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Aug 19, 2009, 02:35 PM
I like EPP
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Originally Posted by Dreamcatcher
Some more pictures of Funtana's flight

A video have been made too.
I will post her as soon as possible

Bye !

Nice one. Looking forward to see the video. (Have an eye on this one for a while now) keep it coming.
Thanks for sharing.

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Aug 21, 2009, 08:16 PM
Warbirds Lover
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Hello MatK,

You can stop waiting, I've worked hard and late to edit the video.
It was harder than i had thought. Hard to find a music to dub the video, only a few amount of usable footages, and so on....

I finally decided to use a song (J'ai vu) from an old 80's French band called "Niagara" (they stopped to play music in early 90's .... brand new music isn't it ? )
Well I hope this piece of music fits not too bad to the movie's speed and tempo.

Here is the video :

R/C Scratchbuilt mini Funtana - last test flights (4 min 1 sec)

Enjoy !
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Aug 22, 2009, 01:54 PM
I like EPP
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Thank you Dreamcacher, I enjoyed that,very nice flying,Love the sun set, music is O-K could be little slower though, will give this one a try later on need to clean up the work place 1st.

Aug 25, 2009, 06:48 PM
Warbirds Lover
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You're Welcome mate.

@ Kalleman : any update on your funtana ?
Aug 26, 2009, 01:19 AM
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Unfortunately not. I have been busy crashing and repairing my other planes. My plane-count (the ones that are able to fly) has decreased dramatically the last week. Now I'm down to just one plane that I can just grab and fly. The others require various degrees of repair before I can get them airborne. I tend to fly more and more reckless when I have repaired a plane a couple of times and that usually leads to more repair...

That's why I have decided to put the Funtana on top of the build list. I need a good new plane that I have to fly somewhat carefull. I hope to get some progress this weekend.
Aug 27, 2009, 01:19 AM
lance dalton's Avatar
Finally got to watch the video. Very Nice, Pascal. I liked it.
She flies very true, "Like it's on rails". Seems to tumble very well and does a sweet flat spin. Have you tried moving the CG back?

Thanks for sharing,
Aug 27, 2009, 08:27 AM
Warbirds Lover
Dreamcatcher's Avatar
@Kalleman : i'm sad to read that you crashed some of your models. Hope you will be able to repair them all.

I look forward to see the next steps of your building

I crashed some too last weeks :
My little Troll biplane hit the ground while i was trying to touch the ground with the rudder while torque rolling - No big wreck, just a rudder, a propeller and a wing tip. I have already repaired her and she flies again. I'm 100% reponsible and i accept this crash

But i also crashed my Alphajet pusher parkjet the same day as i wanted to do a video for posting here and i still don't know why she crashed - that makes me a bit angry not to know why a bird crash....

I launched the Alphajet, turned right, climbed, turned left with a good speed and suddenly, she started a flat spin. I saved her a 1st time but after a couple of seconds of level flying she started another flat spin she was too much near from the ground and she crashed. I will have much more work to repair her : rear fuselage and elevators supports are brocken and the nose and the turtle deck are broken too...

Last time, she flew like a dream with the same settings.... i don't understand what happened.

@ Lance Dalton :
Thank you very much for the comments Lance.

Yes, we have flight tested her with a very rear CG : Torque rolls becomes very easy but she flies really nose up and becomes very nervous on all axis. (The flat spin in the video was with an "a bit rear" CG). I'm not sure that we can move CG more backward because the plane could become unpleasant to pilot. With the "rearer" (most rear - i'm not sure of the word) CG position when flying inverted, we already have to PULL on the elevator stick to avoid she climb and it's a bit unconfortable, specialy for inverted low pass... but the plane have never been "nasty".

As you can see in the video, the plane is able to fly with a very low speed.
Just have to be carefull not to perform this very slow pass with a rear wind because if the wind's speed increase, the plane might stall - With our engine/propeller settings she needs something like 3 meters high to resume her flight.

I don't think she can be a serious competitor for "3D" events but, definitively, she's a nice aerobatics aircraft "3D" capable.

Have a nice day and safe flights

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Sep 07, 2009, 04:09 AM
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I just want to say one thing.....AAAWWWWWEEESOME!!!!!

Dreamcatcher I got that exact same setup waiting for a new plane, might give this one a chance.

My only concern is how I should do to roll the fuselage, I've tried to roll depron before without any luck, it just doesn’t look good to me...

