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Aug 11, 2009, 10:05 AM
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Electric C/L cv-22 osprey

Hi guys,
I am currntly working on a cv-22 for control line, mainly because someone said it couldn't be done.
specs so far:
lenght OA 29"
span 24"
power source 2X turnigy 35-36c 1100kv brushless
esc's turnigy plush 30A X 2
Lipo 1x 3s 20c 4000Mah
props 2 x apc E 10x5

the fuselage is carved from blue foam as are the engine nacelles. The wing is built up with 1/8 lightply ribs sheeted in 1/64 ply
motor pods are at each end of an 8mm carbon tube the tube sits on the cg and counter weights are fitted in the nacelles so that the cg stays the same whether in hover or forward flight.
The engine nacelles witll rotate through 95 degrees and will be operated by a 15kg metal geared servo in the wing (About this time you are thinking hey this is a C/L forum) have no fear all will be revealed.) Flaps will be linked into the rotate servo and will have 90 degrees of movement.

Ok about this servo! I use a control system which incorporated a handle for operating the elevator via a bellcrank and a R/C coder and decoder for up to 6 additional controls.
Basically I tore the guts out of a futaba challenger TX and located the point where the signal passes to the radio frequency section. This point is connected to one of my two insulated 28lb pike wirew control lines the other is linked to the battery earth .At the other end I use a sanwa rx wth the 'signal' control line attached to the point where it bypasses the rf and feeds directly to the decoder again the other line is attached to battery earth

( I think it may be worth making a separale thread for this)

Anyway thats how I can operate speed controllers , servos etc in my scale models
In fact the system works so well that it has helped me win the UK F4b scale championship for 2007 and 2008.
Before I bang on any more if anyone is interested in the project to see if it flys or crashes and burns let us know, otherwise I'm just typing this for myself
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Aug 11, 2009, 12:48 PM
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I'm interested. There's nothing like a challenge to focus the powers of innovation. I've tried a couple of unorthodox control liners (electric autogyro and electric night flyer) but yours kinda puts them in the shade.
Good luck and keep posting.
Aug 11, 2009, 03:51 PM
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jfv's Avatar
Very curious to see how this works out.
Aug 12, 2009, 08:40 AM
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Thanks for your support fellas.
It seems to me that all the guys trying an R/C osprey are having the same problems, that of stability in the hover. To my way of thinking Yaw and roll is taken care of by having a ground anchor ( me) attached 50 feet off the port wingtip. This only leaves pitch and forward speed/hover.

With the pivot between the two nacelles (8mm CF tube) set on the model's c.g. the fuselage should remain horizontal. Advancing the thottle to hover speed the model should take off vertically and with the application of forward rotation of the nacelles the thing should start to move forward and therefore increase line tension. To ensure a bit of line tension in the hover I plan to offset the starboard motor thrust line and take off from plumb down wind.

With the nacelles horizontal the elevator would now be in control of pitch and therefore height. With such a tiny wing area (2 sq ft) the flaps, which are almost 25% of the wing area will work in conjuction with the rotating nacelles
from being at 90 degrees at hover to 0 degrees in forward flight.

I have just tested the power set up. The two motors. counter weights and speed controllers at each end of the CF tube lifted a 1 Litre bottle of water ( 1kg) and the lipo (337g) off the ground at about 2/3 throttle.
This means that if I can keep the blue foam fuselage weighing less than 1 Kg it should fly. I think I can get the weight down to 750g.

Now that I know you are here I will get some photos sorted out
Aug 23, 2009, 12:25 PM
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It's Finished

I was not intending to take the Osprey to the UK Nationals but I have just got it finished except for painting the windows and adding some insignia , markings etc

The model has come out at 1.8Kg dead. Each Turnigy outrunner ( 35-36C 1100Kv) is fitted with an APC 10 x 5 E prop and the testimonials on Hobby King's site reckon that each motor should provide 1.2 Kg of thrust.
This gives me a power to weight ratio of 1.5:1.

