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Jul 19, 2012, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by edi.winter
Nope same procedure as last year, just me that needs some "tuning".
Good luck and achieve same result.

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Jul 31, 2012, 05:46 AM
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3 weeks to the Worlds... holy cow this is crazy so much to prepare so little time.

The last shakedown in Riccione on 21.07 was quite ok.

Last weekend we were in Graz (WC Track 2013) in Superbike it was a Jabber Podium, First through to fifth.
In Stock the Einibike was nearly unbeatable. Panti took second place on his Jabber in his first Stockbike race.

12th of August one more race in Kematen (my hometrack) then on the 19th I will be driving to Riccione.
Got a room on last call in the same hotel as the british drivers.... one week of pure fun and with a little luck
I can get into the finals. Otherwise I will watch some great racing on sunday hopefully with some of my bikes
in the finals.
I hope at least one of "my" pilots (7 Superbikers and 2 Stockbikers) manages to get into the BIG ONE .
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Jul 31, 2012, 06:06 AM
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Hi Edi,

Great your in the same hotel!....strap yourself in!...your in for a rough ride!!!!!

See you track side.......

BOMBER!!!......(simon )
Jul 31, 2012, 11:16 AM
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Here are a few Laps in Riccione.
Riccione RC-Bike (8 min 56 sec)


Another 4 acceptable Laps.
20120721 1144352 (1 min 52 sec)
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Jul 31, 2012, 11:30 AM
steliosh's Avatar
ok, Edi... you made my day! I am at work (shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!) and just saw the video... And everyone around me...
(The usual questions: how fast,how much etc!)
I gave them some fantastic numbers then: $2000+ and (a real one, I believe thsi one!) 120km/h! hahaha!

Thanks for sharing!!!
Jul 31, 2012, 04:49 PM
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Appel82's Avatar
So sick fast cornerspeed you have !!
What is the secret Edi ?

I wish to get a good setup explainer for the bikes :/
Can I find a good setup explaine , what thinks do if I change for example rear ore front suspension or if I change the ridehight etc. ?
Aug 01, 2012, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Appel82
So sick fast cornerspeed you have !!
What is the secret Edi ?

I wish to get a good setup explainer for the bikes :/
Can I find a good setup explaine , what thinks do if I change for example rear ore front suspension or if I change the ridehight etc. ?
There is not much to a bike setup I think. If you have proper tires, the according leaning angle, the right Steering springs and adjusted the Brake Balance thats already most of it. People underestimate the amount of "G" a bike pulls in a turn. If the springs are too soft the bike will compress and you loose leaning angle. I got that all sorted out after the Warmup and thats the result on the video. The basics of the bike should be correct: Close to 50% weight balance and a low CG. Oh! I nearly forgot: you need a proper chassis to keep the front and rear tire in line.
Aug 08, 2012, 02:08 AM
steliosh's Avatar
I hear that by the end of August an rc bike company will start selling "Edi Winter Replica" fingers, so anyone will be able to drive a bike nicely and quickly...
But boy... they are sooooooooooo expensive!!!!
Pity they will start selling AFTER the Worlds!!!!

(That's the secret, Appel! )
Aug 27, 2012, 11:51 AM
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I just returned from the Worlds. Not that sucsessful this time. Still I reached the finals and won the battle for tenth position
Overall there were 10 Jabbers on the start: Superbike: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 18th and 23rd. Unluckally we had 6 Bikes
in the B-Half Final so it was impossible to get more Bikes into the Finals only 5 can move up. Still 4 Jabbers made it to the
Superbike final The Stockbike drivers did 5th and 27th. Quite a good result considering 5 of them were Rookies to the Worlds.

We had a great time in the pits and in the evenings. Met up with all the people. Enjoyed seeing them again or meeting them first
time. A lot of talking and foooling around. I managed to have a few beers inbetween and woke up every morning with a headache.

My very special congratulations to the new and first time World Champions:
Luca Trameli, IT, Nitrobike WORLD CHAMPION!!!! He is such a pleasant guy and the RG Evolution Bike is what I would call
a perfect Nitrobike.
Antoine Brunet, FR, Stockbike WORLD CHAMPION!!! I think he is the youngest WC we ever had.
and congratulations to:
Mario Lopez, ESP, Superbike WORLD CHAMPION!!! I think he is already used to it
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Aug 27, 2012, 01:10 PM
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Bastelpeter's Avatar
I managed to make a photo of Darth Edi. "Come to the dark side of biking". Ok an umbrella instead of a laser sword but still a bit of similiarity of the other guy. ;-)

Hey, beside some let`s say organizational uuuups, it was a great week in Riccione.

