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Apr 05, 2003, 03:58 PM
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NEWBIE: The Zagi/Ele-Bee Prop falls off!!

Okay, Im new to flying and I am getting frustrated.

I have an Ele-bee.

I get the plane w/ 3 props. I take out to fly and I have about 40 seconds of total air time, with a total 4 throws 10 seconds each, and my prop breaks in half.

Not a problem, I got 2 more!! So, I stick it on and 4 throws later, 10 seconds each. Still on, not broke. Throw it again, prop comes off in the air. Down goes my Ele-bee like a brick. I locate the prop, put it back on, it comes off again. Find out, some of the plastic has been take off on onto the prop-motor.

I grab another one, same thing repeats itself.

I go to a local store and pay a inflated 3.59 PER PROP and take it out, 4 filghts later, toast.

1) I am new, so I am frustrated because I can't get any good air time to practice flying... having to replace the prop every 4 throws.

2) The engineering is really messed up. Why is a reverse flying prop only attached with friction? Makes NO SENSE to me what-so-over.

3) What can I do (short of gluing them on with super glue) to keep these things on.

4) What other solutions, better solutions, prop, motor would be a good solution... hopefully something that flies bricks really well cause mine is just that, a big square brick.

I get absolutely NO lift out of this thing, I throw it, it might go up 30 ft or so then the wind catches it and trashes it onto the ground.

I replaced my elevons w/ the plastic and since then, my 40 seconds of air time seems to be much more stable than my previous 100 seconds of air time w/ my previous 3 props.

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Apr 05, 2003, 06:49 PM
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Is the motor turning the right way?

She should blow air toward the back of the plane.
Apr 05, 2003, 06:59 PM
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Yes, it is right.
Apr 05, 2003, 07:00 PM
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Pull the black spinner off of the prop and put it back on the prop from the other side.
this will help with the thrust issue (the lettering on the prop should face away from the plane/motor).
Make sure that when you press the prop on to the motor that you push it on all of the way (about 3/8 inch) and the problem with the prop comming off should go away. If the prop is not all of the way on the shaft it can spin the prop off.
The press fit of the prop works well, and I have only had problems with them comming off durring flight when they were not on all of the way, or the hub of the prop was cracked.

Apr 05, 2003, 07:45 PM
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One way to keep the prop from coming off is shown on the YourZagi page. Go to this page and scroll down to "My propeller keeps falling off!"

I had some propeller issues in the past; since I have been drilling holes in the black rubber spinner, I haven't lost any!

Good luck and keep with it...
Apr 05, 2003, 11:45 PM
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Wrap the prop shaft with some sewing thread, then hit the thread with some CA. The thread will increase the diameter of the shaft a litlle bit, and it will provide more friction, too.
Apr 06, 2003, 12:18 PM
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As Turaboy said drilling a hole in the end as outlined on the YourZagi page works great. Apparently it lets the air out so it doesn't push the prop off, either with the help of the torque or from the heat of the shaft expanding the air and popping it off.

You might want to check and maybe adjust your CG if it flies like a brick. If you have any altitude at all it should glide fine. If it doesn't something else is not right. Are the elevons trimmed to have a little bit of up?

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Apr 06, 2003, 08:28 PM
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well, if you are really frustrated, go ahead and buy a prop adapter for the sp400 motor (2.3mm). buy yourself a nice prop - i use a 6x3 Tornado on mine (white in color, very flexible but thicker than the gunther props).

I also fly an ele-bee and have never lost a prop with this setup and the plane flies really nice.

So, you spend a few extra bucks (maybe $10 total) for this setup and now you will never loose another prop or break one.

ps- if you do buy another prop, the writing 99% of the time faces forward not to the rear like the gunther stock props.

pss- my ele-bee will glide with no power for 10-20 feet easy if i just throw it good and hard. check cg and make sure you have it right side up (don't ask how i know - but the ele-bee has the radio gear and servos on the bottom side - servo arms sticking through slots on top - and the canopy, battery, and esc/motor on the top side)!
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Apr 06, 2003, 10:34 PM
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I have a FMA Razor. Its 2 years old. It has over 24 hours of flight time on original motor and original prop. A collet style prop adapter is what I use. I also use a MAS 5.5x4 prop. A little better than the gunthers your using. The only gunther I'm using is on a modded up Firebird XL and the prop is glued on. Those gunthers are notorious for flying off.