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Apr 30, 2010, 06:14 AM
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May 03, 2010, 03:04 AM
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what motor are you running now? LRP x12 4.5T?
May 03, 2010, 05:32 AM
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Originally Posted by matsnorway
what motor are you running now? LRP x12 4.5T?
At the moment I am quite happy with a CS-Electronic Delta Wound 9turn (6900/Volt) thats just about the same as a 4.5T...
but I wouldnt recommend it for a non-pro. You have to know how to set up the ESC and the RC to get the best out of it.
And you really need to be able to tame your triggerfinger. Further I dont think its drivable on "conventional" bikes.
Even the SB-5 Teamdrivers with their slipper clutch drive tamer motors.
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May 04, 2010, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by edi.winter
At the moment I am quite happy with a CS-Electronic Delta Wound 9turn (6900/Volt) thats just about the same as a 4.5T...
but I wouldnt recommend it for a non-pro. You have to know how to set up the ESC and the RC to get the best out of it.
And you really need to be able to tame your triggerfinger. Further I dont think its drivable on "conventional" bikes.
Even the SB-5 Teamdrivers with their slipper clutch drive tamer motors.
I believe that!
That 9 Turn got 570 watts and the LRP X11 4.5T got 433 watts i believe. (sorry for double questioning)

And you don`t use a gyro?

you should get a gyro that acts after a surten angle, say when the wheel is a inch of the ground.

if you need a lighter motor the Venom motors is best in class. They seem to be pin pointed for 1/12 track. Se link above.

btw what motors do the SB-5 teamdrivers use? you ca know what they drive?
May 04, 2010, 07:26 AM
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Gyros arent allowed in 1/5th scale racing.
The Thunder Tiger Team Drivers use the Nosram Motors and speedos but I am not telling what ones otherwise they will hit me.
May 04, 2010, 08:30 AM
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I have finished a simple instruction manual and know what the bike will cost. Whoever is interested can PM me. WARNING: (Price is more than any other bike on the market at the moment)

The bike is only intended for "Professionals" who know how to build and handle a bike, and know what this bike is really worth. I will favor orders from people I "know" or at least have heard of and further intend to race the bike. The bike is a lot of work to put together and does require quite a level of skill......and nerves Suppy of spares WILL be troublesome but usually I get parts within of 14days. Guarantee might be a FIGHT, but the bike will be sold as "PROTOTYPE"....I hope you know what THAT means I will only start if I get at least 10 orders.

I will be offering a basic STOCK Chassis Version. It wil include the Carbon Plates, the Plastic Parts and the Axles and Shafts the Beltdrive parts and some small bits and pieces. You will have to declare what Wheels you want to use, I have designed a Rear hub either for the TT of NF standard rims.
You then will have to get the screws, bearings, rear Shock, Fork, steering damper, Fairing/Driver, Wheels, Crashbars, and a few small bits and pieces to complete the chassis. Putting the standard driver/fairings on this bike is a bit tricky because I designed it for the SB5 fairing..... (oh! and about 100g of lead to match the 1800g STOCk minimum weight). The plastic parts come in "WHITE" and can be painted in any colour with LEXAN Paint.
I can also offer a assembled version with most parts but that just raises the price even more......

I cant offer a SUPER Bike at the moment because the SB5 Rims and a few parts for the brake are not available yet.

And if there is someone out there who is interested in buying the whole design: Offers are welcome.
May 05, 2010, 03:02 AM
AR Racing
Jena67's Avatar
Hi Edy,

I wish you good luck for your great bike.

About the design.... I hope it won't be stealed as happend to ours...

Good luck and compliments for the great work.


May 06, 2010, 12:46 PM
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One year and three weeks.....

I made the very first drawing called "Bike Rules" on the 16.April.2009, I needed to know the overall dimensions a bike is allowed to I finished the first bike I could give the Serial Number #001.

The first Design I called "Geyser Max" and it never saw daylight it was supposed to be a "Backup" for the TT guys going to the WC 2009 in Leipzig. Thank god Torrance managed to finish a few SB5s for them. So looking at this first design today I am happy it never made it into production.
I would have been VERY expensive and having the SB5 Protos the Team wasnt interested anymore I chucked the whole design to the "rubbishbin".

