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Jul 28, 2009, 03:32 PM
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GWS Micro Mustang Freeflight conversion to RC 4 channel...Update 07/29/10

Bought this GWS Mustang for a small indoor RC model and I am converting it to a 4 channel flyer. I have hinged the wing, elevator, and rudder. I need to pick up some lite weight carbon fiber rods for extra support for the elevator and the wing. Going to power it with a "Blue Wonder" motor on a 2 cell battery, I will have to experiment with the prop sizes and see what works the best, the motor will be mounted to a lite ply firewall and the nose cone will be attached using magnets. The quality of this plane is not too bad... The foam has some mold marks on it and some flashing on the edges which should be able to be sanded down and blended out with some filler putty. It comes pre-painted a light silver and comes with a good compliment of stickers but I think I will try to find a chrome paint for it. I will be putting on landing gear for ROG since I plan on flying this one mostly indoors. I have a SG91 servo for the ailerons and some light Eflite servos for the rudder and elevator. Going to convert the canopy and forward cowl so they are one piece for access to the battery bay and radio, it will also be held on by magnets. This model should be quite a challenge to keep it lite during the build, I will have to break out the dremel to remove some extra weight... Mudman1959

Update 01-20-10 GWS Mustang build continues...
Got the motor mount on and the "Blue Wonder" which happens to be silver mounted. Thinking about splitting the nose cowl in half and making it stay together with rare earth magnets for the two pieces and pins for alignment of the halves and a couple other rare earth magnets to hold it to the fuselage. Not sure on which way to split it... vertically or horizontally. Mounted a prop on it just for the photo... It will defiantly be a smaller one for the actual flying. Bent up new landing gear with a little stouter rod and found some lite foam wheels that will fit just perfectly. Waiting on finances to continue with the build... Mudman1959

Update 01-23-10 Starting to look good!
I was finally able to get a little more done tonight... The nose cowl is done and works great, I split the cowl just above the exhaust stack area and installed magnets to keep it all together. I can now take the cowl apart easily for prop changes of which I am sure I will have a few... I installed the carbon fiber rods on the wing and elevator and attached the rudder. Attached the landing gear and wheels, and finally glued the wing on permanently. Next will be the canopy and the cowl just forward of the canopy. I got all of the electrics finished and actually taxied it around inside the house for a few minutes until my Wife started complaining... I think this one is going to be fun!!! Mudman1959

Update 01-25-10
Well its done... All painted and stickered and nowhere to go! I will need to see if I can borrow a hanger from work for a few minutes for testing since the weather here is not so good here right now. Looks pretty good for a $20 model. I will need to balance it and do some taxi testing then maybe its first flight. I did not use all of the stickers in the kit, the canopy is painted on the inside since the stickers in the kit did not fit real good. Ready for some dogfighting now...
Mudman1959 Fly or Die trying in 2010...

Update... 07/22/10
Re-powering this plane with a bigger motor. It did not have enough power to fly with the "Blue Wonder" but with the New BC2638-6 from there should be no problems. Will post some new photos soon. Mudman1959

Update... 07/28/10
Well it's ready to try and Re-maiden again. I think the 6x5 prop will do ok for now but I might up size it to a 7x6.

Update... 07/29/10
Not a good Re-maiden for this little "Stang" It flew until the battery puked out then with all the trim dial in to counter act the torque it spiraled in nose first... Broke the nose and wing pretty good. On a good note: The new motor survived and it had plenty of power with a 7x5 APC prop. I might be able to repair it...

P=51.avi (0 min 32 sec)
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