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Jul 29, 2009, 02:16 AM
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Originally Posted by sleb
In a small space I also vote for the mCX or the mCX S300. I have two of those and two Esky Lama V3s. The Eskys are only good for hovering inside. The mCX can fly from room to room and through small spaces. It is way more fun than the Esky size copters for indoors.
Which one has a batter build quality? I heard E-sky has a better build quality compared to walkera but what about E-sky vs E-flite?
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Jul 29, 2009, 02:53 AM
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ESky does not make a copter as small as the mCX and the Walkera ultra Micros. In the next size up, The Blade CX, CX2 and CX3 against the Esky Lama V3 and V4, I would say they are comparable. The two brand copters can even use some of the same hop up parts.
As it is said, the bigger the copter the more the replacement parts usually cost, and the more damage that can be done. If you hit some furniture with an mCX that weighs almost nothing and it falls to the ground there is not really any damage (experience talking there) and if you hit it with a bigger copter and it falls to the ground the blades are usually the first thing to go, along with other components. (again experience talking). For inside I like the mCx better. A 10x10 flying space gives you room to fly. I like my Eskys too, but they need more room to have fun with.
I have crashed both brands numerous times. The mCX has just kept on going with no parts needed. The Esky has had parts replaced ( no electronics ), blades and other cosmetic items. ( I believe the difference in damage is due to the size difference, not buid quality)
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Jul 29, 2009, 04:17 AM
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You should also consider the walkera ufo#8

its great for small spaces and apparently flies better in light wind than a co-ax
Jul 29, 2009, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by sysreq
You should also consider the walkera ufo#8

its great for small spaces and apparently flies better in light wind than a co-ax
It's not much better than a coax outdoors and eats motors like all small Walkera helis. It's a big hit with Walkera 4#3 fans; not so much with anyone else. Cheap quads are a novelty. They don't have good flight characteristics. I'll be happy to sell you my #5, if you'd like to see for yourself. It's bigger than the #8 and easier to find parts.

With respect to MCX vs Lama V4, I'll take the Lama V4. The MCX has a charger that has the rate set too high so it burns out your lipos fast, has bad battery connections on the board that are a bitch to fix, has no forward movement authority and gets boring in about 2 weeks. The multi-rotor forum has many topics about these issues. If you want an MCX, opt for the S300 version. I think it has remediated some of the problems.
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Dec 03, 2009, 08:59 PM
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Thanks to you all!!!

I bought my boys (9 and 11 now) some of those cheap heli's you see at the mall a few years ago (for christmas) and they were really excited about the whole idea. Therefore it was very disappointing to see their frustration when they couldn't fly them because they wouldn't hold a charge or fly straight - couldn't even keep them flying long enough to trim them. So we put them away and kinda forgot about the whole thing. Well I figured I'd try again this year. I looked at the Micro Mosquito 4X4 at Radio Shack, but figured I better Google it and see what people think about it. Hence, I found you guy's here. Thanks to you all, I have just ordered them both MCX S300's for Christmas this year and this time I think they'll actually get to have some fun! Thanks a million guy's!
Dec 03, 2009, 11:22 PM
Fly Runaway Fans
I'm sure the boys will love MCX. They ARE controllable. So are the cheapies, but I bought those last, after I already understood what I was getting into.

If you encounter any issues, Horizon support is second to none, don't hesitate to call.
Dec 04, 2009, 12:00 AM
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One cool thing about the mCX's is that with the 2.4 gHz radios your boys can fly together. There's no worrying about being on the same channel, or interference. And Horizon has a number of "bind-n-fly" planes and helis that will work with the transmitters that come with the mCX. Usually saves $20 to $30 dollars off the price of the next heli or plane you may want.
Dec 04, 2009, 07:40 PM
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i got a second hand co-commanche (lama v3/4) including some spare parts.

It was fun to rebuild it and make it stabile. more things too look at then i expected.
Great to get a feeling of flying and adjusting heli's i think.

I have a small living room (5 x 5m) where i can fly small circless. this thing needs some more room i think. Dont push the controls to hard. it makes the top and bottom blades strike each other and spread blade parts all over the place. fixed this a bit with the metal blade holders upgrade. also learned not to put fingers close to a RTF heli. I was sitting on couch with remote on lap, bended forward to adjust the heli sitting on floor and pushed the throttle up with my sweater. broke a single blade on my fingernails (painful).

This remote needs throttle hold. i might mod one on it for safety.
Dec 13, 2009, 02:52 AM
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Dec 14, 2009, 09:30 AM
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+1 vote on the MCX or MSR.
Dec 15, 2009, 07:41 AM
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I've had very good luck with E-Flite's mCX and mCXs300 so far. I had never flown a helicopter, not even a cheap one.
The mCX platform got me up and hovering immediately. Learning to fly around wasn't bad at all. I started by buying the mCXs300 RTF, then bought a BNF mCX at HobbyKing for like $66. The mCX is a little less likely to have any detail bits broken in a crash, so I got it to really learn on without fear of crashing. Although, I have yet to damage either craft, after around 200 flights.
Didn't take long at all to get the hang of flying in odd places, controlling ground effect coming in to land on the edge of a table, etc. I have a 30x12 great room with a 20' ceiling section that is a blast to fly in. But both mCX and mCXs300 are also very enjoyable in my 7' ceiling cluttered basement.
I just ordered an mSR to see what single rotor fixed pitch flying is like. HobbyKing has the BNF version for $99.
Dec 16, 2009, 08:11 AM
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Grow some and get a 400D. ok just kidding although I fly mine inside at great risk to life and limb... well actually furniature.

Best beginner 4 chan. Nine eagles free spirit or solo. Cheap, functional and durable.

Dec 16, 2009, 10:30 AM
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+1 for the mCX. My first/only heli at this point. Out of the box it hovers nicely and easy to fly, good learning orientation, stick control, etc. It's also very easy to mod, and some simple mods can create a nice little flier that cuts down on the easily bored factor SQUIRREL! that I seem to have. A search on here and google will reward you with numerous references to updates/mods/etc. Good luck! And I have since bought an mCX S300 for my son for Christmas.
Dec 16, 2009, 12:04 PM
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New flyer here, only own the moment. ;-) Bought an mCX S300 last week and have been having a lot of fun with it. Bought the RTF version along with an additional battery at the LHS. E-Flite currently has $10 or $15 rebate going on, depending on what bird you get.
Dec 17, 2009, 08:48 AM
Quads & Planes, cant beat them
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You guys who have the mCX or Nine Eagle Solo/Free spirit, Youy should check out the Boomtown Hobbies grapple thread in the multi rotor section. It is great fun on these copters.
SCF, I see you have watched UP. Squirrel!

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