I still wanted to know IF the design would work so I looked around for a "cheap" and fast way to make a rolling prototype.
End of May one of the guys tought me how to drive a bike with his KP09 that was the end of sane normal thinking I HAD to build this bike!!!

Then at last I found this "laser voodoo rapid prototyping " stuff and talked to the vendor offering it: "anything is possible" they promised... after that I was going crazy I needed a complete new design again, someone to make me some axles and small lathed stuff and someone else to mill the plates needed. I "robbed" old stuff off the Thunder Tiger Team Guys and sat for five days to get the new design clear. 05.June I ordered all the bits and on the 12.06 the first Bike was driving yes driving not wobbeling around
The following monday one of the TT-Teammembers came back from a race weeked and without any serious setup done to the bike he drove a mid 27sec lap. Record at that time was a high 26sec!!!

Now I was sure the design worked. Beeing overoptimistic I went to a race end of June and smashed the Prototype in training no spares. I was lent a KP09 and won the B-Final.

I just found this here is getting long .... anyway after Leipzig (I was mechanic for the thunder tiger team) I did a redesign ordered the parts and threw them away, the Generation II was
crap. After that I updated the Generation I to carbon instead of alumiuim plates (Generation I.1). Thats the bike I mainly drove until the snow came end of Octobre. Inbetween I looked for the parts of the Gen. II in the bin and gave it a new try with another "revolutionary" idea (GEN II.1).... I drove it.......I thought about it..... I decided to throw that away too.

Over winter I had a LOT of time to think and made the most expensive bike possible. I built one and showed it to a friend... he wanted it. So I got it all together and finished it off for him. The day after I sold it to him I had the idea how to make it cheaper and a few minor flaws that pissed me off. I gave him a call but he wouldnt give me that bike back. He is the only one who has a Generation III (today I call it: the most expensive way to build a bike out of a few plasic and carbon parts held together with a handful of screws) and by the looks he is very satisfied with it and it runs perfectly. Actually the latest bike has the same geometry and balance....

After that I did the redesign and built the Generation IV (birthday 17.March) This one has had most of testing this year (200+LIPOs, approx.1500km) Whoever followed this thread already knows that it works perfectly. Its still in perfect shape not a lot of wear at all.

So I had to make the "final" Bike, prodly I put the Generation V (orange bike) together and was disapointed, that went to the junkyard.

Anyway the now "FINAL" Bike is a mix of the Generation IV + V and THATS it. I have had enough of it. No more redesigns or fiddling around on 0,2mm here and there on the bloody CAD... this year I will
Its DESIGNFREEZE! over and out!

Its called J.A.B.B.E.(A).R 2010.3 (or "edibike" for most)

hmmm.....someone told me yesterday he wants a slipper on his JABBER....

Torrance for his inspiring ideas.
Aaron for the basic setup and balance of the bike and for frowning everytime I had a too awkward idea.

Aaron for letting me drive his KP09 last year
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May 06, 2010, 12:58 PM
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I would be tempted to just enjoy the bike for the summer, produce the 10 kits then stop there. Sounds like you need to take a break from the R+D process before you burn out!
May 06, 2010, 02:55 PM
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If I could afford it, I would certainly place an order for a JABBAR Edibike!
But... I can't before Christmas, anymore!
May 10, 2010, 04:28 AM
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Second Race Weekend Report

This was a bit of a tough one. In the end I won the Superbike Class but it would have been a lot easier if I hadnt made so much errors.

Friday evening and saturday was hell. Absolutly NO grip on the track, driving was really hard and after ten minutes of driving my eyeballs where dry. I didnt dare close my eyes during driving. I even tried to only close my eyes alternately.... Towards the evening grip was getting better and I managed to set up the bike that it was drivable. I managed a 25 laps heat, two laps in front of the pack in the timed training. I was quite confident for the race on sunday. Unluckally I smashed into a bike saturday evening in free training at 70km/h and had to reactivate my previous prototype. Nothing much was broken I just was to lazy to repair it.