Sep 07, 2009, 05:59 AM
Warbirds Lover
Dreamcatcher's Avatar
Hi !

Thank you Nadim.

Well... To Roll depron there is a couple of "secrets" :

I will try to explain a bit with my poor english

1 - Depron is like balsa wood : it's easy to bend in one sense but not in the other.... To find the "fiber" sense try to bend a square piece of depron in one direction (slowly bend it up and down) then try to bend it another time but in the other direction (90° from the first try's direction). You will see that it can be bent much more in one sense than all other. This is what i call "the fiber sense".

2 - once you will have find the "fiber sense" of your depron (i.e. the direction you can bent it easily), if you have to bent it a lot, you can help by using a ball pen and draw lines parallel to the sense you want to bent your piece of depron and apply a soft / medium pressure on the depron with your pencil. Your pen must to engrave your depron's surface (about half the thickness is a good thing) - see below pictures.

This engraved lines will help you to bend your depron without cracking it.

3 - if you must hard bending your depron, engrave lines on the inner side of the part you want to bend and use tape (3M or any other brand you want) on the other side before to bend it

4 - you can heat it -- but be careful, depron's surface don't like at all high temperatures...

(you can also hot wire cut the turtle deck from styrofoam block - this is what we have done on this Funtana)

Enjoy building this plane !


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Sep 07, 2009, 01:37 PM
100% addicted to RC :)
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Dreamcatcher...your scratch built foamies are in a league of there own. I only wish I could execute a plane with such precision and organization. It looks like your stuff came out of a factory!!!! Great work!
Sep 07, 2009, 02:22 PM
Warbirds Lover
Dreamcatcher's Avatar
Thank you finchkid24,

I appreciate the compliment but i have to be honest : if i can do it, every body can do it !

I have to admit that i build flying models since 25 years now so.... i might say that i have a little practice in building

I had the great chance to discover this hobby when i was young, in a club, at a time where the kits were very expensives and the RTF or ARTF did not exist so... we used to draw or buy plans, wood, glue and ... to build the plane of our dreams

In France, Depron is far far cheaper than balsa.
The first time I tried it was in 2008 with the building of a F-14 pusher jet (Jetset44's design) followed by a lovely little biplane called TROLL.
Since... "i fell in love with building from foam".

I build from depron since one year and half now and i have learnt the most things i know about it here, on Rcgroups's forum, thanks to all the guies who answer to my questions

In my opinion the best way to progress is to share knowledge with others and that's what i try to do. We are lucky because this forum is a great source of knowledge (and the best, i think)

I enjoy to share some of my work here with you, i'm happy if you like that and i'm very happy when other people build some planes i have designed.

Good evening all !

Sep 07, 2009, 02:45 PM
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Nadim's Avatar
I'll definitely build this plane, but it's going to take a while before have the time for it though.
Thanks for the "tips" on how to roll the depron.

You Cap looks great by the way.

Sep 08, 2009, 11:41 PM
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would and eflite poer 10 work on this 10x6 prop and 3s 2200 mah 20c? TIA
Sep 09, 2009, 04:30 AM
Warbirds Lover
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Hi smkn951,

I never used this brushless engine but, if the manufacturer's pecs are right, no problem to use your brushless.

You will have plenty of power !

The E-flight 10 you want to use looks to be a 375w 1100 Kv.
The KDA 22-20L we use on the funtana is "only" a 220W 1000Kv.
The KDA engine + 10x4.7 propeller allows the Funtana to climb verticaly with no limit and most of flight is done with 1/2 power.

(her ready to take off weight is about 21 Oz. with KDA 22-20L + 1300 mAh 3S 20c lipo - 10 to 12 minutes flight time)

With a 10x6 prop i think you will have a higher flying speed (more pitch) - great setting for Aerobatics anyway.

The plane can support the increased weight due to the bigger Lippo.

Enjoy this plane !


Sep 09, 2009, 03:16 PM
lance dalton's Avatar
That Cap is Beautiful, Pascal. You do some Fantastic work my friend. Do you happen to have plans for it? I've always wanted a Cap 232.

You brought back memories from my old building days with plans and balsa. I built my first 48inch hand launch balsa glider when I was 10. Used clear dope on rice paper for the covering.
I was balancing the wings in front of my house with light tosses. The wind caught it and it went into the street and 15 cars hit it in rush hour traffic. Sticks and paper everywhere. That was a bummer I'll never forget.


ps Carl, that motor might be a tad too big.

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