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Apr 09, 2003, 07:57 PM
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My 3 year old piccolo is Blaaaaaaaa

Hi All:

I have a question .....

I have a Piccolo (Standard) with old piccolo board, no HH no RX

just the plain old standard board.

I have an Orion Ellite motor( about 1 year old) Much run time on it.

Standard Tail motor (Replaced over 20 of them over the years...

Anyhow, With either my 7 cell 720 nimh (Freash Charge)
Or My Lypo's 2sx1200 7.4v (Freash Charge)

it really FEELS blaaaaaaa in the throttle area...No power anymore....

I do not own any brushed motors so i'm not familar with a dieing motor...(brushed)

Full throttle gets me off the floor 2' or 3'....were as before unlimitied to just about losing it because it was able to climb very high...

No Crashes, no stange just one day last week slowed more umph.....Could my motor be shot, or my board...I do not have 1 small speed 280 around to check the board....So......I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen with a simular setup....

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Apr 09, 2003, 09:57 PM
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Hi James,

Funny I read this post but I too just unpacked my Piccolo from storage & spun it up for the first time in 2 or so years, and have really thrashed in the past.

I've been flying th hornet and was really surprised at the low head speed of the Piccolo.
I tried my 7 cell NiMh pack with no luck same as you but tried an 8 cell NiMh pack & got 9 mins!!! I remember now you must use 8 NiMh but not sure about the LiPolys..

Anyway it sure brought back some memories

Apr 09, 2003, 09:58 PM
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Your brushes are wearing out and you cant replace them on the orion cordless so need to start looking for a new motor
Apr 09, 2003, 11:28 PM
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Wrong, brushes are replaceable on the Orion. I have a few extra sets if you need them, email me.

Has the motor overheated at all? What ESC are you using/blades setup.

I've found the Orion to do better and last longer with MS blades. In fact I've had countless flights with one of mine with the MS blades. I pulled the brushes out of it and they looked perfect. The MS blades are more efficient than the standard Piccolo blades and they make a difference with the Orion, IMHO...

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Apr 10, 2003, 08:55 PM
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Brushe's and brushless

Thanks everyone ....


Thanks very much for the offer on the brushes for the Oriion Eleite.

I think I'm going to pass, I just ordered a brushless motor, I figured it was time I break down and go for it.

If your intrested, I will send you the motor as is...And maybe you can get it in shape again? If you want ...No charge at all..
just send PM with a mailing address...

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