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Jun 25, 2009, 12:38 PM
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Jarel Design ROAD TRIP...! (LA, Santa Barbara, Daventprot and SF)

Well, we've been wanting a break, I've been wanting to get some flying in and we need to pick up more materials in LA.

We're thinking about doing a road trip including LA, Santa Barbara, Davenport and San Francisco... Picking up materials in LA and putting on some demo flights at a few sights. I'll be bringing a few ICONs, Telos, Impulse as well as Crossbow and hopefully DaVinci's... (I'll be bringing ready to fly ships as well as boxed kits for viewing...)

I'm looking for some input as far as flying sites, hopefully close to campgrounds...

In the Los Angeles area, I thought there was a place near Castaic Lake where people fly? (Thinking there are also campgrounds in the immediate area?

Also hoping for some campground input for the Santa Barbara Area, Davenport and San Francisco areas... and flying site input for Santa Barbara and San Francisco areas.

Thinking about two days in Los Angeles and one day each in the other areas...

I'd LOVE to re-unite with some of the old Hughes Hill Gang (Al Ung, Mark Grand, Glen Morimoto?) as well as those of you who have been so supportive on the Telos, Crossbow and ICON projects...

Anyone up for meeting me in any of these areas?

We don't have a definite schedule yet, still flexible but looking at the end of July, beginning of August...

Let me know! I'd love to meet you there!

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Jun 26, 2009, 10:10 AM
Semper Fidelis...........
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A trip to Cajon would serve you well, but it is inland and no camping near by that I know of. Coastal spots would be a better deal for the masses to meet you. Whatever happens, I will be where you end up in LA so we can shake hands. Talk to you later,

Doug Blackburn
Jun 26, 2009, 01:54 PM
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Hi Doug... Isn't Cajon at Cajon Pass (Tejachapi)? as in the grapevine(I-5) coming from the San Juaqin valley (from the north) up to Frazier Park? This is where we'll be driving from and thinking that we might find a campsite somewhere up on the pass (Castaic Lake, Mt Pinos, etc... I was hoping to have two days of flying in the LA area... One of my stops is in Anaheim to pick up sheet plastic, so a South bay/Orange County area slope would also be great! As for "nearby" camping, 50 miles away is not a big deal for us considering we're driving 800 miles just to get to southern California! We've been looking at LeoCarillo state beach to the north, San Onofre to the south and Tejachapi to the east...

The only place I'm not interested if flying is Fermin (Ironically, one of the best heavy ship sites), Too much lift, not enough area to show what my planes can do and not too thrilled about the landing site... I used to frequent the spot in the olden days with Charlie Morey (Slope Soaring News), mostly because it was halfway between our homes, a nice grassy relaxing spot with no hikes through the bushes etc (We both had women in our lives then who liked the "civilized" observation area... lol!

I'd give anything to fly Hughes again (It doesn't even exist anymore! lol!)

So, if Cajon is the same "cajon" as in "Cajon Pass" I think that might be a great inland site...

Can you ask (pass the word) around to see if anyone is interested in an unofficial "JADE-fest" gathering... I'm already building planes to bring and burning the midnight oil on the Crossbow and DaVinci ships... (probably bringing electric versions of both since I can fly electric on slope with out much difference and if there's no wind, I'll still be able to get airborne! lol! I'm limited as to what I can bring, but will bring some other "goodies" no one has ever seen yet...!

Thanks for writing...!

Looking forward to finally meeting! (There have been so many online relationships I've experienced without faces... This will be great!

Jun 26, 2009, 02:19 PM
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You're confusing the Tejon Pass (Grapevine) with the Cajon Pass, off the 15 Fwy.

If you're staying at Leo Carrillo and Fermin has too much lift for you (never knew that was a possibility ) you can come hang at Temescal. Drive-up access, puffy sea breeze and a reasonable landing pattern if and only if you take advice from one of the locals, as the landing pattern is far from obvious. It's about 25 miles from Leo towards Santa Monica. I don't know how much area you need as I think Fermin has plenty, but Temescal isn't going to be bigger in terms of the lift band.
Jun 26, 2009, 04:41 PM
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Thanks for the info...

Nothing is totally set in stone yet as far as avoiding Fermin... (part of our plans is keeping the family as a unit so that the trip is not all about flying! (ha! is there any other reason for a road trip like this!?!?!?!)

Probably the highest priority is to meet (in person) so many of the people I have "met here", get a chance to fly with them, show some new products and at the same time, get my girls to a beach so they can body surf! (I taught them last trip and they're hooked!) lol!

So where on I-15 is Cajon? How far from Tejon Pass is it...? As I remember (or forget! lol!) coming from the north, I would continue past Tejon and as the fwy goes down hill theres a major cloverleaf that takes me on to I-15? am I close? What's the flying like at Cajon? What's the flying like at Temsecal Canyon?

It's not wanting more lift, just the kind of lift... My ships fly anywhere, I just enjoy an angled "slope" rather than a cliff bowl "boomer" (may sound weird... more of a personal preference thing getting more used to working gentle lift rather than being able to fly a brick because the lift is so straight up... definitely a personal preference and again, not written in stone and VERY open to all sorts of suggestions...

thanks again!


(just noticed your location... used to fly at the beach near there but heard that it is now a bird sanctuary, no access? I used to work with the LA county Fire department (helicopter rescue) back in the mid 70's... if only I can remember the many slopes and bowls that seemed so great to fly (maybe along Mulhuland?