On sunday I woke up with a serious hangover . That where everything started going wrong. I didnt implement all the setup changes I had made to the bike I was driving the day before. The qualifying heats were hell: the bike wasnt working and I had a hangover. I just managed 23 laps, 4th place for the final. I changed the tires for the final and again only a 23 laps in the first run. Second run was absolute crap I thought I had forgotten how to drive a bike.
After that I found I had mounted the wrong rear tire a PMT 100 instead of a 010. I was kicking my ass. I was quite nervous before the last final heat hoping that that WAS what was wrong. After the warmup laps I was smiling and I decided to drive a calm and safe race. In the end it was fastet lap and a solid 25 laps one lap infront of the rest, just enough for victory.

Still a Stockbike driver was 4 seconds in front overall thats the bad taste to the weekend

Oh! One of the Stockbike drivers couldnt race his bike on sunday because it wasnt working. I borrowed him my girlfriends bike sunday midday in free practice. Its the first prototype with a 5.5T but no front brakes. He was happily driving around the cirquit. So we all decided to let him drive it in the final from last starting position. But he had to start in Superbike Class because of the 5.5T Motor. In the end he made 3.Place in Superbike, congratulations!!!!

So overall it was a sucsessful weekend 1. and 3. Place for a "Jabber".
May 11, 2010, 07:17 AM
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I'm still dreaming of that Bike

Since I could not finish the NF 509 I bought on Saturday, and did not want to race my old TT-Ducati, I decided to race only the Venom in the 1:8 class, and do marshalling for the 1:5 Bikes.
But since I knew Edi had his second Bike with him, I just had to ask for one battery in the lunch break. I just could not say no to his offer to run the bike in the finals

Here are a few videos from the runs:


And here are a few pictures (more will be added, I hope):

Edi always says he's a bad driver - he did the fastest lap, and the fastest run time of the whole weekend
May 17, 2010, 03:39 AM
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Yesterday I tried the JABBE(A)R in Stock configuration. Track Temp was down to 15C and Air was 12C *damn crappy weather*. I put a old set of light PMT200 Wheels on it.

I used a CS-Electronic 13.5 and the CS- Rocket ESC in the "hottest" Stock program. 190g of lead were needed to reach the 1800g Stock weight.

God its slow down the straight. But somehow relaxing to drive. It takes a while to get used to "hammering" the trigger so early. I am used to taming a 9T Delta..... Motor temp. was a low 40C so I still have something to do about the gearing. After the second Lipo I was averaging 28.5sec. (+/-0.1sec.). I think thas not bad for a Stockbike compared to the high 26sec average on a Superbike. Best lap was a 27.52sec compared to 26.0Xsec records with a Superbike.
May 21, 2010, 02:03 PM
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TODAY was the day.....

....the day I did THAT first PERFECT Lap (and a few more after that....).
Holy cow that feels so good. 25.98 , 25.86, 25.92 secs. three consecutive laps below 26 thats when a record counts for me. I have taken the 26sec. hurdle ..... at last... so lets see how low we can go from here I have driven 292 Lipo Charges this year and it took until NOW to do THAT lap I was waiting for.
Of course its impossible in a race:
I was alone at the track the sun was out the tires were new the bike completley seviced. No wind... especially no wind.... I played around on the setup for two charges and suddenly after 5 mins into the third battery it made *CLICK* and the bike was flying.... I couldnt believe my eyes in a way I had this feeling I was watching the whole show.

Suddenly everything was so bloody easy.....

292 Charges, thats nearly 2200km, over 8000 laps I MUST be bonkers, just for this... one..... lap...

Playing around with the JABBER in Stock configuration made me think a bit and I could use a few tidbits I found out for the SUPERBIKE setup. Sometime its really good to look over the fence and try something new.

Could someone please come over and wipe this insane smile out of my face???
May 21, 2010, 06:39 PM
steliosh's Avatar
Do NOT wipe that smile, Edi! Not soon, anyway!!!!!!!!!

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