I connected up the Turnigy 4000mHa 3s 30/40c L1po, held on to the tail and powered up, the osprey left the gound in hover at 3/4 throttle.

All that remains now is to fly the thing next weekend at the Nats. Not the best time for a maiden , but hey ho!!

The open nacelle pic shows the layout and counter weight. The outer nacelle half is held on to the inner with rare earth mini magnets 6mm X 1mm
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Aug 23, 2009, 04:16 PM
I am 5' 8" the Taube is 7' 4"
Clancy Arnold's Avatar
Glad to see someone doing something different. I started flying CL Scale using a modified RC transmitter and receiver in 1982. In 1983 I designed my own electronics and have been flying with electronic control ever since.

I even have electronic throttle control on a trainer.

Aug 23, 2009, 05:10 PM
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Hi Clancy,
You know as well as I what a difference having electronic control can make yet still there are so few of us going down that route.
I have even made systems for friends and they 'have not got round' to using them yet and prefer to use outdated servo tester set ups for throttle only or even three line setups.

I also fly control line carrier which is great fun and with class 1 ( fully scale with all the goodies) you could have six functions all running proportional control via servos . I do wish people would wake up and smell the coffee. There is so much more to control line than going round and round.
Aug 24, 2009, 03:57 AM
Epic Win or Epic Fail!
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When are you flying this at the nationals. I'm only at the funfly line pretty much next to your line and would love to see this go!
Aug 24, 2009, 05:04 AM
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I will be at the scale c/l circle most of the weekend but I plan to fly the Osprey for the first time at about 2 O'clock on the Saturday. Really depends on the weather.

If it's ok I will be flying it again, and again, and again.

I'll be the clown in the white polo shirt with 'ALAN MORGAN DESIGNS ' on the back!!!


Aug 26, 2009, 01:31 PM
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v22chap's Avatar
Great project ,,let us know how it went and maybe a video
Thanks for sharing ,,even though it isn't a VTOL ----yet
Aug 26, 2009, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Ospreyman
I will be at the scale c/l circle most of the weekend but I plan to fly the Osprey for the first time at about 2 O'clock on the Saturday. Really depends on the weather.

If it's ok I will be flying it again, and again, and again.

I'll be the clown in the white polo shirt with 'ALAN MORGAN DESIGNS ' on the back!!!


I look forward to witnessing this.
I have flown a few times (not competitively) and always wait until the generally calmer conditions in the evening. This years model is a seriously ugly conrol liner but as it is full of LEDs for night flying no-one should notice quite how ugly (and battered due to testing) that it is.
Aug 27, 2009, 03:26 PM
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I think you could be right about the weather. I may leave it til later when its calmer
Aug 27, 2009, 05:44 PM
I am 5' 8" the Taube is 7' 4"
Clancy Arnold's Avatar
How did the test flight work out? My first CL Scale model in 1982 had a modified Kraft RC transmitter and Receiver like you described. The next year I designed my own systems and have never tried to use a three line system.
I have a been selling U/Tronics Control units since 1983. U/Tronics stands for U-Control with electronics added. Look on www.Stunthangar.com under Vendors Corner, next to the bottom for my information.

I need to update my listing of US NATS national winners who used my U/Tronics Controls in their winning models. Allen Golf won Sport Scale and Steve Couch won FAI Scale for the third straight year all with U/Tronics Controls.

Keep us up to date on how the Osprey works out,
Aug 28, 2009, 07:17 AM
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Hi Clancy,
I hope to fly the Osprey for the first time this weekend at the UK nationals no pressure then! I will have a look at your link it sounds rewally interesting
will post with a post flight report

Aug 28, 2009, 07:34 AM
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Hi Clancy,
Just viewed your system and I am very impressed. with your permission I would like to mention it to the guys at the UK nats. Are you still making the multi function units and what are the current prices ( shipped to UK)


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