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Mar 21, 2012, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Clark Wohlert
you should do a fotoshopwork and add a bouble like they use in comics and fill it with the text "MY CORNER"
...thats car drivers mentality

Anyway due to absolute boredom I serviced my older 2011 bike yesterday evening. Its the second prototype of the 2011 that drove about 400 Lipos last year. I took it completly apart and threw the parts into the dishwasher. Not a single crack in the Carbon and SLS Parts. Not a single thread stripped. Nothing bent or worn out in any way. Only the usual scratches here and there.
Checked all the dampers and changed the oil and some O rings. New Belt and new bearings just as I was in the process. Total cost approx. 30Euros and the bike is as good as new. Just gave it a shakedown on the track, nothing much to say about that. Only that its fun to drive a brand new set of perfect tires with new inserts. I already forgot how a new set of tires perform. I have been using up all the old rubbish since the worlds.

I think I will be using the 2011 bikes for this year again. Considering the amount of money spent on this service for a "new" bike this will be a cheap season . After I completly crapped the design of the 2012 bike I am just too lazy to do something new.
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Mar 22, 2012, 04:11 AM
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Total cost approx. 30Euros and the bike is as good as new.
Mar 22, 2012, 05:26 AM
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HEI EDY!! THEN DO YOU PUT ONE OF 2011 FROM the dishwasher EVEN FOR ME????

Mar 22, 2012, 06:12 PM
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Are those words the anouncement of proyect 2012 being abandoned?

If you´re looking for "new" proyects (not so new for you) to keep your brain busy, take a look at this...

Edi was here, Cesar too

Lot of work to do yet, searching for parts and ordering custom machining others.

Hope you like it.
Mar 26, 2012, 09:41 AM
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Raceweekend at Minicar Fontanellato: Hometrack of Michele Repetati, Bose Più Anto (Boselli), Andrea Baroni, Marco Giovannini and Luca Tramelli.

The unplanned short term Races seem to work out best. They gave me notice on Thursday. My girlfriend voluteered to go with me, I packed my bikes and on friday 16:00 I was on the track Sunshine 20°C shorts and T-shirt. The weather stayed like that the whole weekend. Hotel was great and the food....All of us went for a evening meal on saturday. I dont think I need to mention that we had great food, do I? Its just a few kilometers from Parma....

Saw the new RG Evolution Nitrobike in action for the second time after the race in Acquaviva. Marco and Luca really made the bike fly. The bike is a very clean and nice design. A lot of new ideas. Laptimes suggest that they are meeting the speed of the stockbikes. Guess thats the best Nitrobike at the moment. A lot of leaning angle and light. The pipe at the bottom seems to be the way to go too. I am looking forward to seeing that bike in Riccione. I have the feeling they are the ones to beat.

The RG Evo3 Superbike is a nice new neat design. They have gone to mount the battery vertical for more leaning angle. Miky showed me the new impressive fork he has made. Easy to adjust ride hight and the already known tough and robust fork legs. The steering pivothead is now made of carbon filled plastic reducing weight and lowering CG. Overall weight is in the low 1800s. Miky and Bose showed off how to drive RC Bikes with the EVO3

Baro: was driving the RG/Twister Hybrid. That bike too with a vertical battery. Still using a chain but with seperated layshaft and swingarm pivot. Further he has stiffened the rear end with additional Carbon plates. He was lightning fast, just had some bad luck during the race. He drove fastet Lap something like 17,8-17,9.

All three were fast through out the weekend leaving me just to pick up the crumbs behind them (Fourth position) . Still they told me that noone else ever driven on the track could meet their times. I am quite content with the results as it was the first time on that very technical track.

Miky drove a new Laprecord that weekend in training I think a 17,67 (previous was 18,128). In training I managed a 18,004 ... not that bad.
I think now I know for sure that tires (even if new) from the previous season dont work as well as a fresh set that just dropped off the tree.
Looking back I had the same problems beginning of last year. Just I was testing so much different things. Now it all makes sense. (yes, I know you all already knew that )

Another fun thing was the 3 finals. Held like in real bike racing "Superpole" style. First to finish 32 Laps in a final wins. At the end its all counted together. That was a nice way to race. Felt better eventhough theres not really a difference in the end. On a smallish track like that with good drivers its no problem. But surly troublesome with less skilled drivers on a large track to keep the timescedule.

So in two weeks I am in Lostallo for a training day. And two weeks after that its Pista Futura/Bologna for the second heat of the italian championship.

Racing with those drivers is the best fun you can have....
Mar 26, 2012, 11:40 AM
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hi edi,

have you ever been driving on pista futura ?

if will love it. it is one of my favourite tracks with the large scale cars and i would really like to do it with a bike.

have fun there, but first lets hope for good wether conditions in lostallo.

c ya there
Mar 26, 2012, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Clark Wohlert
have you ever been driving on pista futura ?
I was there last year for one day of training. It has the most awesome turn
after the straight for a bike. Here is me on my second battery in Futura:
Edi Winter Bologna (1 min 19 sec)
Mar 26, 2012, 11:39 PM
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Clark Wohlert's Avatar
Wow...great bike and driving on a great track. I cant see the bike (watching with iphone) on the straight, but the engine sound beats any nitro car
Apr 06, 2012, 04:28 AM
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A video from Training at Minicar Fontanellato end of March.
First its Miky (Repetati, the red RGEvo3) then comes Bose (Boselli, White/Tricolore RGEvo3)
showing me how to drive on thier hometrack. My bike is the whistling one. 17min. of Dogfighting that was real fun.
Luckally they gave me the chance to follow. I was always late on that damn Hairpin in the middle of
the infield.

