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Aug 24, 2009, 03:47 PM
That whirly guy
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Time for a re-build

OK, it appears that my expiration date on my Raptor 50 expired last Saturday afternoon. My skills were coming along quite well and the confidence level was rising nicely.

But let me give you guys and gals a little flight tip on what not to do and what to expect.

Advanced lesson one: Real Flight 3.5 does not simulate a moving backward flips as accurate as needed. At least not with my Raptor setup it didn't. My R-50 could roll or flip 360 in about 1.5 seconds. I had it on Max cyclic with max collective that wouldn't bind. But I had the Mavrikk metal head on it. Anyway, on RF3.5 the sim would back flip at high forward speed at the rate of a hovering back flip. The real R-50 actually can hover back flip as the sim. But a fast forward moving back flip the heli has a longer pause in the accute attack angle in relation to fast moving air.

Advanced lesson two: Because of the above relation ship to fast moving air in advanced lesson one, do not try a forward moving forward flip unless altitude is way more than you think you will need. 15 meters is not high enough for beginning an upright inverted half-loop. Even though this maneuver works every time on the simulator. The fault is that the real heli doesn't flip over fast enough like it does in a hover. The downward motion accelerates the heli and increases the air flow and slowing the forward roll rate even more.

I panicked and bailed out of the maneuver by rolling right and out of the inverted loop at about 3 or 4 meters altitude. This caused a loss in vertical lift as the roll progressed and by the time the heli was up-right again, It did not have enough collective to overcome the downward speed.

Damage was: skids removed, canopy cracked, OS 50 Hyper head heat sink fin bent. A few broken link on the rotor head, tail boom bent, fly-bar bent, and main chassis broke on front right skid mount location.

Resolution: Buy another helicopter with engine, use old one for spare parts.

I tested all electronics, they are fine. Blades (CF) show no damage.

Later I may rebuild the crashed helicopter by just buying the parts needed to fix it. But I have no extra electronics to make it fly. But I'd have a heli to replace my new one when it's expiration date hits.
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Aug 24, 2009, 05:48 PM
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Never tried a back flip in forward flight. I have tried the forward flip in forward flight. Mine needs maximum positive pitch until the tail is a little past straight up. Otherwise it dives fairly fast. Looks impressive to me. But I only do it when I have some money in the crash budget.
Aug 24, 2009, 05:58 PM
That whirly guy
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Back flip is much easier.

Pull cyclic to full back.
Smoothly reduce collective as helicopter rolls backwards. If speed is fast, then full negative collective at tail vertical.
Keep negative collective until heli starts to regain altitude (small amount).
Reduce negative collective smoothly as heli is inverted and still rolling.
As tail goes to sky apply positive collective.
Be at full positive collective at tail vertical (pointing to sky)
As heli shows a regain of positive lift, reduce collective to normal upright flying and smoothly release cyclic.

In my opinion, forward is much harder and much more likely to have a mishap.

You probably already knew all this but I put it up for other people that might be interested and for improvements/suggestions.

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