Aug 28, 2012, 06:00 AM
Registered User
A short unemotional summary of the week:
Free Practise: I did fastest Lap. There was a lot of risk and no possibility to get good runs. They had simply split the groups alphabetically mixing slow and fast drivers.
Timed Practise: Thats for three fastest consecutive Laps. This is a sort of pre Qualifying to split up the groups for the qualifying runs. I was fastest.
Qualification: I did not have a single self induced error. I was on a 22 Lap run 3 out of four times. Every run I was at least taken down once.
I was second fastest in the end. B-Half Final with no chance to head for pole. Queer rules....
1.Half Final: Had problems with the Radio. Bike went down the straight stayed full on throttle and went into the fence. Positive side effect: nothing broke I didn´t even have to trim it. Unluckally I forgot to check the top speed sign, the speedtrap is end of straight. Must have been over 100kph. It still wasn´t too funny: If the bike had hit the poor marshal I still would be sitting in prison in italy. I have still got nightmares about this.
2.Half Final: Easily won that one.
3.Half Final: Rain, wet, wrong tires, chaos... whatever: 8th position for the Final.
1.Final: Bike was absolutly crap, me too. Decided to take it out after a few minutes. Forgot to put it into technical inspection.
2.Final: Started the warmup laps. They called me into the pits. Disqualified me. I walked off the rostrum. They wanted to disqualify me because of what happened the run before, not putting the bike into technical inspection. Quite awkward. After a few minutes of discussion they decided to let me start out of the pits one lap behind..... Make up your own mind. I did not protest I didn´t want to make trouble and not ruin the race for the other pilots. Anyway the race was spoilt for me then.
3.Final: Just started to do some showracing for the spectators. Kept out of the way of the other bikes not to be in the way for their race.
Aug 30, 2012, 05:42 AM
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The rules needs some work.
What happens if your bike fails the technical inspection?
The rule states that your bike have to go to technical inspection but nowhere does it say what happens if you skip it or it doesnt pass.
Your heatresult should be cancelled if you dont make or pass technical inspection.
It shouldnt affect any of your other heats/finals.

If there is a rule that states what not to do there also must be a penalty accordingly.
Aug 30, 2012, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Raymond.O
The rules needs some work.

Sorry ... I could not resist on saying this.

Yes, rules are rules ... but Italians are famous for keep the common sense above the rules

So, I'm somehow surprise about the Edi adventure ...

Just an example:
If a traffic light, is broken and it is stay fix on red ... Germans will wait forever until either the traffic light is back green ... or when a police man will arrive to control the traffic (I know it ... I got stuck over 1h in the night because of it near Stuttgart ... and the cross was between the end of motorway and a ultra minor street without any traffic)

Same situation in Italy ... after few minutes waiting on the red, the driver will look around and find the proper time for cross ... if the first guy is maybe a German driver and he will block the other, somebody on the queue will press the horn ... maybe based on the italian location somebody may also call police ... and based on the italian location this can take from minutes to hours



Edit: removed my view
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Aug 30, 2012, 08:40 AM
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Manuspain's Avatar
Quote "ps: The problem in my view ... more then the rules ... it was that somebody just use this little "mistake" for intentionally put out of the race Edi ... he was the world champion racing in the land of most of his competitors ... "

better not thinking like this in my opinión. Just think about what it means. The next world is in Austria......
What we need is to fix some penalties for all the worlds events. Of course one all lap was too much, but you need to pass the technical control every time you are called. (better in several languages, not only italian with an austrian guy.... )

I remember two things on the warm up Grenoble, one with Aaron's bike (side wheels) and one with Kim's bike (burned stock motor). All the drivers know the rules, so except for cheating in stock category, you normally will pass the control without problems. All the TM's meet together and decide if the bike can run or not. The race direction knows about rules, timelaps, and organization, but perhaps not too much about bikes. That's why the TM's decision is better.
Aug 30, 2012, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Manuspain
What we need is to fix some penalties for all the worlds events. Of course one all lap was too much, but ...
Yes, .... I could have kept my view for myself

Anyhow ... correct me if I'm wrong, since I'm not familiar with the 1/5 rc bike world rules

Technical inspection is after ever race. Right ?
So Edi bike was inspect already multiple times right ?

So ... if somebody forget to pass via the technical inspection ... the common sense should say that his single 10 minutes race has to be consider NULL, like a DNS o DNQ.

Which type of penalties should be used in this case ?

Just surprised that the "master" of the common sense did not apply it (but maybe it was not a decision in the Italians hands )



ps: Once I was thinking to join these type of races ... but ... also in Austria I will not be there ... so .. free to make all the rules and penalties as "you" wish

Edit: I got this in a pm:
I'm glad that you never come to the races Bike 1:5 and that there'll be even next year .... certainly our environment does not need people like you!!
Yes, don't worry ... I will never show up in your races ... I got from the past that I'm not really welcome, this is just a confirmation
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