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Jun 15, 2009, 02:32 AM
F3B and F3K
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F3J Eurotour in Arbois

Hi folks

I just came back form the Arbois F3J competition. 151 competitors enjoyed wonderful weather, the great countryside, the hospitality of our friends in france and an extremly well organized competition.

Unfortunately there were a lot of mid-airs since the group size was 14 pilots. There were some nightmarish crashes in the zoom-phase that were really shocking.

The competition was extremly tight despite the sometimes difficult weather. I managed to fly out 5 of 6 slots, still I ended up on place 43, as I lost in each flight some seconds and landing points...

The fly off was won by Phillip Kolb, followed by Christian Reinecke and Tobias Lämmlein.

It was a really nice competition and it demonstrated that the organizers are ready to run the worlds next year.

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Jun 15, 2009, 12:32 PM
Registered User
Very nice to see fierce competition and female too in it .
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Jun 15, 2009, 01:27 PM
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Nice field, is there results posted somewhere?

Jun 15, 2009, 02:09 PM
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1 Timo Ganser GER 5.000,00
2 Manuel Reinecke GER 4.999,86
3 Robert Braune GER 4.999,71
4 Christian Reinecke GER 4.997,98
5 Dominik Helminger GER 4.996,96
6 JB Verrier FRA 4.996,25
7 Tobias Lammlein GER 4.996,25
8 Philip Kolb GER 4.994,67
9 Oliver Ladach GER 4.992,80
10 Marco Generali ITA 4.990,37
11 Lionel Fournier FRA 4.989,04
12 Andreas Kunz GER 4.988,45
13 Marco Salvigni ITA 4.987,89
14 Christian Keurlenz GER 4.986,62

FLY-OFF (3 rounds)

1 Philip Kolb GER 2.998,09
2 Christian Reinecke GER 2.997,99
3 Tobias Lammlein GER 2.994,98
4 Christian Keurlenz GER 2.994,58
5 Lionel Fournier FRA 2.993,08
6 Robert Braune GER 2.992,77
7 Oliver Ladach GER 2.991,67
8 JB Verrier FRA 2.984,85
9 Andreas Kunz GER 2.810,19
10 Dominik Helminger GER 2.658,34
11 Marco Salvigni ITA 2.592,71
12 Marco Generali ITA 2.576,58
13 Timo Ganser GER 2.467,83
14 Manuel Reinecke GER 2.433,46

Giuseppe Generali
F3J italy
Jun 15, 2009, 02:32 PM
Challenge is rewarding
djklein21's Avatar
Great looking field, I bet the WC will be really nice.

Congrats to Phillip for yet another win, he seems to be on quite a streak. I bet he is really dialed in on the landing. I was suprised to see Larry not in the flyoffs, as he has really turned it up lately too. Also great job to my friend Andreas as I am sure he has been focussed on F3b lately.

Again, thank you for sharing the photos and results with us,
Jun 16, 2009, 02:23 AM
F3B and F3K
RetoF3X's Avatar

Yes, the field is very nice, but I am not 100% sure if they will do the WC there or on a even bigger field. As you can see on some of my images, there are some little hills on the horizon where you can exploit some slope lift (if you dare to fly that far). I think they would like to avoid that on the WC.

Here are some images from the fly off. Unfortunately four planes crashed in the first fly off slot. As you can see from the results (preliminary rounds and fly off) it was really extremly tight. They were fighting for the last seconds and centimeters! Calculate the percentage, it's insane!

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Jun 16, 2009, 02:48 AM
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Models in Flyoff

Does anyone have details on primary models flown as well as weather conditions during the prelims and flyoffs?
Jun 16, 2009, 03:19 AM
F3B and F3K
RetoF3X's Avatar
Planes: most:Pike Perfect (normal and ET) followed by Xplorer

some Shadows and Experiences, Super Starlights, High Ends and Aspires

few: Satori, Sharon, Starlight 3000, Orca, Vision, Ghost, Vision plus, Supreme, Supra, Stork 3 and Stork 1(!)

Top 3 planes (Fly Off): Pike Perfect, Aspire, High End

Wheater: sunshine and relatively hot (also during the night, so limited thermal activity as there was not a big temperature gradient). Sunday: wind picked up and the thermals were disrupted and harder to exploit. The same for the fly off.

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Jun 16, 2009, 03:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Tom Gressman
Does anyone have details on primary models flown as well as weather conditions during the prelims and flyoffs?
for the Italians pilots in the fly-off
Marco Salvigni : Pike Perfect
Marco Generali : Xplorer XL (destroyend in the first fly-off in start collision whit Fournier) and Xplorer 350

giuseppe generali
F3J italy
Jun 16, 2009, 05:53 AM
Registered User
The WC will take place on the national airport of Dole Tavaux 30 km from Arbois .
You will find some information on This website is in progress .But you may find first information For the moment only french language is available
stephane Champanhet
Jun 16, 2009, 09:21 AM
F3B and F3K
RetoF3X's Avatar
@Guiseppe Generali
There is a typo in the results list. The name of the pilot on place 4 should be Christian Keulerz.
Just look at the small difference between place 3 and place 4, unbelievably tight (it is 0.013%)!

