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Apr 09, 2003, 02:23 PM
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Recommend Radio - (SA) Park Cap 232

I've just about got my StevensAero Park Cap 232 built up now and I must start with another plug. For those of you that love to build kits - GET THIS KIT! For those of you that are afraid of kits and prefer ARF's or RTF's - GET THIS KIT! You will not regret it and will probably end up buying the RV-4, CAP 40 and Ultimate Bipe shortly after you build up this beauty.

My point... I need a radio - a good radio that will allow me some growth. Right now I own a four channel Futaba 4VF 4-channel and a Hitec Focus 3 3-channel. I realize that I could easily utilize the 4 channel radio (which I use with my Spirit sailplane w/optional spoilers) but I am wondering if I could benefit from additional channels for flaperons and the aileron/rudder mixing. This is my first aileron/rudder/elevator ship. I have the Spirit sailplane and a SkyScooter Pro. Flaperons entice me b/c I love using the spoilers on the Spirit for short landings and would like to have that functionality on the Park Cap w/o having to install seperate flaps.

Any advice?
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Apr 09, 2003, 02:40 PM
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Really doubt that you will need flaperons on the Park Cap due to the light weight and great slow speed handling for landings. Also since you already have a good 4 channel radio that you can use I would just go with it for now.

As to your question about a good radio that you can grow with, I would recommend either a Futaba 6XA or 6XAS. I have both and have used some other radios and have found both of these to be great all-around radios that have the features and are also easy to use. Best of all you can pick both of these radios up for very reasonable prices here or on ebay.

So given the option go for the 6XAS because it has 6 model memory (6XA has 3) and the 6XAS also has expo.

- Bill
Apr 09, 2003, 03:37 PM
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I used to use Futaba, like them a lot. Now I have JR, I like them too. THe big thing I would say is get some features you might use. Bill is right that you will not need flaperons with this plane, but it would be nice to have the option. The big thing I would push (since mine does not have them) are Expo's and Dual Rates. Expos make fro smoother flying, and dual rates allow for high speed control throws, as well as low speed throws.
Apr 09, 2003, 05:07 PM
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i've been using a 6XAS for a while now, i think its a great system! messing around on realflight and trying all the mixings. things like flaperons, numerous preprogrammed (but still variable percentages) mixings, and 2 programmable mixers make things really intersting. sorry to sound like a salesman...