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Jun 15, 2001, 03:39 PM
Registered User

How many planes have you scrapped?

The question "How many planes do you have?" comes up enough, if you have been around here for a while, so lets take a different slant on it.
How many planes have you crashed, not just crashed, but destroyed, beyond repair?
Come on now , You will feel much better if you get it out.
I think from memory I have destroyed more than 15 models in a 5 year span.
I am self taught and if someone said, that's not a beginner model, I would buy it and fly it, er I mean crash it anyway
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Jun 15, 2001, 03:47 PM
Registered User

Dynamic Soaring..a sure fire way to pare slope planes..another story.
Compleatly destroyed a beautiful Pilatus B4 glider last weekend...launched into a 40mph wind and the Tx battery took a crap.

Have been lucky with F5B so far..knock on carbon, but I too will probably have the drive system dig a trench some day...
Jun 15, 2001, 04:05 PM
MotoCalc Developer
stefanv's Avatar
Scrapped? 3

<ul>[*]Home-brew Piper Cub. Built it way too flimsy, flipped over and broke it before even getting off the ground. This was _long_ before I knew what I was doing with e-power too, so it was way underpowered.</li>[*]Gentle Lady. Shortly after I electrified it, I had a servo fail and hold in hard right rudder. </li>[*]Ace Pacer. I finally got it flying well, but the structure was so poorly designed that it would crack on almost any less-than-perfect landing. Finally had a really hard landing, so I pitched it. </li>[/list]Stefan
Jun 15, 2001, 04:16 PM
Registered User
I only crashed a champion 30 on the final into a paved runway, beyond repair,that is missing only the front half of the fuse, and te wing that folded, TWICE !
than there is the starfire that took off with the ailerons inverted and rolled on take off... some one asked if he could take the wing...but after a new stabilizer and lots of CA it's almost fine (though i can swear there was NO glue between the parts- its an ARF...).
oh, and the s400 shoestring which crashed every single flight. ended up with a folded wing and still 100 feet till the ground...never flew again, it looks nice and hangs from the ceiling
and the most glued of tem all, my faithful trainer, that now wieghes another +50% of it's original wieght.

who's next?
Jun 15, 2001, 04:31 PM
Super Senior Member
You have a sp400 Shoestring? I thought I was the only one! Mine flew sucessfully last week, but its not as fast as I would have liked. I am going to strip it and hang it from the cieling of my office. Should look nicely up there.

The last plane I trashed beyond repair...Simple 400. Launched with the tx set to the Zagi, and it plowed in shortly after launch I built another, which is now winging its way towards a new owner.
Jun 15, 2001, 08:35 PM
Registered User
Don Sims's Avatar
I've destroyed two cheap trainers and have "Retired" a Kyosho 180 that is way overweight and hit a barbed wire fence again. My other planes look like they belong in the scrap heap but they keep on flying! I'm starting on the next generation of planes....
Jun 15, 2001, 09:45 PM
Master of disaster
Travis's Avatar
Well there was that foamie, entered a outside
loop from the top...not enough altitude.

Then there was a Sterling Stinson Reliant
which got into a flat spin and.... monokote
bag' o sticks!

And the Phenoix 6 that I lost in the sun, it
went into a forest. Nothing bigger than my
hand came out.

Those are my entrys to the Humpty Dumpty
Jun 15, 2001, 09:56 PM
Registered User
Larry Dudeck's Avatar
Kyosho T33, six flights 3 crashes

Herr AquaStar.

Although I have since made a new foam front end and added a S400 EDF unit. So I don't know if this one counts or not.

But I've only been at this for about a year and a half. I suspect I'll add more as time goes on
Jun 15, 2001, 10:13 PM
Registered User
I've got my one plane, 7 flights. Its had the left LE smashed, right TE and LE smashed. The battery burrowed its way out the side of the fuselage once. Tail and rudder snapped off. Some glue, some balsa some more solafilm and she goes.......very ugly, but goes.

Cloud cover and cold, but no wind I'm going flying! See ya.
Jun 16, 2001, 12:23 AM
Registered User
All of them of course! Keep flying them till they die.. unless you want to fill your house with useless obsolete toy planes :-)
Jun 16, 2001, 01:47 AM
Sloping off....
leccyflyer's Avatar
Now that hurts

Two scrappers in seven years plus numerous serious repairs and at least two reincarnations from the dead. I believe in the motto of never chuck it away straight after the crash, always collect up everything, bag it and look at the wreckage in a couple of days.

DeHavilland Chipmunk (IC)- way too fast a model for me early on and we had to dig the engine out of the field (I wasn't flying it though . Mind you it was about five years before I threw the wreckage in the bin.

