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Apr 09, 2003, 03:18 PM
Registered User

Any One had problems with Cermark?

I'm wonder if anybody had problems buying from Cermark, like me.
I ordered a complete wing for my Electro 72, and when it arrived, the wing witch is made in three pieces, I did not find the metal pins in the kit, to connect the tips of the wing, so I called Customer Service, and made a claim.
The lady to answered the phone, did not know what was missing, so she called somebody else, this guy he promise me to he will solve my problem.
A week later, not having notice from Cermark, I called again, and the lady she keep telling me to the screws to hold the wing together ( I keep on telling her no screws, their are metal pins!) and she said to that part came separated and I have to pay for!
All this after I paid $ 60.00 for the wing.
I hung up the phone, and decided to make my own pins, so Cermark just lost a customer.
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Apr 12, 2003, 01:32 PM
Houng-wen Lin
GWS4CEO's Avatar
In my personal understanding about Cermark, they were orgnized by many of Taiwanese Airforce Heros! They are nice peoples! Two of them shot down Mig's during Taiwan Channel's War.

I guess the timming you said just about they went to Toledo show. Pls give them a chance to prove they are OK!

I knew JC Chao since 32 years ago. I was in high school, but JC is the great JET pilot in Taiwan. He even was the leader of Taiwan Airforce Show Team! He is a nice man!
Apr 12, 2003, 02:05 PM
Registered User

To GWS4CEO- Problems with Cermark

The wing problem, was my second problem with Cermark, I agree with you regarding the owners, their can be nice people, but their Customer Service sucks! Them should check what happens there.
Apr 12, 2003, 10:10 PM
Web Monkey
I didn't have a problem with them, but I do own an Easy-Electra 72 and know what pins you mean. They are supposed to come with the kit and not come seperate.

I did find the friction-fit design of them to degrade over time (as the holes wore out from use) and I opted to just permanately mount the wing together with the pins in place, and some CA and clear tape.
May 10, 2003, 07:46 PM
Houng-wen Lin
GWS4CEO's Avatar
Cermark is comming to carry GWS servos and parts again after a few years silent!

West coast GWS flyers at LAX area, you will be have a great resource near by you!