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Jul 23, 2009, 12:20 PM
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PPM commute 1

Another commute & it became quite clear we're not going to have a motorized dobson in time for the shuttle/station pass. The MOSFET H bridges interfere with the PPM. To get PPM out of any transmitter, U need amplification.

Servos stall below a minimum RPM as expected & can't go very slow. They can't handle the full 12V of the MOSFETs, so U need to limit the PWM. At least the MOSFETs haven't burned out yet, like they always used to do.

That's 1 commute to get PPM to work, 1 commute to finish structural work, 1 commute for the first field test. How about some news.


China is going to forgive US's debt. That's right kids. The central bank of China is going to tell Chinese savers "Sorry suckers. Your money's gone, but it beat unemployment for the last 100 years.". They're going to devalue Yuans to 0, create a new currency, & a big chunk of the world population is going to die off. That's how the world works.

Consider that to get $200 billion in trade surpluses, China now has to buy $500 billion in bonds. That's their commitment to 100% employment overshadowing all desire to make money. The world economy is really China giving everyone money & everyone buying Chinese stuff.

Maybe U thought times changed since ancient Egypt, but slavery has always been fundamental for humans. Fortunately US is now on the receiving end of slave output. Chinese enslave themselves to US to fill their biologically programmed human need for self worth.

U'd never question buying a billion dollars of laptops for Urgandians even though starving kids in Louisiana have no idea what a computer is. U'd never question paying 110% taxes if your fearless leader said U need to cool down the planet & this is how it's done. U need to feel the self worth of sacrificing yourself. It's the same philosophy with China paying US's debt.

Amazing to think that every pricetag around U from the $10 tubes of toothpaste to the $10 ice cream cones is the money earned by Chinese savers & pumped into US. Fortunately, no Chinese read the Jack Crossfire blog, or else they'd all close their accounts, drive interest rates back to 20% again, & make your $5,000,000 garden sheds worth only $50,000 again.
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