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Jun 16, 2009, 10:07 AM
Registered User
I am havıng trouble getting access to RC Groups here ın Turkey. I am respondıng to some of the comments from the Arboıs contest. If you want to cut and paste thıs I would apprecıate ıt.
The Juras Cup was a real eye opener for me. To say that the Germans are on top of theır game ıs an understatement. The contest organıztıon was super and whıe ıt was a hectıc weekend ıt was manageable. I thınk what I am most ımpressed wıth ıs the system the Germans have ın place for brıngıng theır junıors ın to theır program. Fırst place ın the prelıms was a German junıor. I watched another youngster all weekend Max Fınke 10 years of age wıth 3 years of F3J experıence. Max dropped 20 poınts all weekend and fınıshed 18 ın the prelıms. I never saw hım post a landıng less than 99 whıch ındıcates he has a bıg future ın WC comps. New aırplane at the compettıtıon was the Satorı flown by Robert Braune a former German Junıor. Thıs model was fınıshed days before and trımmed Frıday before the contest. Thıs example has glass skıns and fınıshed out at 2.03 kılos. The model looked good and seemed to cırcle nıcely. I spoke to Stefan Eder and he ındıcated that there were a few thıngs he wanted to work out wıth the buılders and that=2 0they should have some models ın 3 months.
The top fınıshers flew ın order

Kolb Standard Perfect wıth Spread Tow. I thınk Phılıp flew ET ın one of the mornıng rounds he was ın the fırst group both days.
Reınecke flew Aspıres all weekend
Tobıas flew hıs own buıld Hıgh End
There were Explorers. Experıences,Shadows. Supra. Orcas,and a few homebuılds.
My opınıon ıs that there ıs really very lıttle dıfferences between the top models. If you lay the wıngs over each other you wıll fınd that they are all closer than cousıns and show really sımılar sınkrates and glıde ratıos.It basıcally comes down to model prep and pılot proffıcıency. No Magıc bullet fly the round out and hıt the center, ıf you don't someone wıll.
The weather was humıd and hot wıth a small front comıng through on Sunday mornıng. Phılıp ıs well practıced and ıs flyıng unbelıevably consıstant. He has untold hours flyıng hıs Perfect and certaınly ıs gettıng the most out of hıs desıgn. Those of you who watched Phılıp fly at the Masters may recall hıs abılıty to float ıt out ın zero aır, comıng home from altıtude whıle others crawled home to the spot.. Thıs was no dıfferent he was always hıgh and comıng home wıth plenty of en ergy. There were 14 flyers ın each group so there was quıte a bıt of dıfference ın aır from one sıde to the other. I ended my flyoff chances on Saturday when I went for short tows and had to relaunch on two flıghts. Jet lag and heat were contrıbutors, but I just commıtted to the wrong sıde. The pıcture Reto put up are from my last flıght a 9:56.5 and a 99 only good enough for a 999.6 for the group.

I want to thank My teammates from the Munıch F3J team that let me fly wıth them. Phılıp even towed for me ın my last lıght whıch ıs the way the Germans do ıt, they all work as a team and get the job done.Stephane ran a fıne contest and wıll do a GREAT job of runnıng the Worlds. The Jura area of France ıs very beautıful and the wıne ıs very good.I wıll be back to Arboıs and ıf you get the chance don't pass ıt up.
Thıs ıs beıng typed on a Turkısh Keyboard and I stıll haven't got the hang of ıt.

Jun 16, 2009, 10:49 AM
or GPS, F, J, K, or even TD
FLY F3B's Avatar
Hello to all, and congratulations to Philip, Christian, and Tobias...Great flying. Seems like conditions were very challenging. I also noticed Andreas Kunz in the flyoffs. Great job Andreas. The field looks really great too.

Thanks to all for the pictures and reports.

Mike Smith
Jun 17, 2009, 01:54 PM
Registered User
jojoen's Avatar
Nice to find some reports and pictures. Thanks! Much appreciated
And congrats to Philip with YET another win!!!!

Jun 17, 2009, 02:54 PM
Registered User

A number of questions some off subject. I would be interested in your comments regarding the landing scores and times seen at Arbois.

How has the ET performed for you since Cyprus? What is your opinion regarding spread tow on the Perfect, Perfect ET and F3J designs in general. Do you think that these ST wings will hold up under a season of hard landings and launches?

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