Flair Attilla (IC) - had one too many crashes and got beyond me wanting to repair it. I had the lozenge camoflage wing covering with Maltese Cross on my office wall as a WWI style trophy. I gave the broken fuselage and what was left of the wing to a fellow club member who reckoned it was repairable.

Peterborough Models Gnatty (IC) which is in the process of rebuilding after being pronounced dead following a death dive spiral into the "tank" at the sewage works. Radio gear, wing and all wooden bits trashed,the model has a GF fuselage and had no impact damage but it was "wet" . Like grandad's brush though this one will be back with a new wing.


Jun 16, 2001, 01:50 AM
Balsa Builder
Paul Susbauer's Avatar
Eagle II trainer, I flew it for 5 years before destroying it.

Dazzler (.46 slimer way overpowered) really bad case of dumbthumbs.

4*40, crashed on second flight and hit a truck after falling out of a tree, battery failure

Fournier RF4 too much diehedral+low wing+ no ailerons= bad things

Taube slow flyer- after flying hundreds of flight on S280 power, it was upgraded to S-400 flew many flights like that, destroyed while flying too low inverted- don't pull out.

S-280 Pietenpol handlaunched it in wind I shouldn't have been flying it in and a gust caught it right after release.
Jun 16, 2001, 09:04 AM
Old Desert Rat
Arizona Chuck's Avatar
I'm with "Bare", I have gone through 120 or so planes. 100 of them were my own design (sort of, I copy a lot). I have given away maybe 10, so 110 ended up in the trash.
The steps I go through in testing my planes is hard on them. First will it fly then will it fly good, then the killer, what won't it do and how far can I push it. I know it is hard on planes but I really love that part. So you can say I like to wreck, makes room for the next one.
Yesterday I wrecked three in half hour, all fixable. Got one coming up that is really fun, it's a 6 oz go fast that you can cut hole all over the sky. I call it the "Hissy-Fit", check it out:
..AZ Chuck
Jun 16, 2001, 09:53 AM
Registered User
Tossed my Bullit EPP a lot of times. Tried to fly my Take It Easy lider through a fence downwind. Never was the same after that. It finally gave up 150 meters up going out of a loop. Now building my Wingo.
Jun 16, 2001, 03:12 PM
Registered User
BEC's Avatar
Beyond repair? That's tough as almost anything can be repaired with enough time, but sometimes it's faster to replace....

That said, I've been thinking back and can come up with the following list of planes I either opted not to fix or just trashed:

Southwest Sailplanes (Dave Thornburg designed) Honker (1/2A gas all-balsa model) - I built a second one. I can't remember what happened to the second one when I went all-e-power over 15 years ago.

Ohmygosh (Dave Katagiri designed 6 cell ferrite 05 pylon racer) I have a wing and other parts from a second one I've never finished.

Parker R/C Planes Lil' Joule - low wing 6 cell ferrite 05 powered aerobat. Got one flight out of this as it was way beyond my skill level at the time. Anyone else even remember this one?

Willard Schoolboy I've built three of these. The first was .049 gas powered (7000 feet above sea level) and pulse rudder. The second - Astro ferrite 020 powered. All 1/16 balsa. This one I just wore out and replaced. The replacement (with a thinner wing) had a vicious stall and a brief life with several motors including an 020 cobalt before another crunch. I think I have three Schoolboy wings still around.

Showmaster 141E - a 141% scale up of Ken Willard's Showmaster. Folded a wing in a loop and had a Micafilm bag of sticks afterward.

Electro-Flea - Mitch Poling designed Astro ferrite 020 powered little sport plane. Destroyed all but the wing in a stall/spin crash, built another, did the same thing. Still have the wing.

Idealair Elf 1-20E - another folded wing (after three or four seasons of flying). The rest of it impacted on a rocky beach. I still have this wreck (really loved the plane) and may yet rebuild, but it's really bad.

Ace Whiz 40 trainer conversion. Got too low and slow on a landing and totaled the fuselage, which was a balsa one made using the ply parts as patterns. Shouldn't have copied all the lightening holes . The wing got sold to someone else on the the list and may be flying yet somewhere.

I have two other wrecks which I still intend to rebuild: My Stream Schneider Sport 60E - the one from the MAN review an my brushless motor article in 1995 (figure 9 into the water) and my wife's Goldberg Mirage 550 (the one from my "Travels with Mirage" article in Model Aviation years ago). This one went in when the Rx battery went down. When rebuilt it will have a quality ESC with BEC in it.

Isn't it terrible how many notes I keep?

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