Thanks again!
Jun 26, 2009, 04:55 PM
Define "interesting..."
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Greetings. A popular camp & soar spot is Sunset State Beach, just west of Watsonville in Santa Cruz County. From the Dunes Campground you can walk to the flight area overlooking the Monterey Bay. This also puts you driving distance south of Davenport and north of Marina. You can more or less see the other two places from Sunset State Beach.


Kirk out
Jun 26, 2009, 05:09 PM
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Temescal is a bluff really, with a pretty steep angle. However, the shape of the hill splits the wind rather than being a bowl, and the onshores are hardly ever stronger than 15 mph. If not for the fact that it's five minutes from my house, I might rarely fly there.

HOWEVER, you can't beat the view or the weather, access is easy, and body surfing is literally located across the street at Will Rogers State Beach...
Jun 26, 2009, 06:22 PM
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smiling big time... amazing how life presents itself...

Just received a PM regarding an inland site (I'm hoping for two days of flying at two different locations (hoping for one site near the coast and one inland...) Although I've heard of Whitaker Peak, I've never been there...

The bottom line is I'm hoping to go to wherever the most people can make it...

Thanks again for the input! TOTALLY appreciated!

Jun 26, 2009, 06:28 PM
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Last I checked Whitaker Peak was closed, requiring a two mile hike up the fire road. There is a neat Santa Ana site in the area too, but again, no Santa Ana winds at least until October.
Jun 26, 2009, 07:08 PM
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Grass Mountain is just north of Castaic, has good consistent lift and plenty of room to camp at the top of the slope. Plenty of folks do it.


Jun 27, 2009, 02:25 AM
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Thank you!

Thank you !

Grass Mountain looks pretty inviting for an inland (relative to LA) flying site! Not too far from the city and if the rangers allow camping up there that would be great! Any feedback from those who have camped overnight there? Anybody ever kicked out for camping? Is the fire road gate always open? (I'm assuming self contained camping only... no water, no outhouses and no fires?)

Sunset beach in the Montery area looks pretty good... (sounds familiar too) (I'll have to check out the maps for distance to Davenport) Tresa's checking up on campsite availability up and down the coast from Orange County to San Francisco...

Thanks again! this is really helping a lot!

Jun 27, 2009, 02:41 AM
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Last edited by rockbus; Jun 27, 2009 at 01:28 PM. Reason: did'nt read the time line.
Jun 27, 2009, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by jarel design
Thank you!

Thank you !

Grass Mountain looks pretty inviting for an inland (relative to LA) flying site! Not too far from the city and if the rangers allow camping up there that would be great! Any feedback from those who have camped overnight there? Anybody ever kicked out for camping? Is the fire road gate always open? (I'm assuming self contained camping only... no water, no outhouses and no fires?)
It's always open. Yes, self contained small area on top with pine trees and a nice view.
Jun 27, 2009, 12:04 PM
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Pine trees too!?!?!

I just saw a picture (from the top) and it looked great! (All I saw was the grass and thought that would make for a great landing area... Here in Oregon, the soil is volcanic and so even a great landing is often a damaging one!

From what I remember on the coast, the wind is often from the South, so if the chances of a south wind are high, I think Grass Mountain is going to be our first stop!

Now all we need is a date: I'm thinking of driving down from Oregon on a Friday, camping there Friday night and flying at Grass mountain all day Saturday, finding a motel or campsite in the general West LA area (?) and flying somewhere on the coast Sunday (possibly south, Palos Verde area to Orange county)... that will set us up for materials pick up in Anaheim on Monday before heading north to the Santa Barbara area...

So the trip is starting to look like this:

Leave Oregon Friday August 7th, arrive Grass Mountain, set up camp and collapse.

Fly all day Saturday August 8th, leaving late afternoon to have dinner at our favorite LA restaurant (Versilles... Great Cuban food in Culver City/West LA) crash out in LA and sleep somewhere we can all get a shower (lol!)

Sunday August 9th, fly somewhere along the coast, Maybe Fermin or? Sleep in LA again.

Monday: Anaheim, pick up materials and then head to Malibu state beach (Tresa found some campsites there) spend the day at the beach (I could meet people for flying somewhere close by? I'm bringing at least three to four (or more) electrics (Crossbow, DaVinci and a few ICONs.... The girls can hang out at the beach if no one is up for flying on Monday...

Tuesday: Head up to Santa Barbara (we found a campsite with showers just north of SB... Maybe fly again in the Santa Barbara area (anyone with site information for flying? I'm sure theres got to be some in the mountains just above the city, but I'd love a coastal location just north... I know there are a lot of small bluffs along the coast just over the railroad tracks... (Never flew these, but just guessing?)

Wednesday, head up to Sunset Beach... Fly at Davenport on Thursday?

Friday, head up to SF and camp out again,

Saturday:flying at some local site (Any input on San Francisco sites? Just south, but close to the city on the coast would be fantastic!)

Sunday: spending the day in the city with the girls before heading home...

I just put this together while tending to my first cup of coffee this morning based on the Grass Mountain site being on our way coming down I-5 before coming into the city, thinking most pilots would be available to join us on the weekend (LA and SF areas), needing to pick up materials in Anaheim on a weekday and wanting to spend a day/night in Malibu for the girls... before heading home again along the coast...

Not written in stone, but it's a start and by first glance, seems to look good... I'll pass this by Tresa and Kyla to get their feedback... What do you think?

Thanks gain for all your input!

Jun 27, 2009, 01:06 PM
that's gonna hurt...
Richard - I'm up for Davenport!


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