25, 2009, 12:36 PM
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I'm surprised your SuperVee is unstable. I would work on that setup - center of gravity as low and centered as possible? balanced at 33% from the back? Balanced left to right?

But about you choices, the Fastech vee in my opinion is a better choice. I don't own it, but I would take anything over my BlackJack 26. The steerable outdrive has several problems - it's flimsy, the boat flips with steering input, and I think the universal joint is inefficient because it binds when turning. Overall mine has a high center of gravity and is very unstable.

The power systems is good. The radio is horrible.

I have a Vee that is a Delta Force clone that is far more stable.

PS. Tape your hatch to seal water out. Run your receivers inside rubber balloons sealed with Electric tape or rubber cement (not silicone). Check the receiver periodically since water is very persistent at getting in places and the balloon can trap water IN too. Another option I use is to dip electronics is Corrosion-X. It displaces water and I have not lost a component yet. Final solution that I have not yet tried, encase your receiver in epoxy. Obviously that makes your connections and crystal (if applicable) non serviceable in the future.
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Aug 27, 2009, 08:11 PM
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Iv said this else where but rebuild your villain unless your hull is really damaged. I had a similar problem with mine years ago. I hit a pole in the water at full throttle. The boat flipped, water entered and shorted the ESC, props engaged and pulled the boat under. After recovering the boat I thought it was a total loss. Recently I just bought a RChydros ESC and all new gear. Should be quick.

Cant wait to see some pics of your projects.
Aug 28, 2009, 10:58 AM
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Just bought a BJ26 two days ago and will be using it for the first time Labor Day weekend. I went back and forth between it, the SV27, a Rio EP, an EKOS, etc.
Finally decided this would be perfect for me. I run in our channel that leads to the main lake so it is pretty calm and has decide lenght for high speed blasts. I have to slow down for turns due to the width so that wasn't an issue.
I plan to switch out the radio and run 2.4 (radio should be here in time). I have the programmer and will be using 7.4V 4000 mah battery packs. Should be fun.
Aug 31, 2009, 04:59 PM
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Just Bought drove the Pro Boat Formula Fastech

I just drove my new Pro Boat Formula Fastech using two MaxAmps 7.4v lipos. The boat is great! Better than advertised. The contruction and materials are really nice with the fiberglass hull and all metal hardware. the boat handles the rough water very well and it's a blast to drive in choppy water. I just bought a Super Vee Brushless last month and the Pro Boat is a much better boat for all a round fun. The Pro Boat is much more stable than the SuperVee and the Por Boat's hull doesn't need 3 feet of tape water proof hatch tape every time you want to drive the boat like the Super Vee does. The Super Vee is faster on a straight line, but the water needs to be pretty clam when you run it.
Aug 31, 2009, 06:09 PM
Wave Riding Vehicles
all sounds good djbgolf, but just want to let you no i boult the proboat miss elam brushless and from the first run the cooling on the motor was spraying water striaght in the hull, second run a week later the hatch cracked, third run the hull cracked down the seem now horizon has it for the last past 3 weeks and havent even looked at it yet. i realy hope your luck is better than mine,but sounds like your having fun so far, good luck dude,jerry
Sep 01, 2009, 02:39 AM
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were i you i would work on the supervee a bit before giving up on it. move your center of gravity forward a bit. i have added some weight under the motor which helps keep the nose down. mine will run like a bat out of hell in a straight line and i'm getting better with turns as i tweak on her. yes you have to tape the hatch but a roll of tape is much less than a new boat to throw money at. i moved my antenna off the hatch and filled that stupid hole that just flooded the boat when it goes turtle. mine is still a work in progress but she is getting there. good luck.
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