RC Bike Fontanellato Training (Miky, Bose, Edi) RGEvolution (17 min 38 sec)
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Apr 09, 2012, 11:34 AM
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I had a great day of testing yesterday in Lostallo.
Clark´s the organizer of the BigScaler Open invited us Bikers to do some training on Sunday. Easter sunday the track was closed for ICs but Electric was no problem. Weather was a bit crappy, 8-10°C and very windy. Actually the wind was so strong that the bikes partly were blown off the track. It was a bit difficult to keep on line in some turns the wind blew underneath the bike and made it go everywhere but where you intended it to go.

Who doesn´t know Clark´s he is the owner of the Lightscale Brand. He is in the process of developing a huge amount of hop ups for the SB5. He showed me a complete Lightscale tuned prototype of the SB5. It really looks good and the parts alltogether are top quality and well developed.
What I really came for was that he promised me to give me a prototype set of his new 1:5th scale bike tires. He gave me a set late sunday morning. He glued the set especially for me trackside. Eventhough they were "only handmade" they are perfectly balanced round and true. Later in production he will have them made on special tooling for what I think will be the perfect set of tires.

Clark wants to sell the tires glued to a SB5 compatible rim ONLY. In my opinion a good idea this way he can guarantee a high quality wheelset that performs well for everyone. A cool feature about this wheelset is that it can be flipped allowing the driver wear the tires evenly on both sides. That is impossible on the front of the SB5 when you use a brake.

How did they perform? Considering the bad weather I would say perfect. It actually was hard for me NOT to drive 31.XXX sec consecutive Laps. I even did a 30.XXX thats a inoffical new Lap record for bikes in Lostallo. Just as a sidenote. The spokeset of the Jabber in designed slightly different than on the SB5. That way the front wheel is approx. 2mm out of center on the Jabber. So I had trouble in right hand turns ... Lostallo is driven clockwise... still I managed by going a bit slower than actually possible.
As a reference: The Lightscale Bikes (Clark and Schummi) managed high 31s. I guess they were averaging at low to mid 32s on the new tires. Helly on his Jabber was on a brand new set of PMT200 and had a hard time to even drive low 33s occasional 32s. As I mentioned above I was regularly driving 31s. Still there wasnt a single perfect lap because of me not taking it too serious and the bloody wind blowing the bikes out of line.
Overall the tread of the tires looked perfect after the day and wear was only slightly noticable after about 12 Lipos. Thats approximately 120mins of driving time.

Clark wants to have the tires ready for market in May thats when the tires should be "Commercially available" for everyone. Further he said he will be sending design information to all bike companies about the dimensions of the rims. So everyone has the possibility to adopt their bikes to this new tire.

Thanks Clark these tires are insane and will bring RC-Biking to a complete new level.

Please dont forget this is inoffical information and there could still be slight changes until the set of tires are finished. This is only my personal first hands on impression.
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Apr 09, 2012, 01:04 PM
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Thanks for sharing, Edi!!!!!

Edit two hours later: Is the universe conspiring to get me into SBK, instead of stocks?!
I told you a million times, I'm too old to manage and command such a fast bike!!!!!!
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Apr 09, 2012, 01:21 PM
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Is that the old Jabber or the new one?.
Apr 10, 2012, 02:34 AM
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Originally Posted by DLAWW
Is that the old Jabber or the new one?.
Actually the tires are the thing to observe in this picture
That IS a "old" 2011 Jabber *lol*
Actually its really old: 500+ Lipos last year and 100 this year, 14races. It drove the complete last season except the Warmup and the Worlds. I refurbished it a few weeks ago for approx. 30 Euros.
Apr 10, 2012, 03:39 AM
steliosh's Avatar
ok, so it does make sense that the front brake caliper has left its mark on Clark's wheel...
Apr 12, 2012, 02:04 AM
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hi all,

many thanks to edi for a very nice sunday practise in lostallo. knowing him "only" from the net it was was our first time to meet personally.

as i have posted many times, i restarted biking last summer and did some developments for the sb-5 bike and alot testing on my track near cologne.

the videos we posted forced some people to lift me up to a world champion level and suggested me to be the new challenge to beat.
i myself have never been able to judge on my own performance as i did not have a precise comparison.................. i have it and it is very clear that those suggestions have been completly wrong.

there is still alot to learn and develop to reach that high level edi and his jabber are operating on.

anyway that was never my goal to be world champion but i would like to offer nice products to the people which help then to enjoy their hobby and make them go faster.

the roadies bike tyres edi is reporting of will be availlable soon and as he has allready said, we will open our database to make it easy for any interessted bike manufacturer to adopt the tyres to their bike, if they wish to do so.

it was also a pleasure for me to have the chance and drive edis` jabber bike and find out why he is so damm quick. i was not really doing competitive laptimes with his bike, as i prefer a different style of servo/fork connection but still it was representative enough for me to find out the secret of the jabber..........

............and the secret is...............the same as in any goes quicker through the corners.

so guys, i am afraid i will be offline for some couple of days as my f1 business forces me to work a bit ( that bloddy work seeses al the fun in live ) but i`ll be back with some more info about our bike tyres next week and if edi gives me permission, i will refer a bit more about his bike.

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