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Jul 13, 2009, 06:45 AM
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Build Log

TF giant 85 -Downunder

I love the look of the warbirds of WWII, but was really taken by a TF giant P47 flown at our Large Scale air racing, in Adelaide, Australia last March.

Apart from the excellent skill shown by the pilot, that P47 flew like it was on rails. One thing stood out, it has a longer 'moment in the fuselage, which can only help it's cause.

On the long drive (9 and 1/2 hours) to my home, lots of dreaming and scheming evolved.

2 days later, I had found the only TF Giant p47 kit available in Australia. Seeing as I had a Zenoah g-62 gathering dust, further dreaming was undertaken.

Then I came across the excellent build thread by X-Craft here,
which convinced me to give it a go.

So the purchase was made, and duly arrived. Glad to say I bought when I did, the sad Aussie dollar did nothing for the new stock, if i had waited for another week or two, would have cost another $200.
Managed to sell some unwanted projects, so have gone all out, and will be fitting it out with the recommended Robart Air retracts.

Further encouragement by X-Craft has convinced me to create this thread.

So here goes. I don't know if I will go all out scale (those rivets amaze me from X-Craft's build) as I probably intend to race it.

Why probably? Well that will all depend on how I feel when it's finished. Racing does have it's moments of sudden tragedy.

So here's the start.
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Jul 13, 2009, 06:56 AM
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I have scratch build in the past, but find time makes the kits a lot faster, and generally more enjoyable.

Fairly straight forward, I found the TF instructions excellent.
Following the TF recommendations, I actually bought 2 11inch and 2 5.5 inch Great Planes Sanding bars. For years I have used the normal piece of wood with sandpaper wraper around, but after only using these for the past week or so, I wish I had bought them years ago.

So on with the build.
Jul 13, 2009, 07:01 AM
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I followed X-Craft's excellent idea, and glued a false leading edge, my only variation, I didn't glue the actual Leading eadge on first, but only after I had sheeted it, much like I build a foam core wing.

I don't expect this to be a quick build, I suspect I will still be adding to this thread in 2 years time.

But it is SOOOO enjoyable, much more satisfying the putting an ARF together (but I do enjoy them as well).
Jul 13, 2009, 09:04 AM
ARFs Are Me
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Good luck on your new project.

X-craft is an excellent builder, and has many innovative ideas. I'm sure that he can assist you, if you run into problems.

I've seen Tim's Jug. If you think those rivets look good in his pics, you should see them in person !!! His model was the center of attention last weekend, when he had it on display.
Jul 13, 2009, 11:09 AM
Love the Jugs
x-craft's Avatar
Geez guy's............thanks for the kudo's.

I'm glad to see that your doing the build thread and I'll keep an eye on what you have going on. Those rivets are not really difficult to do, just take some time. Once you get to that point you may decide that with all the time and effort why not take it one step further. That's what's happening on my end, except one step further has turned in to 10 steps further
Sep 28, 2009, 08:20 AM
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More Work

Finally back on the bench.

Have basically finished the tailplane, but might end up doing X-Craft's hinge shroud idea yet, so will need to open up the elevator sheeting to add further hing blocks

Any way, here's the progress.

The only thing I don't like is the large balsa blocks.
I know it makes it easier to model/shape things, but I reckon it adds a bit of weight.
Compared to pattern tailplane's I have done, which are around the same plan size, this is a lot heavier.

Plus the tailplane sheeting is 3/32, and fairly heavy to what I usually use on a patternplane foam core.
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Jul 18, 2010, 08:22 AM
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My how time goes, really long time since I touched my P47.
Well after following X-Crafts excellent build log, and also Gree's electric conversion here

I spent/wasted a lot of time procrastinating about how I was going to do my P47.
Have finally got back on track, and am going with original plan, which was to build the P47 as per the Kit, no real mods as such.
My ultimate aim is to race it, and seeing as Adelaide Air races are next April, it's time to get moving. Sorry to all the real scale buffs, this is going to be built as Topflite intended it. No fancy hinging or rivets or panel lines (although I will draw them on then clear coat them over).

So a small step tonight.
Very exciting to start on the Fuselage. It really gives you a sense of it's size and presence.

Here's a few pics.
Jul 23, 2010, 08:02 AM
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Almost ready to sheet the top of the Fuselage

More done this week, really enjoying getting back to it so far.

Not sure how I am suppose to sheet the fuselage, "THEN" remove the pins holding it to the building board.
Instructions say to "remove T oins" and take assembly off the board"

Already trying to work out my engine choice.
MT 57, or DLE 55, or OS 55?
Jul 31, 2010, 02:29 PM
2 Big and Too Heavy
skyline223's Avatar
Im also working on the TF Giant Jug.... will be watching this thread.
Aug 01, 2010, 06:35 AM
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Started sheeting the fuselage, Tailplane in postion.
Aug 01, 2010, 09:39 AM
2 Big and Too Heavy
skyline223's Avatar
Very clean work!
Sep 13, 2010, 08:53 AM
Registered User
More time spent in the Hobby Hangar. I really love this when I get the time.
Got the bottom started, almost ready to sheet it.

I might make it by January yet.
Sep 13, 2010, 09:03 AM
Registered User
Bit more progress tonight.
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Sep 16, 2010, 10:07 PM
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txflyboys2's Avatar
Hi Aussie! I began the kit version a few years back and sadly haven't progressed on it in a good while. I have framed and sanded the vertical and horizontal stabs and had the top fuse assembly well underway when my shop was broken into one night. My building board is a hollow-core door sitting across two saw horses underneath. When the intruders broke in through the shop window, one of them stepped on one end of the building board and was struck in the head immediately by the other end of the building board, with the P-47 fuse still pinned down to it! (nowadays, would LOVE to see the video of that.........must have been very similar to a 3 Stooges movie! LOL!!)

That must have ended the thief's shopping around, as he/they left the same way they came in (door was locked). The amazing thing I discovered afterward was that the P-47 fuse was still completely pinned down to the board with NO major damage done to it! Only about 3" of the end of a stringer located on the turtledeck was broken, which was easily repairable. There were a couple of small holes knocked into the newly sheeted horizontal and vertical stabs but nothing major.

My Dad was a crew chief on two different P-47D's during WWII, so I am enjoying the project as much as you. BTW, which engine did you decide to go with? I plan to use a G-62, so would be interested to see any mods you had to make to the firewall/mount to allow for it. I also went to Aerotech and picked up a scale exhaust muffler system to fit the G-62. That will take a little time to route out both sides of the fuse bottom. I also picked up one of their Jug sliding canopies.

As I mentioned, Dad crewed two different Jugs, so I recently picked up one of Tower Hobbies' Giant P-47 RTC's. Dad is getting up in years and I want him to see one in the air, so decided to cut a few corners on the first one and go Monocote Aluminum (his planes were primarily the aluminum color) and get it in the air, then maybe glass and paint the kit version. Will be interested to follow your progress.........going with the bubbletop, right?

Sep 27, 2010, 08:07 AM
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Bit more work done, slowly slowly slowly.

Have added a couple of pics of the engine mount.
I am going to use a DLE 55, these are about 1 kg lighter than the Zenoah G62, so may need a bit of added weight up front.
So the Engine mount is made up of heavy 7 ply laminate to space the engine the correct distance out from the firewall.

Was looking at the ABS cowl parts, think I will get the cowl from Fibreglass specialities, only problem, the shipping cost to Australia is nearly as much as the cowl.

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