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Oct 04, 2010, 04:31 AM
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I drove in LOSTALLO !!!!! I love this track. It is unbelievably hard to drive. You are just guiding a coloured spot around the circuit. Grenoble was a childrens birthdayparty compared to Lostallo. When the Computer said "5 minutes to go" everybody on the rostrum was moaning... I couldnt believe how long ten minutes can be....

The track is so large we joked:
You start your lap in spring and finish it in autumn just in time for the season closing. Its so large it has 3 Climate Zones and 4 timezones..... you have to check you have your watch right everytime you go from one end of the pits to the other. You can only climb up the rostrum and survive up there for ten minutes with oxygen masks.

I had a 8T Delta in my bike that sucked 4800mAh out of my REEDYS and went for a coffee everytime I turned onto the straight. The bikes seem so slow from the rostrum.

Here are the results.
The only thing that made my victory was that Gianni Zonzini crashed twice and I didnt. It was a really close race for the both of us. The top 4 drivers in Superbike were also finialsts in Grenoble.
1.Edi Winter (9th in Grenoble)
2.Gianni Zonzini (4th)
3.Marc Hinder (2nd)
4.Marc Lutz (10th)

The fastest Lap came from Gianni a 32.6 so the average is just as in Grenoble: 45kph. The Track Temp was about 18-20° (12-18° Air) cloudy all the time so on a warm day times should drop to 30-31 secs.

Technical info:
Who ever had trouble keeping his tires on the rims should solve this problem BEFORE going to Lostallo
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Oct 04, 2010, 06:55 AM
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Oh man im so envious. That track and rostrum looks crazy.Do they supply safety harness and spare pants . Im please the bikes got round OK.Do you think they will shorten it for the worlds ? I hope not.

I was hoping Zonzini's eye site will have got worse by next year but it doesnt look like it . looks like you where flying Edi. Is the straight really as long as it looks

Thanks for the piccies and vid
Oct 04, 2010, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by RokiRead
Oh man im so envious. That track and rostrum looks crazy.Do they supply safety harness and spare pants .
Yes, spare pants are included in the entry fee. Unluckaly I used mine on the first day.

Originally Posted by RokiRead
Im please the bikes got round OK.Do you think they will shorten it for the worlds ? I hope not.
This race was to test how things will be for the Warmup and later the Championship. We decided to drive the large circuit and in clockwise direction. I asked for a additional 2000m of track length... Ernesto (track owner) will look into this requirement....

Originally Posted by RokiRead
I was hoping Zonzini's eye site will have got worse by next year but it doesnt look like it .
I dont think any one of us could really see what we were doing. Its like chasing fleas in your undies.

Originally Posted by RokiRead
looks like you where flying Edi. Is the straight really as long as it looks
I had a 8T Delta (=3.5T Star) with 24:104, 16:44 Gearing... thats about 30kph faster than in Grenoble. And I always had the feeling I needed MORE. But when something happened to the Bike mid straight it didnt stop until it was on the St.Bernadino Pass (30km to the North). Marc blew a tire during the 4th Final on the straight "flaPPidi flap, flaPPiddi flap" , someone beside me asked: "Who is losing his tire" Marc: "Its me.. shall I try another pass....?" Everybody: " yeah, yeah....." Next Lap we where all giggeling our heads off... FLAPFLAPFLAPFLAPFLAPFLAPPPPPPPpppp
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Oct 04, 2010, 09:00 AM
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Time for a season summary:

1. Race in Mistelbach/Austria: 1.Place Superbike and Fastest Lap
2. Race in Amstetten/Austria: 1.Place Superbike and Fastest Lap
3. Bike Meeting in Fichtenberg/Germany: No Race just Challenge for Fastest Lap: Got the new Lap Record:19.168sec. Broke old Lap Record by 1.2sec.
4. Race in Aigen Schlägl/Austria: Race was cancelled due to Thunder Storm, but fastest Lap in Training: 24.6sec.
5. Bike World Championship in Grenoble/France: 9th Place, 5th Fastest Lap
6. Race in Salzburg/Austria: 1.Place Superbike and Fastest Lap 25.004
7. Race in Lostallo/Switzerland: 1.Place Superbike and Second Fastest Lap 32.918

574 Lipo charges.
appox. 60 Tires (front/rear)
But only Spares worth approx. EUR200,-
NO Motor
NO Servo
NO Receiver
8 Lipo Packs
there is no RC cheaper than Bikes

Not bad for my first season and year of driving and designing Rc Bikes.
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Oct 04, 2010, 09:18 AM
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Congratulations and thanks, Edi! That was very useful!
Did the stocks run in 2010 configuration? Do you know?
Because I saw the lap times and Thomas and the other guys could have nicely blend with the SBKs'! I guess the 17.5s will be somewhat slower...

Ok, I like this track... it's not as big as my local FRT track and quite similar in dimensions. also, the rostrum is not that high... ours is higher!!!!!
Good! I will start practising!
Hugo... can you send a bike, please?!!
Oct 04, 2010, 09:27 AM
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2010 Config: Stock used 13.5T throughout but with free Gearing 1800g weight.
The 17.5T will be considerably slower, wonder if they will change something after the warmup.
Oct 04, 2010, 01:10 PM
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Congrats Edi, you can be proud of your efforts and your bike.

