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Jun 15, 2009, 03:48 AM
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Build Log

Epp yak-130

Hy everybody,

after building my SU-22 and waiting for better weather I decided to use the time building a small YAK-130.

some tech data:

span: 755mm (815mm including winglets)
length: 820mm
area: 13,6dmē

Motor: Hextronic 24g 1700kV
Akku: 3s/800mAh Flightpower
Ailerons: 2xHXT-500
Elevator: 2xHXT500
Rudder: HXT-500
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Jun 17, 2009, 11:24 PM
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Wow! That is very nice!!
Aug 03, 2010, 03:26 AM
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Very nice looking jet. Thanks for sharing!
How does it fly ?
Aug 03, 2010, 03:45 AM
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Thank you Merijn, it flies almost like a trainer – very stable and slow. I designed it to do so – never intended to build a racer.
I just had to put the CG a bit forward – about 20mm before the position in the plan – now it flies like it should.

In the mean time I have been built a Pak-FA (T-50) - I will post some photos and a plan soon. This time with more Power: Turnigy 2826-1900 (16A) on 3s1300mAh - should be enough for a small EPP-Parkjet . Empty weight is 130g (4,6oz) painted, Wing span is 590mm (24"). Hope you will like it too. Still waiting for the engine and the RX from HK - but it is raining in Germany since a week - so there is no hurry at the moment

(seems like every year in summer it is raining for a few weeks in Germany, so I can build my russian fighters - last year my SU-22 and the YAK-130, this year The Pak-FA and I'm thinking about a Berkut SU-47, a Mig-31 or a L-159)
Aug 31, 2010, 04:04 PM
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Hi Mr. UD.

I've decided to try to build your Yak 130, but there is a piece on the canopy drawing i can't figure out. It is the piece below the top view of the canopy.
Where does it fit on the plane?
Also the piece where the motor is mounted. It looks like it has a support glued on under the wing sektion. Is that correct?
I hope you understand my questions. It's not easy to explain when it's not my native language

Kind Regards
Sep 06, 2010, 02:11 AM
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...hope this helps

On the 3-view drawing a much bigger motor is shown than the one I decided to use (HXT 1700). I just glued a 1mm GfK-sheet onto the EPP without any reinforcements and screwed on the motor with the supplied motor mount.

I'm not sure which support-part you mean - the bright blue one at the side view is the elevater, the black line behind the transparent elevater is simply the breakup between the upper- and lower tail parts; the vertical, dashed line marks the position of the most forward position of the firewall with the motor in a semi- burried position (not recomended - distance between prop and elevator much to small);

-maybe you can post the drawing with the ambigous parts marked on?
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Sep 06, 2010, 12:19 PM
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Hi Mr. UD.

Here is a pic of the part I mean.

I have allready begun the build and I'm almost finished. I've painted some of the plane and are going to install electronics tonight. I have not glued the bottom piece on yet, so if there is a part missing, I still have time to put it there. I will upload some pics later when I'm come home from work. At 11 pm.
But at this time my wife and kids are sleeping, and I will have no one to disturb me. So that makes up for the late hours.

By the way; I love working with epp. Especially that you don't have to be so careful not to make marks and scratches on the surface.
And with a sharp blade, you can make it almost as detailed as with depron.
Fantastic material!
Sep 07, 2010, 01:11 AM
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Hello Heidan,

the dotted line marks just the position of the bottom tail part (pink part in the side view below the elevator; made of 40mm EPP or 2x20mm).

The upper tail parts are made of 2x20mm EPP (violet parts in the top view) which are glued together from the firewall till the wing trailing edge - then they are bended outwoards till there is a 30mm slot between them at the canopy position - there a 20mm triangel (orange part at the top view - missing at the side view) is glued between them.

Hope this helps and my (very conceptual) drawings didnt cause a mayor mistake

Greetings from germany - very interested in your building-pics!!!
Sep 07, 2010, 12:26 PM
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Okay, that means that the piece between the TE and the firewall is missing on my Yak. But the bottom isn't glued on yet, so it's not a big problem to put it there.

