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Apr 07, 2003, 12:02 PM
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Personal/Club/Publication Web Sites

I've been meaning to do this for a while. There are a number of resources out there that people in the micro area have on their personal web sites. There are also examples of planes they have built which are often useful when thinking about the next model. So, here is a quick starter set of sites I've bookmarked over time. In each case they have substantial micro content, which I think is what we are interested in here. There are undoubtedly a lot more sites that I don't know of or just haven't bookmarked. There is no slight intended if I've forgotten any. Also, please note that none of these are business web sites.

If anyone has any other personal web sites, perhaps you will post them. I've posted a link and the complete URL. As usual, we can let Graham decide if a particular site is worthy of elevating to some permanent status, like he does for vendor sites etc. And, if this thread proves useful, perhaps he will add it to the useful threads thread of threads.

Club sites can be useful resources. And, are just plain fun for seeing what others are doing. So, I've included some of them, but put them in their own section. If our Boston Micronauts site ever becomes worthy (note to self, aka webmaster, to make it worthy) I'll submit it. There are clearly a lot of indoor clubs that could be added here. The Aeroflakes come to mind, but I forgot to bookmark it.

One of the reasons I put a link and the complete url is personal site links can go bad. My domain will be changing to in the next couple of months because of a misguided merger/divestiture foisted on us by AT&T. With the complete url we might have a clue how to find the site if the link goes bad. When someone discovers the new url to someone's site it can be posted here and updated. Still, some of the url's are quite long and the BB software truncates them. I don't have a solution for this. Maybe someone else knows how to get around the truncation.


Most of the links with the name don't work for some reason. Always before they do. Till I sort out why they don't, click on the complete url itself, which does work. I don't know what is going on with the BB software.

Added section for publication web sites.
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Apr 07, 2003, 12:10 PM
in persuit of low wing loading
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John Worth's RC Micro World site is a subscription-based on-line newsletter devoted specifically to miro RC. It can be thought of as a continuation of the (defunct) RC Micro Flight Newsletter. This is the most Micro RC oriented regularly published publication available.

FlyRC is a general RC print publication that has some Micro RC content, specifically Thayer Thyme's column "Indoor Runways".

Flying Models is a general RC print publication with two or three monthly columns that deal with small or micro RC models and free flight.

Quiet & Electric Flight International is a UK based magazine devoted to electric and sailplane coverage. It has a monthly column "Watts Under the Roof" by John Stennard that covers micro and indoor RC and helis.


Bruce Abbott's (New Zealand) site has lots of good resources. He has a set of prop constants for GWS props.

He also has a thrust calculator that takes as input a measured RPM for a GWS prop, and returns the static thrust at that RPM. This is useful for people with a tach, but no thrust stand. He also has good DIY electronics projects like replacing chips on R4P or Feather RX's with a chip with code to reject bad signals. The thrust calculator can be downloaded from this post in the Power Systems forum.

Kochi's (Japan) indoor plane site. It's in Japanese but Babelfish does a reasonable job translating. Several very good extremely light indoor and room flyer planes are featured. Lots of technical details are presented, including code for DIY Infared Control.

Matt Litke (US)
Matt Litke's site with his planes and a number of good reference tables for motors, servos, static tests, etc.

Martin Newell (US)
Martin's site has pictures and videos of some very small planes. Particularly of interest is his tiny CF bipe. He has techniques written up too. Well worth a visit.

J.M. Quetin (France)
J.M. Quentin's site with details on some of the earliest sub 10 gram planes. Very innovative work.

Paul Bradley (US)
Paul's site has a wealth of rubber power no-cal WWII plane designs that can be downloaded and adapted to micro RC, as well as some of Paul’s planes. The site also has a section with some of his brother Ralph’s micro planes. Resources on the site include balsa density calculator and a pitch guage.

Jean-Louis Coural (France)
JLC has details on his own origial design ultra micro receiver for actuator based planes. He also has details on gearboxes, propellors, etc for micro indoor planes.

Johan’s Micro Flight (Sweden)
Has Kolibri tips etc.

Fly Electric (UK)
Has downloadable plans to various Depron planes including the Drenalyn.

Pierre’s Planes (Canada)
has lots of examples of foam planes he has built.

Andy Briket (UK)
Has downloadable software for DIY IR receivers, and his planes.

Col’s Indoor Planes (UK)
Examples of FF and RC indoor planes

Allan Wright (US)
Lots of examples of his planes and resources like the Canned Heat plane conversion, etc.

Gordon’s Electric RC (US)
Planes, static tests, etc.

Philip Thulin (Sweden)
Micro planes etc, mostly in Swedish though, but there is an english section (click on the english flag)

Mr RC Cam's Bit Plane Page (US)
Details on building planes using Bit Charger and similar micro car radio and components

Keith Pohlmeyer (US)
Lite Stick mods, etc.

Michael Connally (US)
Various CF and sheet foam indoor/outdoor planes.

Del's Page (US)
Indoor Stick & Tissue planes for RFFS & Bitcharger, also prop information.


Lots of examples of micro scale planes, resources, how-to’s etc from the masters of wallfoam.

Team Klaustrophobia
How-To’s like CF prop molding as well as planes and more.

RC Mania
Indoor (and outdoor) planes in the Czech Republic.

Atlanta Indoor RC (US)
Indoor event pictures for Atlanta area indoor meets.

Boston Micronauts (US)
Indoor Micro RC Club in the US. Site has mostly pictures from indoor flying sessions, and close to the time for NEAT has information on the Indoor Night at NEAT.
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Dec 25, 2003, 01:05 PM
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here's another:
Aug 07, 2004, 03:54 PM
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Just found this site and have been reading, right through lunch!

I want to say Thank you for all the effort you have obviously put into this and for the benefit that all of us recieve from having a modeler such as yourself available with THE answers.

It's really exciting to follow the new developments in this branch of the hobby!
Aug 07, 2004, 04:35 PM
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great idea gordon!!
thanks alot.
Aug 10, 2004, 01:32 AM
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Nice very helpfull!
Aug 10, 2004, 01:41 AM
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Great stuff! this should be a "sticky" thread. tt