I saw this bike first in Leipzig, and i told you there that this bike was a very clever design and was looking very good on the track. After some different versions, you have now the first real top result with top drivers on a world scene.

Oct 05, 2010, 03:57 AM
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Driving in Lostallo:
1.) The bike is far away and you cant really see what its doing. Especially setup details like a tire shaking in a specific turn or how far are the crashbars off the ground.

2.) Take this as reference: and the Video of Gianni driving.
Driving direction has been decided to be in clockwise direction.
The largest possible layout will be driven (centerline length 403m)

The track banks/leans from side to side. So in some turns you think you have to guide the bike
but actually you just need to let the bike do it all by itself and just pull the trigger.

So here my interpretation of how to drive Lostallo, remember I am a Rookie this year so dont take
this too serious.

Starting at the Bridge between S01 and S02 you are at top speed coming from the previous lap.
You start braking before the V06 shortcut and really heavily drift into the turn S23 to the apex.
Here the grip will suddenly brake if you are to late. All you then can do if it hasnt suddenly highsided
is set the bike straight and hope it "stops" before youre out.
When youre through the apex of S23 you pull the trigger at full leaning angle into S22 this has a banking to the right.
You let the bike slowly move to the outer line and then slightly pull the brake towards S21.
I think you call this type of turn a corkscrew.
In S21 at the apex the bike should be straight.
You then pull the trigger already leaning to the left through S20 and into S19 at full lean - playing with the power upto full power if you have the balls.
Grip before and into S18 is good so you can brake at full leaning angle nearly to a stop. Then taking the shortest line through this S18/S17 flip-flop.
Then its full power on S16 brakinggggg, short line through S15 full power S14 aaaand then:
Here we come to the tricky and furthestmost bit of the track. You should be in the middle of the track before S13.
Gently pull the brake and halflean the bike towards the apex.
When the Bike is positioned 90° to S12 you should start to pull the trigger.
S12 is banked to the right. So coming out of S13 you need to lean the bike "specially" so it drifts to the left outer line under 3/4 to full power.
If you are too slow and you guide the bike trough this turn it will swerve to the right into the grass.
S11 is bumpy here you should be on the left of the track gently pulling the brakes taking a continous radius towards the apex of S10.
Out of S10 you apply power and let the Steering go.
The bike will do S09 and S08 by itself, the track banks from right to left.
If you try to steer into S08 your gonna make a 90° turn into the grass.
Grip in S07 is good and you can brake into the apex.
Then taking a straight line trough S06 towards the apex of S05 playing around with the power.
S05 and S04 are nothing exciting you just need to be out of S04 low (to the right) into S03.
Here its hard to see how low you can go onto the crashbars.
You have to powerdrift out of S03 and be really early on the power to take the speed onto the straight S02.

(Reading this fast takes me 63secs.... *LOL*)

Driving on the curbs means ~goodbye~..... especially in turn: S19, S08, S06, S03

Not driving on the "BLACK" bit of the tarmac means "NO Grip!!" especially EVERYWHERE!.
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Oct 05, 2010, 04:11 AM
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that will be MY laptime! No problem!
Oct 05, 2010, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Manuspain

THANKS Manu...
Oct 06, 2010, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by edi.winter
Driving in Lostallo:
1.) The bike is far away and you cant really see what its doing....
We´re happy to know that no 1/8 bike Worlds will be held at Lostallo....

... or we´ll need to get the same optical equipment from spy satellites.

Keep us posted about this impresive bike, Edi.

Oct 13, 2010, 10:27 AM
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I overtorqued the main layshaft (the one between Spurgear, Beltpinion) yesterday.
Its originally from SERPENT for their 1/8th scale IC cars.
Remember on my bike the layshaft is not the swingarm pivot!!!
I love such little mishaps because they show the force thats involved.
This happened just from the power of the motor. It passed the power of close to 600 Lipos
over to the rear tire so yesterday it was ~time to say goodbye~....for little ole´layshaft....
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Oct 28, 2010, 12:03 PM
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600th Lipo driven today. Thats a nice number: 150h of driving and 4500km distance.
Temperature is low here, we had first snow too, but for some reason the Laptimes
havent dropped yet

Will be driving at a Model Fair this sunday. Its a sort of a Showdrive no serious racing,
but I guess we will be going for the fast Laps again . Hope I wont get nervous, it will
be the first time driving in front of a big audience .

Havent had a lot of time to do anything on the "2011" Bike just pottering around plucking
on the CAD design here and there.

Bought a GM 6T DELTA motor.... just that I know that I HAVE one hell of a machine
in my pitbox for Lostallo.... I take it out from time to time to give it a cuddle
...wait....damn... this must sound weird....
Oct 28, 2010, 01:12 PM
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yep! Someone already quoted you on the other thread! Watch it!!!!!! haha!
Oct 28, 2010, 05:35 PM
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pretty soon you'll have to pack condoms in your toolbox Edi!

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