Here is some pics of the plane. They where taken with my Iphone, so the quality is not the best. I'll upload better pics when I'm finished.
Many details are still missing, but I think it wil turn out allright when I'm done with it.

It's my son holding the plane. It was not easy to drag him away from the Playstation to help his old man.
Sep 08, 2010, 01:47 AM
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Hello Heidan,

looks great! As far as I can see on your 2nd pic you have already installed the "missing" (pink) part and made it of 4 10mm sheets - or did you mean anotherone? You have installed the elevator-servo(s) in it - I installed mine (2) right below the elevator for a very short linkage - but i had (little) CG-problems, so your position might be better.

The only parts missing are the rear bulkheads (in front of the nozzles, green parts, 10mm EPP) and the inlet-cover-bulkheads (purple parts, 10mm EPP).

A little tip: I strengthend the nose by adding two small 0.3mm GfK-strips in cutted slits: one horizontal along the horizontal kink (shaped like the nose block in the top view) and one vertical along the bottom (shaped like the bottom in the side view, about 5mm wide) reaching from the nose tip till about 20 mm behind the nose cone to connect the nose with the bottom. Its not realy neccessary, but sometimes my landings are controled crashes and the accu sits right behind the nose block

One more tip: the pylons (if you want to install them) are made of 5mm EPP which is quite soft; so I strenghtend them with a strip of 0.3mm Gfk along the bottom. At my SU-22 I glued two folded 10x10mm metal plates (made of cola cans) around this stripes (see drawing) to hold the weapons which are equiped with two 0.5x5x10mm magnets

Added some decals:
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Sep 08, 2010, 11:44 AM
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Hi Mr. UD.

Ahhh.....I thought maybe the dottet lines meant that the tail section, pink part, was longer so it provided some support to the tail, but I can see that the bottom piece does the same.

Thank you for the advise about the nose. My pilot skills are.....mmmm.....not the best when it comes to landings. Nicely said. So adding support there will be a good idea

What do you use to print your decals on? I have some of that water decal paper. Can I get that to stick on epp?

By the way; Do you have anything interesting I can build when I'm finished with this beautyful plane?
Sep 08, 2010, 01:15 PM
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I simply printed the decals on standard-paper and glued it onto the airframe with UHU-POR. Because of the porous surface of EPP I dont think water decal paper will stick - but sure its worth a try - wet grass would be a killer for my decals

Well, as you might know I have been building a SU-22 and a PAK-FA ; a SU-39 is in progress. Next will be a SU-47 Berkut followed by a Mig-31 (plans also finished) A big Mig-29 is on hold because I designed a flex wing and Ideas of a Mig-27 are also in my head - if you have any idea for a unique russian plane let me know immediately - maybe I will favour it

...shot some detail pics for your final works:
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Sep 14, 2010, 02:59 PM
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Hello Mr.UD.

Okay, here it is. Almost finished. Still missing some details, but that have to wait for the waiting time there will be in my next build. I am to eager to get startet on my next project.
Maiden flight is going to wait because of the bad weather we have in DK at the moment.

This time I've decided to make the plans myself. As it's my first, it has to be an easy one. At least I think it's easy.

It will be the Yak-19 and I have found some schematics on airwar.ru.
As I understand, it never vent in produktion and only 2 or 3 prototypes where made. It was one of the first Soviet planes with afterburner. The testpilot said that it was pleasant and predictable to fly, but because of its, among other things, unreliable afterburner ignition, it never got the States acceptance.
I plan to use 10 mm RG20 epp. It will be a 1:10 scale with a 870 mm (34.25 inch) wingspan and 836 mm length (32.9 inch)
The motor wil be a A2208/8 20A 2600KV Brushless motor with a 30 amp esc because it's what I've got.

I plan to make a new thread for the build.

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Jul 25, 2011, 01:27 PM
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I've been building a micro EDF version of this jet for the last week. 39 cm span, 35mm EDF. RTF weight approx 80 grams.
Only thing left to do is to form the canopy and nose cone. One more thing left to do is to balance the jet so I've been wondering where the center of gravity is??


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