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Sep 14, 2001, 12:05 PM
Pack Rat
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Clipped wing Tiger Moth

My son and I went flying our Lite Stiks and Tiger Moths this AM. No wind but very foggy (SF Bay area). Lots of fun watching these little guys kind of float around in the mist. On one of my T&Gs I was bringing the Tiger Moth around a pylon (light pole in the school yard) and got a little to close, about 2" to close based on the amount of lower wing that got sheared off (about 9-10 sq"of wing area). Any way the TM did some funny looking moves right after the impact, but gave it a little power and it just went on flying. There is a small dent in the top wing also, but the top wing has a lot more give due to the very flexable struts and didn't really sustain any real damage. I flew it that way for at least 5 more min (Tadirans) and really couldn't see much diff. in it's flying. Seems to turn a little faster to the clipped side but didn't notice any other diff. I might epoxy that little chunk of wing back on just so it looks whole again, but thinking about cutting of a couple of inchs from the other lower wing just to see what it will do to it's flying habits.
What a fun little plane

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Sep 14, 2001, 11:53 PM
A Few Sandwiches Shy
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Trim all the wings and round them, then you'll have a Stampe S5A or S5B. These used Tiger Fuselages with redesigned 4 aileron wings. Thinking of doing this with my next moth.

Sep 15, 2001, 01:03 AM
Registered User
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Hmm... Very interesting, Mr. Mason

I always found the Stampe biplanes very attractive and noted a family resemblance to the DH Moths.

I have only seen them in books & films("the Mummy") and noticed their apparent performance edge on the longer spanned Moths.

I've designed a 42" model with lines similar to a cross between one and a Hawker Hart.

Sep 15, 2001, 01:06 AM
Registered User
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Me Too

I did the same thing. Landing for me is flying the airplane down the street and making a turn into my driveway where I touched down. It is challenging and fun. A week or so ago I was doing just that and a big gust of wind (the Tiger Moth will fly in a wind but it is not all that much fun) pushed it into a street light post. The plane was about 4 ft high and moving at a landing speed. It made like a frisby and made two complete revolutions before it hit the ground in a fairly level attitude.

Since the lamp post is fairly large diameter the dent in the leading edge is very small and I definitely didn't lose any wing tips. There was no other damage. I am continually impressed by the airplane. Using 600 mah Nimh batteries I can get 20 minute flights dead air and it will thermal with a little power added. Although it may be gusty around the houses the air usually is smooth around 100 ft and higher. It cruises very slowly in big circles with no input from me. I use a standard Futaba receiver so I don't worry about range at all.

I would be interested in how the plane flies with the wings clipped if anyone tries it. I know the wing loading would go up and although this might help with windy weather bouncing around it will move away from the Slow Flyer capability. Still and all it would be interesting. Along this same line of thought has anyone built a low wing version of the plane with ailerons?

On takeoff down my driveway today I missed the lampost, veered toward a sign, overcorrected into a gust and was headed toward some construction gear, overcorrected and was going toward a pile of dirt and finally leveled out and the rest of the flight was great. Maybe I will have the parts to do the above sooner than expected.