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Oct 24, 2003, 10:11 AM
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Hi Gerald
Shouldn't do stuff late at night after a hard day washing/staining the deck. The stuff I have is "Oratex", unfortunately the piece I have wouldn't cover the tailplane on your Camel.

Litespan - not bad considering it was originally made for indoor scale fliers who, for whatever reason, can't use tissue/dope.

I once tinkered with painting that "Doculam" stuff. Even without being too fussy over cleaning the Doculam, a lot of paints really stick to it good. Unfortunately, Sue is highly allergic to modelling smelly stuffs (she says!), so I tend to the easy way out these days, with consumer stuff, as opposed to doing it properly.

See-through on WW1 aircraft is right out of order - I've drooled my way around the hangars at Old Warden, where they do it about as right as is humanely possible, plenty and you can't see through their aircraft, no way.

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Oct 24, 2003, 02:22 PM
ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι
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Derek, you should be able to use the acrylics then without complaint about the smell. They are virtually oderless, and clean up with water. One of the brands, either Model Master or Polyscale, (I forget which) smells a little like Hershey's cocoa to me, haven't tasted it yet though .

The paint seems to be sticking nicely to the Ultracote-lite on the Camel so far for normal flying, none has come off so far after 6 months. Though I had a devil of a time with it pulling off with the masking for the markings when trying to airbrush them on. So I resorted to inkjet printed waterslide decals for some markings, and hand painting others.

For models in this size I think any fabric covering would be too heavy. The problem I've had with Litespan is that it comes off or loosens after the fact if you use Balsaloc to apply it, and compund curves are difficult to accomplish wrinkle free. The last time I used Sig Stix-it (VERY bad toluene smell!) to apply it and that seems to be holding.
Nov 05, 2003, 06:21 AM
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Two years back I built a 30" Peter Rake Nieuport Bébé from a freebie plan in a pom mag. A mate built his Ponnier at the same time. Both had Graupner Sp 400 with ditto gears and 9 x 6 props. Ponnier had 8 x 500 nicads for three channels, mine had 7 for four. Both Litespan covered with no problems. (I had one servo per aileron (6 gram) and JR 371s for rudder and elevator. Solartrim roundels and numerals, painted rudder stripes (Humbrol tinlets). Wheels were liteply with real ply centres and tubing tyres. Ponnier streeted the Bébé for climb out, with more wing area - and the extra cell. The Ponnier could ROG, Bébé needed handlaunching. Both, for safety, were landed in the long grass alongside the strip, otherwise the tumble caused some damage every time. Major disadvantage we found was the balsa longerons which were over fragile. Although both models are now deceased, I've since built an O/D Bristol Scout (a.k.a. Bullet) 30" span to Rake principles, (a.k.a. pinched his ideas) but using 1/8" sq. pine longerons and eight cells. Result, a classy little flyer, a bit waffly, but I guess stereotypically so. It ROGs and LANDS UPRIGHT, - some of the time. Thanks Peter. Rgds, TasMike