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Aug 07, 2009, 06:54 AM
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Help me solve this problem.. ESC?, BEC? or RX?

I was wondering if anyone can chime in here. I am afraid to fly my new funjet until I get some answers..

Last week, flying a funjet on 4s, using a CC 80 amp esc and CCBEC, and AR6200 rx. Flying close by, all the sudden the motor shuts down but I still have power to dead stick it.

The ESC is beeping four times every few seconds. I could not find much information on the CC website or the net...

A few days ago. Same plane, batt and setup.. doing a high speed turn (125mph) far from me (about 500-700 feet) all the sudden, the motor still running but there is no controls and the plain continues in a high speed turn and into the ground no matter what I tried to do to correct it.

I initially, I blamed a lockout on the AR6200

But after trying to build a new funjet.. Had everything connected, I then pulled the CC BEC wire to the RX.. no power to the RX, no controls. I then replugged it while still connected, bingo.. full controls, and four beeps from the CC ESC.. Reproduction of at least the original problem.

So the question.. What caused this?
1. Low voltage? then no power to rx? Why? Avoid the AR6200 and use AR7000 instead????
2. CC BEC did not work properly?
3. CC ESC? I dont think so.
4. AR6200 low tolerance to changes in voltage?

I am not trying to fault anyone, just trying not to make the same mistake again..

Any input would be greatly appreciated...
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Aug 07, 2009, 02:31 PM
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AR6100 led flashing


I don't know how AR6200, but AR6100 when there is a power failure, the led will start flashing. So You can try install AR6100 and with help of somebody try the plane functionality for longer distance without risk of plane lost. If the led start flashing, there is the power supply problem.
ESC's ussually will start beeping when it detects signal from receiver.
Each short ot long beep informs about ESC setting.
I suppose your ESC is without BEC, so there are only 2 wires in the connector. If the ESC is with BEC and You use external BEC, You have to remove the midle wire from ESC connector.
Check, if the BEC You use is able to work with 4S. Ussually they works from 2S to 5S.
Did You install Your BEC on place with good cooling possibility ? BEC has safety temperature cutoff, so the ESC.
I had once similar problem. I used ESC with BEC and after some flying time I also lost control. The plane falls down. It was small model. When I reached plane I found, the led of AR6100 was flashing. I asked SPEKTRUM what does it mean and they told me the receiver detected power supply problem. I now tried to disconnect AR6200 from power and connect again, but the led lights normally. So try AR6100.

I hope this will help You.

Aug 07, 2009, 03:43 PM
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Thanks for the info.

I called castle.. they suggested it was the rx.
I called horizon, they suggested it was the castle bec..

I had an elogger attached and its clear that the amps (79amps), low volts 14.2 (4s, so 3.55v/cell) were all within the normal range. No big spikes or decreases.

So I am pretty sure its either the CC BEC or a loss of signal from the RX. I am thinking its the RX loss of signal for whatever reason.

So, I will stop using the 6200 and start using my trusty ar7000 and see if the problem is reproduced. Hopefully, I will not waste another airframe to find out.

There are multiple thread suggesting that the ar6100/e is prone to issues, so I am also staying away from that one..
Aug 07, 2009, 04:26 PM
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Is the Rx in a location where it stays cool? I had a similar problem, my Rx was getting over heated
Aug 07, 2009, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by leadfeather
Is the Rx in a location where it stays cool? I had a similar problem, my Rx was getting over heated
yes, in the nose of the plane, right by the intake duct.. should have been fine from that standpoint but good point.

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